Bryant Mini Split Heat Pump/AC Reviews and Prices 2022

This Bryant mini split system review includes full details on your system options, their efficiency and cost.

Who Makes Bryant Mini Split Units?

Bryant is one of the most recognizable names in the heating and cooling world. The Bryant brand is owned by Carrier, which means that they are basically the same products.

Bryant and Carrier mini splits are built with technology and equipment shared with Toshiba Carrier, a limited partnership between the brands that allows Carrier and Bryant to offer mini split systems to their customers without the need for years of development.

Toshiba has been a leader in mini split ductless technology for decades and makes some of the best equipment in the world, so it is a perfect fit for Bryant and Carrier.

Some components of Bryant ductless heat pumps are made in USA. Others are produced in Mexico and overseas.

Features of Bryant Mini Split Units

There are several features of Bryant mini split systems to consider.

  • Ductless: The first major feature of a Bryant mini split system is that it can meet the heating and cooling needs for any room in your home since it does not require any ductwork.
  • Zones: Bryant mini split systems can be single zone or multi zone systems, so they can heat and cool one area in your home or your entire home. Also, each interior unit has flexibility on where they can be installed.
  • Indoor unit choices: Bryant mini split system air handlers, aka indoor units, including high wall, ceiling cassette, floor /near-floor and concealed duct options.
  • Good looks: Bryant is aesthetically pleasing due to the variety of neutral colors that are available for the indoor unit. They blend with any home’s decor.
  • Power options: Smaller mini split units can be powered by 110v, up to 12,000 BTU; but larger ones will need 220v.
  • Very good warranty: Bryant also offers a 10-year warranty limited warranty and a 10-year compressor limited warranty, as long as the original purchasing owner registers the mini split unit within the required 90-day registration period.
  • Quiet operation: The Toshiba Carrier inverter-driven compressors in Bryant mini split systems run at low speeds and are insulated for low-decibel performance.
  • High efficiency: Finally, Bryant mini split systems are extremely energy efficient. The most efficient Bryant mini split, which is the top of the line, has an Energy Star energy efficiency rating of up to 42 SEER.

Bryant Mini Split System Systems Lineup

There are three different series of Bryant mini split heat pump units that do not require any ductwork that are available for homeowners to purchase to heat and cool their home. They are called “Evolution”, “Preferred”, and “Legacy.”

Bryant Evolution Mini Splits

The best and highest rated system by Bryant is the Evolution Series, which offers very precise comfort and control. Below are a few of the features that the Evolution Series includes:

  • Very energy efficient, with a SEER(Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) rating of up to 42 and an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) rating of up to 15 for heating and 13 for cooling efficiency
  • Extremely quiet when in operation, as low as 29 DBA
  • Built-in WiFi and a remote control to regulate the temperature
  • Available in 0.75 ton and 1.0 ton sizes
  • Has an inverter compressor and a relative humidity sensor

Evolution Ductless Systems

ModelSeer EfficiencyHspf EfficiencyZone
Evolution Heat Pump With Basepan Heater
42 Seer15 HSPFSingle Zone
Evolution High Wall Indoor Unit

Bryant Preferred Mini Splits

The next step in the Bryant series for mini split systems is the Preferred Series. This group of mini splits is still highly rated and performs well, just a step behind the Evolution Series. It costs a little less too, so is a good value and a perfect fit for homes in a moderate climate without extreme heat.

Here are the special features of the Preferred Series:

  • Energy efficient, with a SEER rating of up to 25 and a EER rating up to 14.5 for heating efficiency and 13 for cooling efficiency
  • Quiet comfort with a minimum of 27 dBA
  • Four fan speeds, sleep mode, and a turbo mode
  • Available in many different sizes, from 0.75 tons up to 4.0 tons
  • Zones from single zone to five zone systems
  • Indoor units include ceiling cassette, high wall, ducted and floor console

Preferred Series Ductless Systems

ModelSeer EfficiencyHspf EfficiencyZone
Preferred Heat Pump With Basepan Heater
25 Seer12 HSPFSingle Zone
Preferred Multi-Zone Heat Pump With Basepan Heater
23.8 Seer10.5 HSPFMulti-Zone
Preferred Heat Pump With Basepan Heater
23 Seer14 HSPFSingle Zone
Preferred Single-Zone Heat Pump
18 Seer11.5 HSPFSingle Zone
Preferred High Wall Indoor Unit
Preferred High Wall Indoor Unit

Did you know? The Bryant Preferred Series ductless mini split heat pump is available in a line rated for light commercial installation. These single zone systems are ideal for office space, libraries, retail and similar locations.

