York Central Air Conditioner Reviews & Prices (Updated in 2024)

york air conditioner reviews

York central air conditioners have a poor reputation for quality. Let’s say that upfront – and also that Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of the brand, has made efforts to correct the primary problem: Leaking refrigerant coils that doom the AC to mechanical failure.

How bad is it? In surveys from Consumer Reports (CR) done in 2018 and 2020, consumers rated York at the bottom of the list along with Goodman and two other Johnson Controls brands – Luxaire and Coleman. 

Have the issues been resolved? We’re not confident they have been, so this is a definite “buyer beware” review.

Should you consider a York central air conditioner? Well, if you do, talk with a York rep. Ask the person about the bottom-of-the-list ratings. Ask why do homeowners dislike York ACs? What’s been done about it? Obvious questions like that. And then, make your informed decision about whether to buy a Johnson Controls product.

So, for those still interested, here is our York Central Air Conditioner Review and Price List.

How Much Does a York Central AC Cost?

The approximate range is a little more than $4,000 for a small, entry-level, low-efficiency unit to more than $11,000 for York’s top of the line. 

If you choose a midrange single-stage or 2-stage York AC, expect your installed cost to be $5,800 to $8,500 depending on model and size.  

Again, full costs by model and size are below.

How to Get the Best York Air Conditioner Prices?

Firstly, When you looking for the best deals for Trane AC, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for residential HVAC project.

  • So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates from your local contractors, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Who is York?

York has been manufacturing ice-making, “air-washing” and air conditioning machines since 1874. As mentioned, York is now owned by Johnson Controls, a global manufacturer of many kinds of mechanical equipment.

York air conditioner prices are lower than most other brands, so if you are on a tight budget, they might move up on your list. York also offers decent warranties, including the lifetime compressor warranty on the Affinity series.

This is one sign that Johnson Controls/York might believe that it has its coil issues fixed. 

York Central Air Conditioner Pros 

A range of models from low efficiency entry level to midrange, 2 stage ACs to premium performance variable capacity. 

The YXV and YXT models have been on the Energy Star Most Efficient Air Conditioner list in recent years. 

Both models in the Affinity Series have York’s ClimaSet technology which has settings the installing technician can set for humid, dry or normal to match your region’s climate. 

The Affinity Series also integrates with the HX3 Communicating Zoning System for up to 8 zones of individual control. 

York Central Air Conditioner Cons 

All single stage models still use the MicroChannel coil technology, which has been known for leaking problems in the past.

York is known for difficulty of installation.

As noted, the brand has not scored well on overall customer satisfaction. 

York AC Model Analysis

Here is a quick look at the models and key factors. Full pricing details are below.

YXT19.752 stage67
YFK17.52 stage70
YCG18.5Single stage72
YC2E16.5/2Single stage73
TCHE16Single stage70
TCHD16Single stage70
YCD15Single stage74

York makes two product lines – The top-tier Affinity Series and the popular CERTIFIED Series. And yes, they are identical in all but the name to those bearing Coleman and Luxaire tags – Champion too, which wasn’t in the CR surveys. 

Affinity Series

Here are the key features of York air conditioner models. 

YXV Variable Capacity Air Conditioner

This is York’s most efficient, most advanced AC

  • Efficiency Range: Up to 21 SEER – Energy Star Most Efficient list
  • Inverter compressor is quiet @ 53 dBA
  • ClimaSet technology tuned to your climate 
  • Can be paired with YORK Hx™ and Hx™3 Touch-screen Thermostats and Communicating Zoning System

 YXT Two Stage Air Conditioner

  • Up to 19.75 SEER – Energy Star Qualified
  • Everything else is the same as the XYV above

 LX Series

 YFK Two Stage Air Conditioner

  • Compact design
  • Cooling Capacity: 2 to 4 Tons
  • Up to 17.5 SEER / Energy Star Qualified

 YCG Single Stage Air Conditioner

  • Up to 18.5 SEER
  • MicroChannel coil technology
  • Efficient ECM fan motor

 YC2E Single Stage Air Conditioner

  • Up to 16.5 SEER
  • MicroChannel coil technology

 TCHE Single Stage Air Conditioner

  • A slim design for tight application spaces
  • 2 to 4 Tons
  • Up to 16 SEER

 TCHD  Single Stage Air Conditioner

  • Narrow footprint and stackable unit is ideal for zero lot line installations
  • Up to 16 SEER

York Central Air Conditioner Cost by Model

Each model has a cost range due to size range starting at 1.5 or 2 tons with the largest size being 5 tons.

ModelInstalled CostCompressor
YXV$9,100 – $11,400Variable
YXT$6,850 – $9,2002 stage
YFK$6,600 – $8,9502 stage
YCG$5,450 – $7,700Single stage
YC2E$5,200 – $7,350Single stage
TCHE$4,775 – $7,100Single stage
TCHD$4,400 – $6,450Single stage
YCD$4,225 – $5,700Single stage

York Air Conditioner Cost by Size

It is always best for the AC contractor to complete a Manual J load calculation to determine the right AC size.

