Mini Split Cost Calculator (DIY and Pro Installation Cost)

How much does a mini split cost?

Anywhere from under $1,000 DIY to more than $15,000 for professionally installed systems. The average for a single zone mini split is $3,300 installed. The average cost to install 3 zone mini split systems is around $7,800. 

Our ductless mini split heat pump price calculator gives you an accurate range based on the system information you provide. There’s no other tool like it – a mini split price calculator you can trust to give you the correct price.

Mini Split Cost Calculator

Using the mini split price calculator couldn’t be easier. Just go step-by-step, putting in the information required, and you’ll get an accurate mini split system cost whether you plan to DIY or hire a pro for installation.

Mini Split Cost Calculator

Examples of how to use the calculator:

What is the cost to install 3 zone mini split?

$3,100 to $9,500 for the equipment plus labor cost, if it isn’t DIY. The labor cost ranges from $2,800 to $4,500 for a 3 zone system. Another way of saying this is that this is the 3 head mini split cost.

In this case, we put in various options in size for the zones, up to a total of 66,000 BTU.

What is the cost of mini split system for 1000 sq ft?

$1,200 to $5,400 for the system plus labor cost of up to $4,000. In this case, we checked the cost of 1, 2 and 3 zone systems that would cover 1,000 square feet. And that’s the price range we determined by using the mini split calculator.

The cost factors are the number of zones, total BTU capacity and the quality of the equipment. Installation cost factors also affect final price.

Note: The maximum Pro Installed House Size is 1800 square feet. If your home is larger, it is quite possible that you will need two separate complete systems. In that case, simply divide up your home, usually by floors or wings, and put in the square footage of each section. Add up the total price to get your complete mini split system cost.

Mini Split Heat Pump System by Number of Zones

Additional zones beyond a single zone to a mini split system is the largest factor in cost – even more than total capacity. A 2-zone 36,000 BTU system, for example, will cost more than most single zone systems regardless of size.

This table shows 3 columns. 1 – Number of Zones, 2 – Cost of the equipment, and 3 – Installed Cost if you hire a pro for installation.

Note on Cost – The prices here are based on total capacity of the combined indoor units of about 60,000 to 65,000 BTUs.

By Number of Zones:

ZoneCost of Equipment/DIYInstallation Labor Cost
Single Zone$700 – $4,800$1,100 – $1,900
2 (Dual) Zone$1,900 – $9,100$1,650 – $2,800
3 Zone$3,100 – $9,500$2,200 – $3,700
4 Zone$4,300 – $10,400$2,850 – $4,600
5 Zone$5,500 – $11,900$3,300 – $5,800

What is the cost to install 3 zone mini split?

The system costs $3,800 to $9,500 based on capacity, efficiency and quality. If you have a pro install the system, add $2,200 to $3,700 for the labor cost.

So, for a professionally installed system, add Cost plus Installation Cost to get your total cost.

There are overlaps in the cost, because total capacity is considered from the smallest to largest systems to cover each zone.

For example, a 3 zone system could include 3 indoor units of 9,000 BTU each or 3 units of 18,000 to 24,000 BTU each.

Cost Factors

Here’s why there are wide cost ranges for each number of Zones in the table above – single zone, 2 (dual) zone, etc.

  • Number of Zones – The largest cost factor is the number of zones, because each indoor unit must be individually installed.
  • Type of Indoor Unit – Wall mounted indoor units are the most cost-effective and also the most efficient, usually. Ceiling cassettes cost much more. Other options like standard ceiling and floor mounted indoor units are in the middle of the price range. See the Cost by Mini Split Types table below.
  • Total System Size – Ranges from 9,000 to more than 60,000 BTU. See the Cost by Mini Split Capacity table below.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency starts at about 16 SEER and rises to more than 40 SEER
  • Quality – Some brands offer better quality, and so the cost is generally higher. See the Cost by Mini Split Brand below to see how quality affects the cost of a mini split system.
  • Installation Factors – When installation is easy, cost is lower than when the installers have to work in attics and crawlspaces and other difficult environments.

Cost by Mini Split Brand

Here are the best mini split brands and costs for their most popular systems. We’ve completed full reviews of most of these mini split brands for you to consider as you research and make your buying decision.

These systems range from single zone 9,000 BTU mini splits to 36,000 BTU 5 zone systems. Not all of these brands make 5-zone systems, and many of them make larger systems too, and full pricing is found in our current Mini Split Heat Pump Price Guide.

Price By Mini Split Brands:

BrandCost of EquipmentInstallation Cost
Mitsubishi$1,400 – $10,700$1,250 – $5,700 (up to 5 zones)
Fujitsu$1,550 – $11,800$1,250 – $5,500 (up to 5 zones)
Lennox $1,475 – $8,900$1,150 – $4,600 (up to 4 zones)
Bryant $1,850 – $4,700$1,150 – $2,800 (up to 2 zones)
Mr Cool$1,100 – $9,000$1,100 – $5,600 (up to 5 zones)
Daikin $1,450 – $11,900$1,300 – $5,750 (up to 5 zones)
LG$1,600 – $10,750$1,175 – $5,800 (up to 5 zones)
Rheem $1,650 – $9,200$1,150 – $5,700 (up to 5 zones)
Carrier $1,900 – $4,900$1,150 – $2,800 (up to 2 zones)
Samsung $1,550 – $9,250$1,200 – $5,800 (up to 5 zones)
Trane $1,900 – $6,400$1,350 – $2,750 (up to 2 zones)
Ruud $1,600 – $9,150$1,150 – $5,700 (up to 5 zones)

Example of how to use the table:

What is the Mitsubishi mini split cost?