Preferred Series Light Commercial Ductless Systems

ModelSeer EfficiencyHspf EfficiencyZone
Preferred Light Commercial Outdoor Unit
17.4 Seer10.5 HSPFSingle Zone

Bryant Legacy Mini Splits

The third and final group of mini splits by Bryant are in the Legacy Series. Out of the three series available by Bryant, this is the most cost effective, but least efficient. The Legacy Series:

Energy efficient, with a SEER rating of up to 18.5 and a EER rating up to 11.2 for heating efficiency and 13.0 for cooling efficiency

Heat pump and AC-only models available

Has four fan speeds, turbo mode, and sleep mode

Very quiet to operate, as low as 27 dBA

Available in many different sizes, from 0.75 ton up to 2.0 tons

Cost friendly

Legacy Line Ductless Systems

ModelSeer EfficiencyHspf EfficiencyZone
Legacy Line Heat Pump
19.8 Seer10.6 HSPFSingle Zone
Legacy Line Air Conditioner
19 SeerN/ASingle Zone
Legacy Line Heat Pump
17 Seer9 HSPFSingle Zone
Legacy Line Air Conditioner
17.5 SeerN/ASingle Zone
Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit
Legacy Line High Wall Indoor Unit

Prices by Capacity

Bryant mini split systems are available in many different sizes or capacities. The price to purchase each one and install it depends on a few different factors.

The Evolution Series is the most expensive, followed by the Preferred Series, and then finally, the Legacy Series. The smallest available mini split unit for each series is 0.75 tons or 9,000 BTUs. The price to purchase a 0.75 ton mini split for the Legacy Series is $1,600 and the Evolution Series is $4,200.

See the table below for a more detailed breakdown of capacity with estimated prices.

 Prices By Capacity

Capacity By BtuCapacity By TonMini Split Unit PricesInstallation Cost
9000 Btu0.75 Ton$1,600 - $4,200$2,150 - $4,850
12000 Btu1 Ton$1,800 - $4,800$2,350 - $5,220
18000 Btu1.5 Ton$2,050 - $5,250$2,550 - $5,700
24000 Btu2 Ton$2,300 - $5,500$2,880 - $6,050
30000 Btu2.5 Ton$2,550 - $6,050$3,400 - $6,520
36000 Btu3 Ton$3,000 - $6,500$4,160 - $7,050

Other Ductless Type Options

There are a number of other options available from Bryant. If your home has ductwork already in place and you want to replace your existing heating and cooling system, the ducted unit is the way to go. Each one of the systems listed below are in the “Preferred Series.” Below is a list of four Bryant options that are available to heat and/or cool your home.

Other Ductless Type Options

Preferred Cassette Indoor Unit
Preferred Ducted Indoor Unit
Preferred Floor Console Indoor Unit
Preferred Air Handler Ductless System
Air Handler

Where can I Purchase a Bryant Ductless Mini Split

We recommend purchasing a Bryant mini split system from a local Bryant dealer in your area. You can get free written estimates from local, prescreened HVAC contractors by using the Free Local Quote option or toll-free 800 number on this page.

The reasons we recommend using a pro from the start are:

You can ask about the various equipment options and get advice on which system is the best for your climate, your home and your budget.

The system will be properly sized – which takes technical expertise to get right. If you buy the wrong size equipment and install it, you can’t typically take it back. And if it remains installed, it won’t run as efficiently as it should and could be prone to mechanical issues resulting from being too large or too small for your needs.

There are other places to purchase a Bryant ductless heat pump:

Bryant mini split units can be purchased directly from the Bryant website. They also can be obtained from many big box stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Menards.

Quite a few HVAC sites online sell Bryant mini split heat pump systems, but again, without expert input, you won’t be assured of buying the best Bryant mini split for your purposes.

Compare to other Brands

  • Bryant vs Mitsubishi mini split – Bryant is one of the most popular brands available for mini split systems and is very highly rated. However, when comparing Bryant with Mitsubishi mini split units, Mitsubishi is the better choice due to being rated higher. Mitsubishi mini split units are quieter than the Bryant brand, and they also perform better in colder climates.
  • Bryant vs Daikin mini split – It is hard to beat Daikin, a global leader in mini split ductless technology. Daikin developed the inverter compressors the rest of the industry has copied. Quality and performance between Daikin and Bryant are about the same, with a slight edge in quality going to Daikin. However, the Bryant Evolution Series with SEER rating up to 42 is more efficient than anything Daikin currently offers.

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