If you are replacing an air conditioner and have made upgrades to your home’s insulation, windows or have added house wrap/vapor barrier, then your new central air conditioner should probably be smaller than the old unit. 

AC Unit SizeHome SizeSystem OnlySystem Installed
1.5 ton600-1000 sf$3,400$4,300 – $9,100
2.0 ton1001 – 1300 sf$3,600$4,500 – $8,750
2.5 ton1301 – 1600 sf$3,850$4,880 – $9,200
3 ton1601 – 1900 sf$4,030$5,100 – $9,650
3.5 ton1901 – 2200 sf$4,300$5,300 – $10,000
4.0 ton2201 – 2600 sf$4,425$5,500 – $10,600
5.0 ton2601 – 3200 sf$4,900$5,700 – $11,400

Model Recommendations 

Here are the top York models for a variety of needs. 

Best Warm Climate Model

York YFK 17

This is a 2-stage AC that offers efficiency up to 17.5 SEER. It is Energy Star certified and should cut cooling costs by 30% to 40% when replacing an old AC.

Why not choose the variable capacity unit? We don’t think you get as much value. The higher efficiency variable YXV is a couple thousand dollars more expensive, and you might not regain the extra cost over the years through lower energy bills. Plus, variable capacity ACs cost more to repair when problems occur. 

Best Value

York YCG

The YCG single stage unit is very efficient – up to 17 SEER (the website says 18.5 SEER in some places, but this seems to be a misprint). That’s high for a single stage unit, and the price is competitive. You’ll get lower energy costs at an affordable price. 

Best Cheap York AC

York YCD

This is an entry-level unit with up to 15 SEER efficiency. If you need a new AC and don’t plan to live in your current home long-term, this will get the job done for the short-term. Longevity, if the coil doesn’t fail, should be 12-15 years.

Who Installs York?

There are two options for York installation.

  • York Certified Comfort Specialists are local air conditioning and heating companies that put their technicians through York’s training program. Specific training is provided about installing and fine-tuning York equipment.
  • Non-certified installers might have other certifications, but not York’s. For example, they could be certified by another brand or by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. Of course, many York Comfort Specialists are NATE-certified too.

Most companies installing York ACs are not York Certified Comfort Specialists. For example, just 7 out of 30 York dealers the 60120 and nearby zip codes are Certified Comfort Specialists.

Getting a York AC Properly Installed

We recommend either a York Certified Comfort Specialist or a NATE-certified installer.

The best way to identify a certified installer is to get estimates from several local companies. Once you get the estimates and understand the experience and certification of the installers, check the companies’ reviews.

Settle on a company with certified installers with a proven track record of quality installation and customer service.

We can help! Feel free to take advantage of our Free Local Quote form or phone number. You’ll receive written estimates at no cost or obligation. Each installer is licensed, insured and pre-screened for experience.

York Reviews Summary based on Consumer Report

We just summarize reviews based on feedbacks from Consumer Report.

Positive Reviews

  • Durability: Many users report that their York air conditioners have lasted for years without any significant issues, showcasing the product’s longevity.
  • Energy Efficiency: You might appreciate knowing that several consumers have highlighted reduced energy bills thanks to the high efficiency(21 SEER) of their York AC units.

Negative Reviews

  • Customer Service: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with York’s customer service, finding it difficult to get timely and effective support.
  • Installation Challenges: There are reports mentioning complications during the installation process that required professional intervention.

What Add-Ons or Accessories You Can Choose for Your York Air Conditioner

When enhancing your York air conditioning system, you have a selection of accessories to choose from.

  • Thermostats: Upgrade to a York or 3rd-party programmable or smart thermostat for better control over your system. You can set schedules or adjust the settings remotely.
  • Air Cleaners: Integrate an air cleaner to reduce pollutants like dust, pollen, and other allergens. This is particularly beneficial for those with respiratory issues.
  • Ultraviolet Lights: Installing HVAC UV lights in your system can help eliminate mold and bacteria, maintaining air quality and system efficiency.
  • Surge Protectors: Safeguard your air conditioning unit from power surges with a surge protector, which can prevent costly repairs.

Here’s a quick reference table for the add-ons:

Programmable ThermostatSchedule temperature changesEnergy savings, convenience
Air CleanerRemove pollutants from airHealthier indoor air quality
VentilatorExchange indoor and outdoor airImproved air freshness, energy savings
UV LightsEliminate mold and bacteriaCleaner air, enhanced system performance
Surge ProtectorProtect unit from electrical surgesPrevents damage, reduces repair costs

York AC Warranty and Maintenance Costs

York offers comprehensive warranties, such as a lifetime compressor warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty on select models, which safeguards your investment. Maintenance costs are moderate and are essential for keeping the warranty valid. Yearly servicing can range from $75 to $200, but neglecting regular maintenance can lead to expensive repairs and void the warranty.

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Rene has worked 10 years in the HVAC field and now is the Senior Comfort Specialist for PICKHVAC. He holds an HVAC associate degree and EPA & R-410A Certifications.

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    • As long as it’s not leaking, there is no reason to change it if it is rusted. I’m in New York and everything Rust’s here with no issues. It sounds like your contactor is trying to make some extra money.

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