Bosch Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices 2022

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What are the best Bosch mini split heat pump systems? What are your options?

Who makes Bosch ductless mini splits?

These are the issues covered in this comprehensive Bosch mini split review.

About Bosch – Who Makes Bosch Mini Split Heat Pumps? 

The Bosch Group has been a leading global supplier of technology and services in the areas of Automotive, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Building Technology for over 100 years. Founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1886, today Bosch has more than 300 subsidiaries in over 150 countries. 

Where are Bosch mini splits made? Bosch has been producing central air-conditioning, heat pumps and HVAC equipment from its facility in Zibo, Shandong since January 2012. Bosch Thermotechnology acquired the facility following the takeover of Chinese manufacturer Oak, a commercial/industrial HVAC manufacturer which itself had acquired GEA Happel’s Chinese subsidiary in 2006. 

Features of the Bosch Mini Splits 

All of Bosch’s mini split systems use a twin rotary, variable speed compressor for greater efficiency and comfort. 

The redesigned, wall-mounted indoor units are also available in new four-way cassette and concealed ducted options. 

Bosch has one of the best warranty programs in the business, and they all have the Bosch name that has been known for quality for well over 100 years. 

Main Bosch Mini Split Systems – Climate 5000 and Climate 5000 2.0

The Climate 5000 Ductless system is the original 22 SEER heat pump system available in single zone and multi zone options from 9,000 to 48,000 BTU. 

The system was recently updated, and the Climate 5000 2.0 version is up to 25 SEER in energy efficiency – a significant upgrade. The same sizes are produced. Single zone and multi zone systems with 2 zone, 3 zone, 4 zone and 5 zone options are available. Bosch also calls it the Generation 2 Climate 5000 heat pump system.

This chart provides an overview of the Climate 5000 series.

ProductClimate 5000 Ductless SystemClimate 5000 Ductless System (2.0)
Energy efficientUp to 22 SEERUp to 25 SEER
CapacitySingle Zone: 9,000 - 24,000 Btu
multi-zone: 18,000 to 48,000 Btu
Single Zone: 9,000 to 36,000 Btu
multi-zone: 18,000 to 48,000 Btu
Zonesingle zone or multi zonesingle zone, 2 zone, 3 zone, 4 zone, 5 zone
Noise dBAas low as 20 dBAas low as 20 dBA

Bosch Mini Split Overviews

Bosch ductless systems are available today, and we’ve selected the best of these series for your consideration.

This section gives quick overviews of the mini splits. Fully detailed reviews are below. 


#1 Bosch Thermotechnology Gen 2 Climate 5000 9K BTU 230V Mini Split Air Conditioner

  • 9,000 BTU AC / 9,800 BTU Heating
  • 25 SEER and 11.2 HSPF
  • Provides heat to -13 F outdoor temperature
  • Energy Star Certified
  • 10 Year Compressor & 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • Certified Model: 8733954432

#2 Bosch Climate 12,000 BTU Heating/Cooling Mini Split System

  • 12,000 BTU Cooling and Heating Capacity
  • 20.7 SEER and 9.6 HSPF
  • Energy Star Certified
  • 7 Year Compressor and 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • Gen 1 System
  • Certified Model: 8733954432

#3 Bosch Thermotechnology Gen 2 Climate 5000 18K BTU 230V Mini Split AC/Heat Pump

  • 17,000 BTU Cooling and 18,000 BTU Heating Capacity
  • 20 SEER and 10.3 HSPF
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Serves up to 400 square feet
  • 10 Year Compressor and 5 Year Parts Warranty
  • Bosch’s top of the line series

#4 Bosch Thermotechnology Gen 2 Climate 5000 24K BTU 230V Mini Split AC/Heat Pump

  • 24,000 BTU Cooling and 25,000 BTU Heating Capacity
  • 20.5 SEER and 11.5 HSPF
  • Fast-heating Hyper Heat technology
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Heats in temperature as low as -13F
  • 10 Year Compressor and 5 Year Parts Warranty

#5 Bosch Thermotechnology Gen 2 Climate 5000 27K BTU Mini Split AC/Heat Pump 3 Air Handlers

  • 27,000 BTU Cooling and 28,000 BTU Heating Capacity
  • 22 SEER and 10.4 HSPF
  • 3 Zone System
  • Everything included
  • Energy Star Certified
  • 10 Year Compressor and 5 Year Parts Warranty

Bosch Mini Split Reviews 

Complete details are included here including features for those readers that want to dig deeper to find the best Bosch mini split for their purposes. 

#1 Bosch Ultra-Quiet 9K BTU 230V Mini Split AC  with Inverter Heat Pump

Part of Bosch’s best ductless line, this 9,000 BTU mini split heat pump is ideal for a smaller zone like a bedroom or office.


  • Redesigned Indoor Air Handler
  • “Follow Me” and Turbo Settings
  • Auto Heat Mode down to -22F


  • Easy Installation
  • Very Quiet


  • Higher priced than some other brands of similar size. 

Bottom Line: Of the various models in the Generation 2 Climate 5000 Series, this little 9K performs at the efficiency level of 25 SEER. That is approaching double the minimum required by the U.S. Department of Energy for mini split systems. With the ability to cool and heat up to 400 square feet, this unit from Bosch could be the one for you. 

#2 Bosch Climate 12,000 Btu Heating/Cooling 230V Ultra-Quiet Mini Split

Part of the first generation Climate 5000 Series, this unit has proven reliability at a competitive price. It is an efficient, single zone system. An installation kit is included plus a remote. 


