Dual Zone Mini Split Reviews: Installation Cost, Best Brands

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A dual zone mini split system will provide air conditioning, heat, dehumidification, and ventilation to two zones or locations in your home. These systems include an outdoor condenser and two indoor air handlers. Dual zone ductless systems are not the only type: Single zone, tri-zone, 4 zone, 5 zone, and even 8 zone systems are produced by the leading brands of mini split heat pumps.

Pro Tip: What’s better, a dual zone system or two single-zone systems? If you’re looking for dual-zone coverage, you can either purchase a two-zone system or buy single zone units for each area you need coverage. Multi-zone units are usually best installed by a professional but some of the single zone units can be installed by the homeowner. The potential value of using two separate single zone systems instead of a dual-zone system is that if one of the systems breaks down, the other will continue to provide heating and air conditioning. But if a true dual-zone system with one outdoor unit and two indoor units fails, you’ll have no heat or cooling.

This article reviews dual zone units followed by reviews for several single zone units.

Top Picks for Dual Zone Systems

We’ve put together a list of 5 dual zone mini splits with a variety of coverage abilities and BTU levels.

Select the link on models you’d like to know more about, check current pricing, or purchase. Full reviews follow.


#1 Cooper & Hunter Sophia Series 18000 BTU

  • 18000 BTU with 2 – 12000 BTU Air Handlers
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Includes Pre-charged lines
  • Ambient Temperature to -13F

Best Overall

#2 Gree 18000 BTU

  • 18000 BTU with 2 – 9000 BTU Air Handlers
  • Compact Wall Mount Air Handlers
  • Built in WiFi
  • Energy Star Efficient

Best Small Size

#3 Coopers & Hunter Sophia Series 28000 BTU

  • 28000 BTU with 1 -12000 and 1- 18000 Air Handler
  • Energy Star Certified
  • WiFi Ready
  • 208-230V

Best Mid-Size

#4 Daikin 36000 BTU

  • 30000 BTU with 2 – 18000 BTU Air Handlers
  • Variable Speed Compressor
  • 12 Year Limited Parts Warranty
  • Precision Temperature Control

Best Large Size

#5 MRCOOL 27000 BTU

  • 27000 BTU with 1 – 12000 and 1 – 18000 BTU Air Handlers
  • Very Efficient
  • Custom Temperature Control
  • Pre-charged Refrigerant Lines       

Most Efficient

Dual Zone Mini Split Reviews

There is much more detail here including pros, cons, features, ratings, and more. See the link for many more user reviews and the current price.

Best Overall

#1 Cooper & Hunter Sophia Series 18,000 BTU

This unit comes with two 12,000 BTU wall mount air handlers.

Cooper & Hunter Sophia Series

Reason it is on the list: This highly rated, dependable, model delivers excellent value for the price.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: “Excellent quality, I’m amazed at how quiet the units are, easily keeps my home comfortable when it’s 100 degrees outside.”

Best con: “One of the indoor units had a bad computer board, having trouble solving the issue with customer service.”

Room Size: Up to 650 sq. ft. per room


  • WiFi Ready – Adapter Required
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Whisper Technology for Quiet Operation
  • Can provide heat when outdoor temperatures are as low as -13F
  • 230V                                

Installation: Recommend an HVAC contractor to keep warranty valid

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.9 – 21.3 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.4 – Generally customers were satisfied with service
  • Value Rating: 4.8 – This high quality, efficient unit provides exceptional value at a fair price.
  • Warranty Rating: 4.7 – 7 year compressor, 5 year parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.7

Best Small Size

#2 Gree 18,000 BTU

This 18000 BTU unit comes with two 9000 BTU air handlers and provides all of the features you’re looking for at a great price.


Reason it is on the list: Very efficient with a 21 SEER rating, this unit will keep two 550 sq. ft. rooms comfortable and save money on energy costs.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: “Nice, modern system, keeps large rooms comfortable, works perfectly.”

Best con: “The units lost Freon over time.” Note – when this happens in a newer unit, it is almost always the result of faulty installation.

