Day and Night Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices (Updated in 2024)

Day & Night has a reputation for value – Equipment that is better than average yet affordable.

In fact, the brand is nearly identical to one of the best-known and most expensive AC brands, but costs much less. More on that in the Model Analysis section below.

This Day & Night air conditioner guide lists the brand’s features, pros and cons, model analysis and prices.

Day & Night Top Features – Day & Night Pros

Here are some of the top advantages of buying one of the 10+ Day & Night central air conditioner models.

Quality is better than average, according to accumulated user data. Cost is average, so as we noted, you get good value with a Day & Night air conditioner.

Three performance options are available: Single-stage, two-stage and variable-capacity ACs. The details are found in the model table and analysis below.

What this gives you is a range of options to fit your budget and your climate – the warmer your climate, the faster you will be paid back for buying an energy efficient air conditioner.

Day & Night warranties are some of the best available. First, each unit in the lineup – even the cheapest 13 SEER models – are backed by 10-year general parts warranties.

But there’s more. Five models are backed by “No Hassle” unit replacement warranties of 1, 3, 5 or 10 years. This means that if the compressor or coil fails in that time, Day & Night will replace the entire unit, not just the part. The 1 and 3 year warranties are a bit of a gimmick, since failure in that timeframe is rare when the unit is properly installed. But the 5 and 10 year replacement warranties are a warranty upgrade worth having.

That higher-cost, bigger-name brand that’s almost exactly the same doesn’t offer unit replacement warranties.

The Day & Night Ion control gives you remote access with WiFi connectivity. This allows you to monitor and control your HVAC system from anywhere using a smart device and the app. This convenience option will also reduce your energy use and costs. For example, you can turn up the thermostat to use less energy while you’re away – and use the app to boost cooling on your way home. You’ll always arrive home to a cool, comfortable house.

Day & Night AC Cons

This brand is one of our highest-rated AC brands. But there are a few things to be aware of.

  • Limited Availability: You might find that Day & Night AC units are not as readily available as other brands. This can be an inconvenience, especially if you require a quick replacement or immediate installation.
  • Cost: In terms of initial investment, Day & Night units may come with a higher price tag compared to some other brands. Your budget will dictate if the additional features justify the cost.
  • Parts and Service: Depending on where you live, finding service technicians familiar with Day & Night systems or sourcing parts could be more challenging.

Day & Night AC Model Analysis and Recommendation

Here’s an overview of the models and their main features. Analysis follows.

Constant Comfort Deluxe CVA919/135-stage VariableOptionalEnergy Star, 10-year replacement
Constant Comfort Deluxe CCA717/132-stageOptionalEnergy Star, 10-year replacement
Constant Comfort 16 CSA616/12.2Single-stageOptionalEnergy Star, 5-year replacement
Constant Comfort 15 CSA515/12.2Single-stageOptional3-year replacement
Constant Comfort 13 C4A343782Single-stageNo1-year replacement
Performance 17 N4A717/132-stageNoEnergy Star
Performance 16 N4A617/13Single-stageNoEnergy Star
Performance 16 NX4643815Single-stageNoEnergy Star
Performance 14 N4A514/12.2Single-stageNo
Performance 14 N4A4**C14/11.5Single-stageNoCoastal anti-rust coating
Performance 14 NH4A414/12.2Single-stageNoCompact design
Performance 14 NXA443783Single-stageNo
Performance 13 N4A343782Single-stageNo

As you can see, there are three basic series, Constant Comfort Deluxe, Constant Comfort and Performance. These roughly equate to Carrier Infinity, Performance and Comfort.

That’s right. When you buy a Day & Night air conditioner, it will be nearly identical to a Carrier model. There are minor differences in some models that do not affect quality or performance.

International Comfort Products (ICP) is the parent company of Day & Night. ICP also makes identical brands Tempstar, ComfortMaker, Heil and others.

ICP is owned by Carrier. With Day & Night, you get Carrier quality at a much more affordable cost. Take a look at what a carrier ac cost in our Carrier Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide and Review.

1). Constant Comfort Deluxe is Day & Night’s top series. Both models offer staged cooling for better indoor comfort. Each is backed by a 10-year replacement warranty.

Recommendation: These ACs are ideal for very warm climates when premium climate control is preferred. This is especially the case if you want to upgrade to make it a communicating system. Just note our caution above.

To have a complete communicating system, you might need to replace your furnace too and include the Observer communicating thermostat.

2). Constant Comfort models are all single-stage units that have replacement warranties. Just one is Energy Star rated.

Recommendation: When you want better durability but don’t need premium efficiency, these are a good choice. These are the second-best units in quality with mid-grade prices. The 13 SEER C4A3 is only suitable for cool climates or where the AC won’t be used much (vacation home, guest apartment, etc.). It’s not efficient enough for warm/hot climates.

3). Performance models make up the largest series and the most affordable. The SEER range is the largest too, so there’s a unit for every climate from the coolest to the hottest.

All models are single-stage ACs. That means lower cost but indoor climate control isn’t as good. You might feel slight temperature swings, and the units won’t remove as much humidity as a two-stage or variable AC.