  • Wireless Backlit Remote
  • Silent Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Programmable Timer


  • Ideal for a single zone up to 550 square feet
  • Whisper Quiet Operation


  • The backlit remote can be a little tricky to read in some light conditions

Bottom Line: This 12K unit is the only one in this review that is of the Gen 1 Climate 5000 Series. This series has units that operate at up to 22 SEER, and all of them are Energy Star Certified. Bosch has a reputation for quality products of many different types. This mini split heat pump will meet your needs for cooling and heating a room up to about 550 square feet. 

#3 Bosch Ultra-Quiet 18K BTU 230V Mini Split AC  with Inverter Heat Pump, 20 SEER

Part of the Gen 2 of the Climate 5000 Series, this unit delivers fast heat in very cold weather – and the AC necessary to keep a medium-large zone cool in hot weather. 

Part of the Gen 2 of the Climate 5000 Series, this unit delivers fast heat in very cold weather – and the AC necessary to keep a medium-large zone cool in hot weather. 


  • Includes redesigned indoor air handler and outdoor condensing section with required 15-foot line set
  • Compatible with WiFi Thermostat (purchased separately)
  • Auto cool and Automatic shutoff


  • Ductless system is ideal for spaces where HVAC equipment with ductwork will not fit
  • For 700 to 1,000 square feet of space


  • “Had to buy extra materials for installation”
  • The 15-foot line set doesn’t give you much extra length

Bottom Line: For a large living area (great room) or a 3 car garage, this 18K Gen 2 unit will do the job. Whether you want to keep cool in the summer or warm in the winter, this Bosch mini split is one on which you can rely. With the fully adjustable and programmable wireless remote, a comfortable setting can be found for everyone. 

#4 Bosch Ultra-Quiet 24K BTU 230V Mini Split AC  with Inverter Heat Pump, 20.5 SEER

This Generation 2.0 Climate 5000 ductless heat pump delivers fast, efficient heating and air conditioning for large spaces. This is a single zone Bosch mini split system. 


  • Auto Heating Mode to prevent unoccupied homes from freezing
  • Factory Installed base pan heater
  • Wireless, backlit remote with Follow Me technology
  • Digital display on indoor unit


  • Can cool or heat very large spaces – 800 to 1,300 square feet
  • Great value


  • Requires professional installation
  • One reviewer said it, “Came with control panel inside unplugged (easy fix)”

Bottom Line: This is a mini split system designed for a large area. Its energy ratings of 20.5 SEER and 11.5 HSPF will produce sufficient cool or warm air for that big garage. Used together with 1 or more similar units, it would be a great choice for a large banquet hall, restaurant or church. If the area to be conditioned is not one continuous space, the next unit in this review might be the one for you. 

#5 Bosch Bosch Gen 2 Ultra-Quiet 27K BTU Inverter Heat Pump and 3 Air Handlers 

The Generation 2.0 Climate 5000 mini split from Bosch is a tri-zone system. It includes 3 indoor units. 


  • Wide range and superior air flow with two 9K BTU and one 18K BTU indoor handlers 
  • 3 – 25 foot line sets for maximum spread
  • 3 Remotes for individual control
  • Easy to clean air filter removes from top of air handler


  • For 1,300 to 1,500 square feet – can be 3 separate rooms
  • Same easy installation as smaller units, except 3 indoor units


  • Requires installation by licensed HVAC technician

Bottom Line: Here is the only multi zone unit in this review, though Bosch makes several others. Even though it’s a larger unit, it has very high efficiency ratings – enough to win the Energy Star certification. Each of the indoor units are whisper quiet, and have the same ability to be controlled by the included wireless remotes. Like all the models in this review, this one operates on 230V ac. Some 115V models are also available.  

Installation of a Bosch Mini Split Heat Pump System 

All of Bosch’s mini split systems come with the warning, “Requires Professional Installation”. This means that if your unit is not installed by a licensed HVAC technician, their warranty (one of the best in the industry) will most likely be invalid. Some people want to do it themselves, but we do not recommend that you jeopardize the 10 year compressor and 5 year parts warranty this way. 

It is possible that you could do much of the installation and then hire a certified HVAC technician with a refrigerant license/handling card to complete the final hookup and charge the system with the appropriate level of refrigerant. This is sometimes possible when HVAC technicians aren’t exceptionally busy – during an off-peak time of the year, for example, which varies depending on your local climate. 

The basic steps are:

1). Mount the condensing unit outside

2). Drill/cut holes of the right size (see the installation manual with the system) into exterior walls where you intend to mount the indoor units.

3). Mount the indoor air handler or air handlers.

4). Connect the condensing unit to your home’s electrical panel (can be done after step 1 too).

5.) Run the wiring, refrigerant line set and drain line bundle through the hole to the outside, and make necessary electrical and refrigerant line connections.

6). Turn on and test the system including the functions of the remote control. 

Other Ductless Type Options 

All the indoor units or air handlers with Climate 50000 and Gen 2 systems available above are wall mounted units. This is the most common and affordable type. But there are other types offered with mini split systems from Bosch and from other brands. These include:

Universal wall/floor mount air handlers

Ceiling cassette and mini cassette air handlers that mount into the ceiling near the middle of the room

Ducted/concealed duct air handlers that can be installed in an existing duct or in the ceiling with 1-3 ducts running off them to grates in the ceiling or wall.

Compare Other Brands

While Bosch Climate 5000 and Climate 5000 2.0 systems are known for quality, they give you a limited range of system options, especially indoor units.

We recommend that you see other Pick HVAC Mini Split Reviews pages to compare Bosch to other leading brands like Mitsubishi, LG, Carrier and many more.

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