Rheem Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2019

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

As a consumer, choosing the best central air conditioner can be quite hard given the many brands of such available in the market. Rheem has been selling a vast variety of commercial and residential air conditioners, together with central ACs and ductless systems. Rheem Air Company is popular more often than not to contractors and dealers in the HVAC technologies. It is reliably efficient because of its features, as well as the prices being consumer friendly. It is offered in an assortment of types based on the speed and, of course, the characteristics of each model.

Rheem Unique Features

Modulating burners
Rheem air conditioners have a modulating temperature feature which offers the best climate control such as unbalanced temperatures. It furthermore controls dehumidification during the cooling cycle through the use of a variable speed motor. Most o the AC units manufactured by Rheem have these modulating burners in place which convey accurate temperature controls. While doing so, the heaters also maximize the overall effectiveness of the AC unit.

Every consumer wants to keep their energy expenses as minimum as possible. To achieve this, you will need to acquire the most reliable AC from Rheem. The efficiency of any air conditioner depends on the SEER rating of such an AC. With up to 19.5 SEER ACs, Rheem ensures that you get the value for your money by making such high efficient conditioners. A higher SEER number indicates a more energy-efficient unit. The Rheem Prestige RASL-JEC Central AC is an example of a unit with 19.5 SEER rating that is very efficient with excellent performance although the unit is somehow expensive.

Comfort control system
This system is available in the Rheem Prestige series of air conditioners. The system offers on-board diagnostics as well as history error codes to assist in detecting any problems that may arise with the AC unit. If any critical problems arise, a service call alert is made to the thermostat allowing them homeowner to know about the discovered problems. Programmable thermostats
Like most current ACs in the market, air conditioners manufactured by Rheem have programmable thermostats. If used, such a thermostat can result in huge savings in utility bills. Programmable thermostats you can plan correctly for your indoor cooling schedule.

Noise level and refrigerant
For almost all people, noise is a chief concern. A conditioner with excess noise is a complete annoyance. Rheem units have reasonable decibel levels of between 65 and 70. The ACs are therefore quiet during operation. As a standard market requirement, all Rheem air conditioners use Puron refrigerant.

Model Analysis

Classic PlusRA1717Two-StageYes

Suggested Rheem Models

Rheem Prestige RANL-JEZ Central AC

RANL-JEZ is an 18.5 SEER energy rating model that provides two-stage cooling. The Rheem Prestige RANL-JEZ model controls the flow of the air in the unit to ensure that as a homeowner, you are very comfortable, and your space is free from unwanted moisture. This model of Rheem central AC also features a dehumidification feature that is on-demand. Also, the model has a Comfort Control communicating system that makes it different from its equivalents in other brands. The system monitors the operation of the air conditioner protecting it from very high or very low pressure.

Rheem Classic RANL-JAZ model

This is a single stage AC model that is known for its high efficiency and durability. Depending on the size of an AC that a homeowner wants, this model is available in different sizes ranging from one ton to five tonnages. With this type, maximum effectiveness is guaranteed since it has a SEER rating of 16.5. This rating is far much above the industry standard rating of 13 SEER. Regarding price, the model is averagely affordable. The model offers single stage cooling.

Best Cost-Effective Rheem Models For You

As we have discussed in our previous post, the SEER is the most important parameter deciding the initial equipment cost and future energy savings.

Higher SEER Models can not always pay your money back. We developed a SEER Savings Calculator to help find a better balance between equipment cost and electricity cost. This tool can automatically load your local power rate and yearly cooling hours when using Chrome explorer. You can also adjust these inputs manually to get a more accurate result.

Rheem Contractor Reviews

As an old brand, Rheem offers a variety of ACs in the market. Consumers often buy directly from Rheem as well as through contractors. Rheem offers good unit as long as the installation process is carried out by someone who perfectly knows what exactly they are doing. The error that most users make is to install a unit on their own. Without the help of a skilled person, the possibility of poor installation is always high. The unit, therefore, begins to have problems too early. Proper installation of any unit is essential if you want an AC to last long enough.

Rheem Air Conditioner Prices By Model

In order to offer an objective and equal comparison, we set the baseline below:

Each model includes: 2.5-ton outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 CFM air handler, programmable air conditioner thermostat.

System Only
System Installed
Rheem Prestige RA20$1,850
Rheem Classic Plus RA17$1,480
Rheem Classic RA16$1,205
Rheem Classic RA14$1,050
Rheem Classic RA13$990

Rheem Air Conditioner Prices By Size

Before installing your air conditioner, an HVAC contractor needs to size your system by “Manual J” calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right-sized central air conditioner ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton.

Each Unit includes: Rheem RA16 Series 2.5-ton 16 SEER outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 CFM air handler, programmable thermostat.

AC Unit  Size
Home Size
System Only
System Installed
1.5 ton600-1000 sf$1,045
2 ton1001-1300 sf$1,190
2.5 ton1301-1600 sf$1,290
3 ton1601-1900 sf$1,490
3.5 ton1901-2200 sf$1,645$4,145
4 ton2201-2600 sf$1,800$4,420
5 ton2601-3200 sf$2,390$4,990

Submitted Prices and Reviews by Readers

We will not edit any words from submitted feedback information. We will update this table every 3-6 months and you may not see your submitted review immediately.

