Heil Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2023

Heil ac buying guide

Heil makes 13 central air conditioner models in two series that it calls the premium Ion Series and the value Performance Series. Just note that some of the Performance Series are more efficient than the least-efficient Ion Series. 

Heil’s is one of the largest lineups of any brand and gives you more options to tailor a system to your home’s AC needs.

Heil Air Conditioner Cost

Heil air conditioner cost is $3,950 to $12,400 for installed units. This includes the outdoor unit, aka the condensing unit, the indoor coil and new refrigerant lines. Adding a compatible Heil gas furnace will add another $3,500 to $9,000 to the job cost. 

See the full Cost Table below. 

Who is Heil?

Heil is a brand manufactured by International Comfort Products, or ICP. ICP is owned by Carrier. Heil ACs are similar in build and the parts used, but are not identical to Carrier (as Bryant is).

There’s more: ICP manufactures Day & Night, Tempstar and several other brands of HVAC equipment that are identical to Heil. Here at Pick HVAC, we think it is helpful to you to know “who’s who” as you compare Heil AC brands and prices to others you are considering. 

A fully installed central air conditioner might well be the single most expensive system in your home. You are wise to spend time researching products before you spend even one dollar of your hard-earned money. Heil makes two tiers of ACs, as noted. The Ion Series are some of the most efficient and dependable AC units on the market. The Performance Series, at lower costs and with less efficiency, are value-priced. Either way, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

What’s Unique to Heil?

Heil AC’s are designed, engineered, and manufactured to deliver quality for a residential installation. With top end models backed up by their No Hassle Replacement warranty, every Heil AC ranks among the best units available today. 

Heil AC Pros 

  • Good selection of models to fit a variety of budgets.
  • Many models are Energy Star qualified – lower utility bill and possible tax credit.
  • WiFi compatibility on ION Series is a plus.
  • Good brand reputation among existing customers.
  • Good warranty, with the No Hassle Warranty replacing the entire unit. 

Heil AC Cons 

  • Average SEER of 15.5 is lower than some competitor brands.
  • As with many brands, Heil requires installation by a licensed HVAC contractor for warranty to be valid. Must also be registered within 90 days. But these requirements are standard for the industry.
  • Not all models are compatible with other brand furnaces or air handlers.
  • No remote capability (WiFi) on Performance Series. 

Heil AC Model Analysis 

Here’s an overview of your options. Prices by models and by size are found below. 

ModelSEERCompressorSound Level
Ion HVA919Variable Speed56 decibels
Ion HCA7172 Stage70
Ion H4A6S16Single Stage71
Ion HSA616Single Stage69
Ion HSA515Single Stage74
Performance N4A7172 Stage71
Performance N4A617Single Stage70
Performance NXA616Single Stage76
Performance N4A4**C14Single Stage72
Performance NH4A414Single Stage66
Performance N4A514Single Stage75
Performance NXA414Single Stage75
Performance N4A313Single Stage74

Heil Central Air Conditioner Cost by Model

Here are all current Heil central air conditioner models and their installed cost. Again, the Installed Cost includes outdoor unit, indoor coil, refrigerant lines, refrigerant charge and all installation supplies. It does not include a furnace or air handler. 

ModelInstalled Cost
Ion HVA9$9,900 – $12,400
Ion HCA7$8,450 – $11,175
Ion H4A6S$7,300 – $9,275
Ion HSA6$5,925 – $8,450
Ion HSA5$4,850 – $6,975
Performance N4A7$6,250 – $8,995
Performance N4A6$5,275 – $7,750
Performance NXA6$4,250 – $6,725
Performance N4A4**C$4,395 – $6,900
Performance NH4A4$4,225 – $6,455
Performance N4A5$4,100 – $5,925
Performance NXA4$4,075 – $5,335
Performance N4A3$3,950 – $5,100

Heil Air Conditioner Cost by Size

Once you know what size AC you need, this price range shows costs. They start with the least efficient, single-stage air conditioners. The most expensive are variable capacity air conditioners. 

AC Unit SizeHome SizeSystem OnlySystem Installed
1.5 ton600 – 1000 sf$2,900 – $7,300$3,950 – $9,900
2 ton1001 – 1300 sf$3,225 – $7,850$4,275 – $10,350
2.5 ton1301 – 1600 sf$3,575 – $8,375$4,600 – $10,900
3 ton1601 – 1900 sf$3,815 – $8,725$4,725 – $11,350
3.5 ton1901 – 2200 sf$4,000 – $9,285$4,900 – $11,675
4 ton2201 – 2600 sf$4,095 – $9,500$4,970 – $11,950
5 ton2601 – 3200 sf$4,200 – $9,885$5,100 – $12,400

The “Home Size” column is a very rough estimate. The warmer your climate is, the bigger the AC must be relative to house size. You can use our AC Sizing Calculator to get a suitable size in a minute.

Model Recommendations

Depending on your needs, a more efficient AC for a hot climate, for example, and a lower-SEER model for where summers are mild, here are our pro picks for top Heil AC models. 

Top of the Line – HVA9 Ion 19 Variable-Speed Air Conditioner 

This high-quality AC is powered by 5 stages of variable-speed compressor and a high efficiency variable speed fan for the finest temperature and summer humidity control.

