James Brennan

James Brennan

James Brennan brings more than 25 years of HVAC experience to our Facts & Claims Review Board. The board is a collective of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who bring their professional Experience into each post of PICKHVAC.com.

James holds an Electrical Engineering degree and is a licensed HVAC Contractor in the State of Alabama. He got his NATE certification in 2002. He was a member of ASHRAE an ACCA and have designed and installed thousands of HVAC systems in Alabama during past decades. 

He really knows what’s the real difference and relationships among HVAC brands and gives us a lot of insights when reviewing a brand. As a Ductwork Sizing Specialist, James helps us review several calculators to help readers sizing their air ducts more accurately. 

When he’s not getting his hands dirty on the HVAC projects, James enjoys traveling to Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

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