Recommendations: When cost is your primary concern, choose a Performance series AC. They’re all backed by 10-year parts warranties, so the quality is very good.

Be sure to choose one suited to your climate – the warmer your seasons are, the higher the efficiency should be.

The Performance 14 N4A4**C is a designed for areas where coastal salt spray is possible. Day & Night says it has, “Full coverage powder coat paint over galvanized steel and epoxy-phenolic fins for better protection against harsh coastal climates.”

The Performance 14 N4A4**C Compact NH4A4 is ideal for installation where space is tight – under a deck or for attached townhouses with minimal yard space.

Day & Night AC Prices

This price list has two columns.

The System Only price is just the air conditioner (also called a condensing unit or outside unit).

The System Installed price is the cost of installation equipment and labor. This includes the indoor coil, refrigerant and line set, and a new thermostat, if needed.

The reason for the range of prices is that each model is produced in units from 1.5 or 2.0 tons (18K BTU or 24K BTU) depending on model to 5.0 tons (60K BTU) for all models.

ModelSystem OnlySystem Installed
Constant Comfort Deluxe CVA9$2,750-$3,500$3,750-$5,600
Constant Comfort Deluxe CCA7$2,500-$3,250$3,500-$5,415
Constant Comfort 16 CSA6$2,235-$3,050$3,100-$5,125
Constant Comfort 15 CSA5$2,100-$2,850$2,925-$4,900
Constant Comfort 13 C4A3$1,675-$2,300$2,500-$4,225
Performance 17 N4A7$2,400-$3,275$3,250-$5,300
Performance 16 N4A6$2,250-$3,100$3,100-$5,085
Performance 16 NX46$2,075-$2,895$2,935-$4,900
Performance 14 N4A5$1,600-$2,350$2,465-$4,400
Performance 14 N4A4**C$1,550-$2,300$2,375-$4,125
Performance 14 NH4A4$1,450-$2,100$2,250-$4,000
Performance 14 NXA4$1,275-$2,025$2,200-$3,850
Performance 13 N4A3$995-$1,800$1,850-$3,675

Day & Night AC Prices by Size

This is another way to sort out air conditioner prices for Day & Night models.

For this information to be useful, you should know what your current AC size is. It’s possible you’ll find it on the air conditioner plate where the serial and model numbers are found.

The AC model number often includes the size too. Look for these numbers as part of the serial number:

Model NumberCapacity
181.5 tons
242.0 tons
302.5 tons
363.0 tons
423.5 tons
484.0 tons
605.0 tons

AC Unit SizeHome sizeEquipment costInstalled Cost
1.5 tonUp to 1,000 sf$995-$2,750$1,900-$4,800
2.0 ton1001-1300 sf$1,100-$2,900$2,150-$4,925
2.5 ton1301-1600 sf$1,285-$3,075$2,300-$5,000
3.0 ton1601-1900 sf$1,400-$3,150$2,395-$5,225
3.5 ton1901-2200 sf$1,650-$3,285$2,700-$5,300
4.0 ton2201-2600 sf$1,725-$3,415$2,735-$5,465
5.0 ton2601-3200 sf$1,800-$3,500$2,800-$5,600

* The “Home Size” column is a very rough estimate. The warmer your climate is, the bigger the AC must be relative to house size. You can use our AC Sizing Calculator to get a suitable size in a minute.

Whenever you replace an air conditioner, it’s a good idea to have the technician do a load test.

This is especially true if you have made your home more energy efficient through increased insulation, better windows and doors or other upgrades. If you have, then your new AC should be smaller than the current unit.

How to Get the Best Day & Night Air Conditioner Prices

Firstly, when you looking for the best deals for Day & Night AC, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for residential HVAC project.

  • So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates from your local contractors, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.
  • Lastly, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Day & Night Vs Other Brands Air Conditioner

When considering Day & Night air conditioners, you should be aware of how they stack up against competitors like Lennox and Trane in terms of features, efficiency, and price.

Comparison With Lennox

  • Energy Efficiency: Day & Night air conditioners offer SEER ratings that are competitive with those offered by Lennox. For example, Day & Night’s top-tier models, such as the Constant Comfort series, feature SEER ratings up to 19. Conversely, Lennox boasts units like the Signature Collection with SEER ratings up to 28, which is among the highest in the industry.
  • Pricing: You’ll find that Day & Night systems are generally more affordable compared to Lennox. While Lennox caters to a more high-end market with advanced features, Day & Night provides a balanced combination of efficiency and value.

Comparison With Trane

  • Product Range: Day & Night has a wide variety of models similar to Trane, but Trane is often recognized for its innovative technologies and a broad range of heating and cooling products. Both brands offer options that suit different climate needs and personal preferences.
  • Warranty and Reliability: Day & Night air conditioners come with a 10-year parts limited warranty, which is a standard offering for the industry. Trane is known for its reliability and offers a 12-year compressor warranty on some models, but you’ll usually pay a premium for Trane’s extended warranties and perceived higher quality.

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