$1,400 to $10,700 for the equipment plus $1,250 to $5,700 for labor cost if you hire an HVAC technician to install it.

Cost by Mini Split Type

You have several options for the indoor units. A brief explanation of each type is given below.

This table has costs for the indoor units only. The cost of the indoor unit, also called an air handler and evaporator, is in the Cost of the Indoor Unit column. The Installation Cost column  is the extra you’ll pay for having a professional install the indoor unit. 

Cost by Mini Split Indoor Unit Type:

Type of Indoor UnitCost of Indoor UnitInstallation Cost
Wall Mounted$325 – $1,250$500 – $1,200
Floor Mounted$550 – $1,700$550 – $1,200
Ceiling Cassette$675 – $1,700$700 – $1,500
Horizontal Ducted$575 – $2,600$600 – $1,350
Air Handler$750 – $3,600$800 – $1,500

For pro installation, add the equipment cost plus the labor cost to get total cost.

  • Wall mounted units are installed high on a wall, usually an outside wall. They are the least expensive and are often the most efficient too.
  • Floor mounted indoor units are very similar to wall units, but they are mounted low on the wall or may rest on the floor.
  • Ceiling cassette indoor units mount in the ceiling and flush to the ceiling. They are often the most expensive indoor units and can be very efficient too.
  • Horizontal ducted units are concealed inside the ceiling or wall or an existing duct. They may have 3 or 4 duct openings with short duct runs to vents mounted in the ceiling or wall.
  • Air handler units. Technically, all mini split indoor units can be called air handlers, but this category refers to units that connect to a home’s existing ductwork and cycle air through the ducts.

Cost by Mini Split Capacity

The .75 and 1.0 ton (9,000 and 12,000 BTU) sizes are single zones. The rest can be 1-4 zone systems, and so the installed price varies quite a bit.

By Mini Split Capacity:

Mini Split CapacityBTUInstalled Cost
0.75 Ton 9000 BTU$1,800 – $4,700 (single zone)
1 Ton12000 BTU$2,100 – $5,850 (single zone)
1.5 Ton18000 BTU$2,350 – $6,700 (1 or 2 zones)
2 Ton24000 BTU$2,600 – $7,450 (1 or 2 zones)
2.5 Ton30000 BTU$2,950 – $9,100 ( 1 to 3 zones)
3 Ton36000 BTU$3,450 – $11,200 (1 to 4 zones)

What is the 3 head mini split cost?

$4,800 to $9,100 is the average range based on system size, efficiency and quality. The length of the refrigerant line sets is also a factor – longer lines cost more plus require more refrigerant to fill them. Labor cost is based on the complexity of installation. We use the 2.5 ton and 3 ton lines, which cover 3 zone mini split cost, to determine a general price range for the 3 head mini split cost estimate. The most accurate costs come from having an HVAC contractor consider your project and the total size of the system and number of zones your home requires.

Cost by House Size

House size is a major factor in mini split system price. But keep in mind that the number of zones is very important too. For example, a 1,500 square foot home might need anywhere from 1 to 4 zones depending on the layout of the house. If the floorplan is wide open, then 1 or 2 indoor units will suffice. If the rooms are closed off, up to 4 zones might be better.

DIY: For the mini split DIY cost, see the Cost of Equipment column. 

Pro: If you plan to hire an installer, then add the Installation Cost to the Cost of Equipment to get the total installed cost. 

Price By House Size:

House SizeCost of EquipmentInstallation Cost
800 sq ft$900 – $3,800 (1 or 2 zones)$1,500 – $2,800
900 sq ft$900 – $4,100 (1 or 2 zones)$1,500 – $2,800
1000 sq ft$1,050 – $5,500 (1 to 3 zones)$1,650 – $3,900
1100 sq ft$1,200 – $6,250 (1 to 3 zones)$1,650 – $3,900
1200 sq ft$1,200 – $6,500 (1 to 3 zones)$1,800 – $4,100
1500 sq ft$1,950 – $8,150 (1 to 4 zones)$1,800 – $5,250
1600 sq ft$1,950 – $8,150 (1 to 4 zones)$1,800 – $5,400
1700 sq ft$2,200 – $8,700 (1 to 4 zones)$1,950 – $5,650
1800 sq ft$2,450 – $9,325 (1 to 4 zones)$2,200 – $5,800
2000 sq ft$2,450 – $9,500 (1 to 4 zones)$2,200 – $5,800
2500 sq ft$3,375 – $10,800 (2 to 5 zones)$2,900 – $6,750
3000 sq ft$4,200 – $12,450 (3 to 5+ zones)$3,650 – $7,400

Examples of how to use the table:

What is the cost of mini split system for 1000 sq ft

The equipment will cost $1,050 – $5,500 for 1 to 3 zones. If you hire professional installation, the labor cost will be another $1,650 – $3,900. These costs are almost exactly the same as determined using our highly accurate mini split cost calculator.

What about mini split for garage cost?

If your garage is well-insulated (most are not), then you could use the Mini Split by House Size chart.

When your garage isn’t insulated very well, select a size larger than you would need for a home of the same size. For most single car and 2-car garages, mini split cost is $1,100 to $3,500 for the equipment plus $1,600 to $2,200 for installation. There are good DIY options for garages too. 

Sizing Tip: See our Mini Split Sizing Calculator to determine how large your mini split system should be based on your home’s size, site conditions and your climate. 

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