About US and Why Build PICKHVAC

There are two main goals that we are hoping this website will fulfill:

Having the right HVAC system for your home makes all the difference in how comfortable your home is, how much money you spend on energy bills and how hassle free your system is. The wrong choice could leave you saddled with never-ending headaches and ever-high bills. Here at PICKHVAC, our aim is to ensure that you avoid getting into such a mess.

• Offer our readers straight and honest buying guides for different HVAC systems. This will help you know why you should even buy one in the first place, all the things you should consider before putting your hard-earned money down and the difference between various systems. All this is to help you find the perfect HVAC for a perfect home. You do not have to be a HVAC technical expert to understand these guides. All the information will be in a simple straightforward manner, no rocket science involved.

• Provide independent, objective and highly informative reviews on different brands of HVAC systems. How good is X at heating? How much energy can you save with Y? Is Z expensive for nothing? This and much more is meant to give you a dependable source of reviews you can trust. We will expose which brands really offer value for money and those that trick and hurt customers.

Fully Independent

There are absolutely no HVAC companies behind the scenes pushing us to recommend their products or give them positive reviews. PICKHVAC is a fully independent website and that is how we intend to remain. This allows us to go deep and expose the brands that deserve your money and those that employ trickery such as charging you high repair fees despite a valid warranty.

We hope we are different

There are plenty of HVAC review websites to choose from. We do not want to be just any other website offering HVAC reviews with listing crappy rocket-science features and duplicated overview. We want to help homeowners to know what’s the point when picking hvac system and find the best heating and cooling system according to their own situation.

One of the ways we are setting ourselves apart is by using more user-submitted information. There is no one who understands a product better than the person who is already using it.

By tapping into the valuable information users have to offer, PICKHVAC will be better placed to give readers an idea of which brand to go for. It will also help them know what they can expect from a specific system.

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