Room Size: Up to 550 sq. ft. per room


  • Built in WiFi – works with any smart device and the app
  • Power Failure Recovery – Once the power returns, the unit will start with the same settings as before
  • Heating can be provided when outdoor temperature is as low as -4F
  • Attractive Design
  • 208 – 240V                      

Installation: Gree recommends installation by an HVAC contractor

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.9 – 21 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.2 – Customer service could be more responsive.
  • Value Rating: 4.8 – Dependable, efficient, heating and cooling.
  • Warranty Rating: 4.7 – 7 year compressor, 5 year parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.6

Best Mid-Size

#3 Coopers & Hunter Sophia Series 28,000 BTU

This dual zone, mid-size model will heat and cool up to 1,950 total sq. ft.

Coopers & Hunter Sophia Series

Reason it is on the list: Loaded with features and very efficient, this unit has everything you want in a mini split to provide excellent indoor climate control.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: Powerful and quiet. Perfect solution for my 26’ x 26’ man cave located in a metal building. Awesome unit.”

Best con: “Cools very well but operating instructions aren’t easy to understand.”

Room Size: 12k air handler covers up to 750 sq. ft. and 18k air handler covers up to 1200 sq. ft.


  • Heat pump works to – 13F
  • Comes Pre-Charged – So DIY is possible if you have a vacuum pump. However, see Installation Recommendation below.
  • WiFi Ready
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Quiet Operation              

Installation: Professional installation is recommended

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.9 – 22 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.6 – Customer service is helpful but only available during business hours
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – A great mid-size mini split, full of features and affordable
  • Warranty Rating: 4.7 – 7 years on compressor, 5 years on parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.7

Best Large Size

#4 Daikin 36,000 BTU

This dual zone, powerful unit comes with two – 18000 BTU air handlers.


Reason it is on the list: This mini split can keep 2 rooms or spaces of up to 1,100 sq. ft. each comfortable in any climate.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: This unit just a few customer reviews, but other Daikin models receive positive reviews for outstanding performance, quiet operation, and value. Daikin has been on the cutting edge of mini split technology for decades. Many consider Daikin the “gold standard” for ductless mini split equipment.

Best con: Some users indicate Daikin Customer Service may be difficult to reach.

Room Size: Up to 1,100 sq. ft. per room


  • 12 year limited warranty on parts
  • Heat pump works to -12F outside temperatures
  • Cooling is available with outdoor temperatures are up to 115F
  • Variable Speed Compressor – Daikin’s patented design might be the best in the industry
  • Space Saving Design    

Installation: Daikin states that installation is easy, but pro installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.8 – 18.9 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.2 – Long waits might be experienced.
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – Performs well, very efficient, and at a fair price.
  • Warranty Rating: 5.0 – 10 year compressor, 12 year parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.6

Most Efficient

#5 MRCOOL 27,000 BTU

This dual zone MRCOOL mini split comes with a 12k and an 18k air handler.


Reason it is on the list: This well made, reliable unit is truly DIY.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: This unit has few customer reviews, but we’re comfortable recommending it because MRCOOL receives excellent reviews on its other models.

Best con: “Fairly easy to install but the directions that came with it didn’t exactly match up. YouTube videos helped.”

Room Size: One room at 550 sq. ft. and one room at 1100 sq. ft.


  • Smart App – Compatible with Alexa, Google, Apple Android
  • Low refrigerant and filter cleaning alerts
  • Energy efficient DC Inverter
  • Lifetime Tech support
  • Outdoor Temperature Operating Range of 5F to 122F

Installation: Easy installation for careful DIY homeowners

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.9 –  22 SEER is among the best in this category of mini split heat pumps
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.8 – MRCOOL offers lifetime tech support
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – Performs well, very efficient, and a fair price.
  • Warranty Rating: 5.7 – 7 years on compressor, 5 years on parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.8

Single Zone Mini Split Reviews

Below are reviews for three single zone units if you prefer the option of installing these in each area you need climate control. Using separate single-zone systems in each zone gives you flexibility and the assurance that you’ll have some level of heating and air conditioning if one of the unit goes down. This can be especially useful if you plan DIY installation.