With a SEER rating of up to 19 and a low 56 decibel sound level, it will quietly keep your home cool and comfortable. Available in models from 2 to 5 ton cooling capacity, and Energy Star qualified. With WiFi enabled remote access with the Ion System Control, and backed by Heil’s 10-Year No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty. 

Best for Coastal Locations – N4A4**C 

The Performance N4A4**C is specially designed to withstand the corrosive salt air that is found on the coastal regions. Its single stage scroll compressor and fan motor will provide reliable cooling and humidity control in the home. With a SEER of 14 and a sound level as low as 72 decibels, you will be assured of efficient and quiet performance. 

This model has full coverage of powder coat paint over galvanized steel and epoxy-phenolic fins for better protection against harsh coastal climates. Peace of mind comes with its 10-Year parts limited warranty. Available in 1.5 to 5 ton models. 

Best for Narrow Lot or Multi-family Applications – NH4A4 Compact

If installation space is limited, this unit is a great option.

The NH4A4 Performance 14 Compact Central Air Conditioner was specially designed for multi-family housing. Its stackable design allows “pass through” airflow to keep the unit cool. Its efficient, single-stage scroll compressor and single-speed fan motor will cool your home with a SEER of 14 and a quiet performance of as low as 66dB.  Designed for corrosion resistance and lasting performance, the NH4A4 is available in cooling capacities of 1.5 to 5 tons and is backed by a 10-Year parts limited warranty. 

Model Numbers at a Glance

Did you ever wonder what the model numbers mean? If you like details, the model numbers reveal a lot about the unit.

1st Digit: H = Heil

          N = Non-branded (but probably same parent company)

2nd Digit: V = Variable Speed Compressor

          C = Two Stage Compressor

          S = Single Stage Compressor

          4 or X = R410A Refrigerant

3rd Digit: A = Air Conditioner

          H = Heat Pump (An AC that offers both air conditioning and heating)

4th Digit: 2nd number of SEER Value (7 means SEER 17)

Exception #1: The H in NH4A4 indicates Horizontal Compressor

Exception #2: The ** in N4A4**C indicates the BTU rating in thousands of a particular model (N4A424C means a 24,000 BTU model) 

Submitted Heil Prices and Reviews by Readers

We will not edit any words from submitted feedback information. Please note the the prices are increased dramatically during past 2 years and some aged submitted prices are lower than current prices.

The “Home Size” column is a very rough estimate. The warmer your climate is, the bigger the AC must be relative to house size. You can use our AC Sizing Calculator to get an more accurate size in a minute.

How to Get the Best Heil Air Conditioner Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for air conditioner project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates from your local contractors, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

Feel free to ask any question by leaving a comment, we will answer any question with actionable tips.


As noted, Heil is an ICP/Carrier company. This gives stability to the company and ensures quality oversight of the production and delivery of Heil’s products to you.

Heil is worth a look if you want good value for your money – but with this suggestion: Hire an experienced installer with a proven track record. Heil, unlike Carrier, isn’t as “picky” about who installs its brand. So, installation quality varies from outstanding to terrible (at least potentially). Get estimates from multiple companies, and check their online reviews to see what other homeowners think about them.

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Rene has worked 10 years in the HVAC field and now is the Senior Comfort Specialist for PICKHVAC. He holds an HVAC associate degree and EPA & R-410A Certifications.

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7 thoughts on “Heil Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2023”

  1. I have a heil unit AIR conditioner that was installed around 2009-2011. I’ve had problems with it leaking Freon, coils freezing and water dripping onto my carpet. Does this whole unit need to be replaced? Is it under a recall? How long is my warranty?

  2. I have a Heil air conditioner. The GE motor 1/5 HP quit working. Service Experts in Raleigh N.C. has charged me $99.00 to diagnose the problem. Now they are planning to order a oem condenser motor and charge me $608.00. Also he plans to change the capacitor run and charge $147.00. I feel like these charges are high. I would think a motor would cost under $200 and a capacitor under $20. What is your opinion?

  3. I just got six estimates from a local AC contractor (Orlando, FL area): three for Trane and three for Heil. Complete system install including outside condensor unit, inside air handler, new refrigerant lines, and some relocation of the lines.
    Trane: 18 seer = $10,800; 16 seer = $6710; 14 seer $5813.
    Heil: 16 seer (2 stage compressor) = $7494; 16 seer (single stage compressor) = $5463; 14 seer = $4780.

    Contractor seems decent and well-established. I’m probably going to go low dollar. Plan on selling this house in six years.

  4. We have had our Heil unit 30 years, and it is finally time to replace it. We have had to make very few repairs that were low cost over this time period. We will be purchasing another Heil to replace this unit.

  5. Can someone tell me if the latest Heil 2-stage HVAC has issues in manufacturing? I just had a new outside unit installed. Cools great. Electric usage is way down. BUT on low speed, the AC sounds like the agitator in mom’s 1952 Maytag washer. Additionally the bedroom is 2 rooms from the outside wall and at night you almost need earplugs to sleep. Installer says ALL Heil 2-speed units sound like that. A friend of mine says its because the plenum is hooked directly to the unit and then to the brick on the home. He thinks there should have been a rubber insulator between the unit and the plenum. I would appreciate any thoughts.


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