Trane Air Conditioner Prices Guide 2019

How is Trane's Price Compared to Other Brands

Those of you who read our website regularly already know that Trane is a premium brand in the residential HVAC industry.The average price of preminum brands is $1000-$2000 higher than other standard brands. 

So far, Trane is the best-selling brand in U.S. and own the biggest market share. The second and third biggest are Carrier and Lennox.

Trane is a creative brand and insist on using exclusive compressors and coils. That's why it would be a little harder to get Trane's parts, compared to Carrier and Goodman who prefer to use industry standard Copland compressors and copper-aluminum coils.

Compared to Carrier, we got a few complaints that it is a little bit harder to get payouts by the Trane's warranty. Except for that, Trane is a good brand if installed properly.

American Standard is a sister brand of Trane and 90% models of both are identical apart from the logo, paint and marketing. In some cases, American Standard's pricing is little bit lower than Trane.

Trane Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Trane Models


Equipment Only

Cost with Installation

Trane XV20i




Trane XL20i




Trane XL19i

19.5 SEER



Trane XV18




Trane XL18i




Trane XR17




Trane XR16




Trane XL16i

16.5 SEER



Trane XR14




Trane XR13




Trane Air Conditioner Calculator

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Choosing Proper Model Other Than High/Low Priced One


Recommended For Zones

Suggested For Conditions

Trane XR13

Zone 7

Move house in next 1-5 years/

Prefer lowest fault rate

Trane XR14

Zone 5 & 6

Prefer lower fault rate & repair fee

Trane XR15

Zone 4

Prefer lower fault rate & repair fee

Trane XR16/XL16i

Zone 3

Live in humid area/need better quietness

Trane XR17/XL18i

Zone 2

Live in humid area/need better quietness

Trane XL19i/XL20i

Zone 1

Live in humid area/need better quietness

Trane XV18

Zone 2

Live in humid area/need best quietness

Trane XV20i

Zone 1

Live in humid area/need best quietness/

Humid air is harder to cool, so if high humidity is common in your area, then getting a more efficient (high SEER model) AC Units will reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable.

The longer you intend to live in your current home, the more cost-effective a very efficient central air conditioner will be because its higher cost will be recouped when spread over more years.

Tax Credits and Rebates

Trane Model List For Rebates

Federal Tax Credits

Air conditioners recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016 meet the requirements for this tax credit.

Tax Credit Amount: $300

Conditions: Split Systems: SEER>= 16; Package systems: SEER >= 14

Trane Trane Unstoppable Event 2018

During the Trane Unstoppable Event, now through May 31st, buy a qualifying Trane system will get a 0% APR financing for 48 months or up to $1000 trade-in allowance.

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