#1 Innovair 9000 BTUs

  • Highly Efficient
  • Sleep and Follow Me Features
  • Air Purifying, Washable, Indoor Filters
  • WiFi Ready

#2 Klimaire 30000 BTU

  • Automatic Defrost
  • Heats Down to -5F
  • Follow Me Function on Remote
  • Efficient Inverter Technology

#3 MRCOOL 24000 BTU

  • Covers 1000 sq. ft.
  • Smart HVAC App for WiFi Control
  • DIY Installation
  • Energy Star Certified

#1 Innovair 9,000 BTUs

This Innovair can keep a 450 sq. ft. space comfortable year round.


Reason it is on the list: This small but highly rated model includes all the features you’ll need.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: “I’m impressed with this unit, very quiet, works well, well made. A great choice for my basement.”

Best con: “I’ve had the product for 2 years and have already needed repairs.”

Room Size: Up to 450 sq. ft.


  • High density, air purifying, washable filter
  • WiFi ready with the app
  • Sleep Mode
  • Operational from -4F to 122F
  • Vexus Inverter keeps energy costs down by delivering precise heating and cooling without wasting electricity

Installation: Innovair recommends professional installation but customer reviews indicate easy installation

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.7 – 19 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.8 – Helpful tech support
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – Performs well, very efficient, and full of features.
  • Warranty Rating: 4.7 – 7 years on compressor, 5 years on parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.7

#2 Klimaire 30,000 BTU

This is a highly rated, efficient unit with many useful functions.


Reason it is on the list: If you need a single zone unit that can keep a very large space comfortable, this is the perfect solution.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: “Runs great, quiet and efficient. Bought one for my addition and has been absolutely great. Amazing price.”

Best con: “Great unit but the instruction manual is difficult to follow.”

Room Size: Up to 1900 sq. ft.


  • Sleek design
  • “Feeling” function on the thermostat provides precise temperature control
  • Automatic defrost
  • Reliable heat in outdoor temperatures down to -5F
  • Highly rated

Installation: Easy installation but can be time consuming

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.5 – 18 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.8 – Responsive, friendly customer service
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – Provides a lot of comfort for a small price
  • Warranty Rating: 4.5 – 5 years on compressor, 5 years on parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.6

#3 MRCOOL 24,000 BTU

This efficient single zone unit is Energy Star certified.


Reason it is on the list: This unit is efficient, dependable, and provides truly DIY installation.

Most helpful user reviews:

Best pro: “Works flawlessly, easy to install, bought a second unit, quiet and cool.”

Best con: “Easy to install but make sure you have all of the parts first, mine was missing refrigerant lines.”

Room Size: Up to 1000 sq. ft.


  • Smart App Control
  • 25’ pre-charged lines
  • Leakage detection alert
  • Low ambient cooling to 5F
  • Highly rated

Installation: Easy DIY installation

  • Efficiency Rating: 4.8 – 20 SEER
  • Customer Service Rating: 4.8 – Quick, friendly customer service
  • Value Rating: 4.7 – Loaded with features and affordable
  • Warranty Rating: 4.7 – 7 years on compressor, 5 years on parts
  • Overall Rating: 4.7

Mini Split System Installation Cost

Your ductless heat pump installation costs will depend on the size of the system and how you configure your system. As we’ve noted, if you’re DIY, we recommend considering installing multiple single-zone setups rather than one multi-zone mini split system (one condenser unit outside with two or more indoor air handlers). Single-zone systems are easier to troubleshoot, and if one system goes down, the other will provide heating and cooling to its zone.

This chart shows retail costs for single zone and dual zone systems of various sizes/capacities. The cost of installation is discussed in the next section. 

