SEER Savings Calculator – Is High SEER Really Worth the Money?

SEER Savings Calculator

This size is typically for a 750 to 1000 Sqft house.
AC Size by Tonnage:
SEER of Old Air Conditioner:
SEER of New Air Conditioner:
old air conditioner Old AC Consume $405 / Year
new air conditioner New AC Consume $192 / Year

Your Electricity Savings

$100/1 Year
$1065/5 Years
$2131/10 Years
$3196/15 Years

Based on cents/kWh for (updated in June 2018).

Based on yearly cooling hours typical for (by the EPA in 2002).

We’re happy to introduce our SEER Savings Calculator! It shows you how much you can reduce your energy costs by choosing a more efficient AC – and whether the upgrade is worth the extra cost of the unit.

It’s customizable!

The Savings Calculator uses EPA data for 200 cities in the US. Just choose the city nearest you.

It uses current energy costs!

Once your location is chosen, the calculator automatically inputs current energy costs in your area, or you can manually enter the cost.

It knows how much your AC runs!

Well, not precisely, but the EPA data is based on average AC use for homes in the city you’ve selected.

How to Get your Savings Results

The three slide bars are adjustable. Click on the right size/SEER or grab and slide the button to it.

  1. Set the AC Size using the sliding button

Size can be determined using the Model # on plate on the unit. An 18 in the model number means it is 1.5 tons. 24=2 tons, 30=tons, 36=3 tons, 42=4 tons and 60=5 tons. For example, the Lennox ML14SCI-036 is a 3-ton AC.

  1. Set the SEER of the old unit

SEER is more difficult to determine, if you don’t know it. Typing the brand and model # into a search engine is your best bet.

  1. Choose the SEER of models you’re considering

This is the beauty of the calculator.

You can raise or lower the new AC SEER bar to see what your costs savings would be and whether it’s worth the extra cost!

If the savings really add up, they will pay for the higher cost of the more efficient AC.

If they don’t amount to much, then a very efficient AC might not be cost-effective.

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  • I got a price for a 14 Seer 3 ton for a Goodman for 3900 for everything is this a good price.

    • Yeah, it looks like a fair price.


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