Zone SizesSingle Zone SystemsDual Zone Systems
9,000$895 - $1,050N/A
18,000$1,425 - $1,685$1,750 - $2,875
24,000$1,495 - $1,750$2,400 - $3,150
30,000$1,585 - $1,895$2,615 - $3,485
36,000$1,795 - $2,475$3,075 - $3,765
42,000$2,350 - $2,750$3,350 - $3,925
48,000$2,595 - $3,300$3,775 - $4,350
60,000N/A$4,325 - $4,800

How Much Does Mini Split Installation Cost?

While prices vary by installation complexity and the cost of living in your area, you can anticipate these ductless heat pump installation cost estimates for the labor part of the total. The costs include various installation materials too. 

  • Single-zone systems: $600 – $1,450
  • Dual-zone systems: $950 – $1,700

Top Mini Split Brand Reviews

There are many different brands of mini splits on the market today. They are available in single zone, dual zone, and triple zone. There are even unit with 4 zones, 5 zones, and higher. Multi-zone mini splits will have one outdoor condenser and separate air handlers for each zone. Mini splits are also available with various BTU levels.

Below is a list of some of the top brands and the models they sell.


Gree offers a large selection of 1 zone through 5 zone systems. Their single zone, Sapphire model provides a 38 SEER rating and is available in 9k to 30k BTUs. The units in the Multi-21 series offer a 22 SEER and include 2 to 5 zone units in BTU levels from 28k to 40k with a variety of air handler styles including wall and floor mount, ceiling cassettes, and concealed duct.

Coopers & Hunter (C & H)

The C & H Sophia Series is available in single and multi-zone models. Single zone units are available in 9k to 36 BTUs with SEER rating from 16 to 23. The multi-zone models cover up to 5 zones at 17k to 48k BTUs and about 21 SEER ratings. Air handlers are available in wall or floor mount, cassette, and slim duct styles.


Daikin offers a wide range of single zone mini splits with SEER ratings up to 26.1 and a variety of air handler styles with coverage levels from 250 to 1600 sq. ft.

The multi-zone Aurora Series provides enhanced heat capacity for cold climates and features models in 2 to 4 zones with up to 21.7 SEER ratings. The condensers are available in 18k to 36k BTUs.

The RMXS Series is available in 4 zones to 8 zones with up to an 18.8 SEER ratings at 48k BTUs. The MXS Series features mini splits in 2 to 5 zones with up to a 20.2 SEER and available in 18k to 48k BTUs.

Daikin offers ceiling and floor mounted, cassette, and slim duct air handler choices. Many of the Daikin models are Energy Star Partners.


MRCOOL is known for making many mini splits that can be easily installed by the homeowner including their 3rd Generation series single zone models in 12k to 25k BTUs and their Multi-Zone DIY series for up to 4 zones in 27k to 36k BTUs.

MRCOOL’s Olympus Hyper Heat series, for cold climates, are available in single and multi-zone units in 18k to 48k BTUs. The Olympus series also features air handlers in ceiling mount, cassette or slim duct styles. MRCOOL models are available with SEER ratings up to 23.


Innovair makes single zone mini splits at various price points and with BTU levels ranging from 12k to 36k and  SEER ratings up to 23.4. The Quantum series are all Energy Star certified.


Klimaire makes both single and multi-zone models for up to 5 zones. BTU levels range from 9k to 36k with most models in the 17 to21 SEER range. All models feature wall mounted air handlers in a modern design.


Pioneer makes one of the better ranges of mini split systems in the industry. It’s Inverter++ Series is highly rated and very efficient with an operating range from 5F to 122F. The series is available in sizes from 18,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU to serve zones from small to very large.

The Pioneer lineup also gives you options for indoor air handlers including those that can be hidden in existing ducts/grates and ceiling mounted cassettes with 8-way airflow and low profile.  


This brand makes a nice array of energy efficient units. Several earn Energy Star certification. Senville has some of the top-selling brands on Amazon and from other retailers.

Senville makes single zone, dual zone, triple zone systems and more to give you options for your needs. Pro installation is recommended for Senville ductless mini split systems – which is still true of most brands.

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