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$2,900Rheem RA1342AJINAChicago, IL1800 sq ft
Rheem makes outstanding products and this is just one of them. I got it to replace an old one I had that broke down a few times and just couldn’t get its old form back. The utility bill has since gone down and I haven’t had any issues with repairs.
$3,800Rheem RGEA16Rio Rancho1850  sq ft
Works great, better than one I had before. It couldn’t cool the house properly and after a few expensive repairs, I decided it’s time I replaced it. I’ve had the unit for almost a year now and I like it, you can’t go wrong with Rheem.
$10,705; $11,890; $14,840Rheem Classic 15.50, 16 & Prestige 20.5 SEERZone 3 (Southeast US)2600 sq ft
The upstairs area that we need a heat pump system installed is ~1,600 sq ft. The estimate we have is for the following:
Rheem Classic 15.50 SEER, 2-stage. Includes ductwork/drain/overflow pan/dampers for balance/3 new ceiling registers/outdoor pad and install. $10,705
Rheem Classic 16 SEER, 2-stage with dehumidification. Includes ductwork/drain/overflow pan/dampers for balance/3 new ceiling registers/outdoor pad and install. $11,890
Rheem Prestige 20.5 SEER, Variable Speed with wifi; Includes ductwork/drain/overflow pan/dampers for balance/3 new ceiling registers/outdoor pad and install. $14,840
$4,100 installedRheem gas pak 3 ton 80,000btuPrattville, AL1350 sq ft
I entered bid request late in afternoon and immediately began receiving calls from installers that wanted to submit a bid. I talked to 3 installers and settled on one. I called the installer the next day around 10 am, He was very efficient and installed the unit that afternoon.
$2,090 installed13 SEER 2.5 tonFort Stewart, GA2200 sqft
I have had this unit for about 6 months now and I can tell you Goodman have the quality stuff. I haven’t had to deal with any repairs at all, and that’s just amazing. We have a much more comfortable house now because before it would keep getting hot even though the sun was going down. Great job Goodman, I like.
$3,290Rheem Value 2 tonAiken, SC2200 sqft
I like Rheem because you can count on their products to serve you well. I recently had my AC unit replaced. I had an old model Rheem that had become slower and couldn’t cool the house like before. I trust Rheem products so naturally, I replaced it with this new unit. It cools the house just like I want it to and it’s cheaper to run it. It’s been two months now since I got it, I hope I don’t come back here to complain about it breaking down.
$3,94914AJM 14 SEERBirmingham, AL2800 sqft
I don’t like how this is turning out at all. I have had this malfunctioning AC for about a year and am already repairing a Freon leak every few weeks. The unit cannot hold the Freon for more than 4 days and you have to refill constantly.

How to Get the Best Rheem Air Conditioner Prices?

  • Firstly, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for air conditioner project. So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: homeowners tactics when negotiating with HVAC dealer to get the final best price.

Feel free to ask any question by leaving a comment, we will answer any question with actionable tips.

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  • I was just quoted a price for just condenser and air handler installed into an existing unit for $7,851 for a 13 seer model Rheem RA1360 or a 16 seer model Rheem RA1660 for $8,725

    • How large s unit? Tons?

      • I was quoted $6,935 for 13 Seer Rheem RA1324 installed, with ductwork modification, new refrigerant lines, new supply transition. 3 year labor warranty. Sounds like we both called Home Depot. I hope they’re not ripping us off.

        • Ben, it depends on the ductwork modification that is needed, but it sounds like a good deal. The supply transition and refrigerant lines are also a plus. Usually, the refrigerant lines are located inside walls or under the slab so the installing company just flushes the lines and uses the old ones. There is even an acid flush that is used for compressor burnouts if needed. 3-year labor warranty is also a plus, I usually only hear of a 1-year labor warranty. Please be aware that if you replace both the furnace/air handler and the condensor most companies now give you a 10 year warranty on both. You have to remember to register it or have the company that installed it register it. Hope this helps.

  • how much for complet ac 16 seer rheem air handler and electric heat kit
    2 systems and condenser on roof 32 feet up, no line sets ,
    also run new low voltage wire to two condenser units

    2 ton system

  • Please quote for 2 x Rheem 15 ton commercial air conditioner packaged units RLKL-B180CL
    These units are for export. Zip code of Freight Forwarder is 33178.

    • For Commercial units, please call 855-979-9419 for an estimate.

  • New R96 nat gas (96% efficiency) two stage furnace and RA16 AC system installed for $7,500 in Northern NJ

    • I was quoted $5,000 to install a RA16 classic 4 ton unit. Does that sound appropriate? Thanks!

      • I was quoted $5500 in DC for 14 SEER Not sure how we know if we are getting reasonable prices. The Outdoor Unit on internet says about $1650 to buy the unit and install self ( not happening) so what is a good price?

  • my unit requires a new part for the second time. It is a little less than 4 yrs old. i’m very unhappy. since it is still under warranty, can I retain the failed part or does the repair co need it to claim warranty?

    • Constance, if it is a warranty part then the repair company needs to return it in exchange for the new part. If it is out of warranty I would say you could keep the part. Hope this helps.

  • my unit is model RHLL-HM2417JD – serial W33140693708/2014. I can’t locate any info on it from your site. Please let me know as much as you can about it. Thx

  • Where are Rheem AC units assembled? And where to the parts come from? And is this an American owned company?

  • I purchased a 1 1/4 ton rheem 13 seer unit, Alaskan installed. Had a professional roofer strip and reroof my house. All within the last 5 years. Been up on the roof myself, resealed around the duct work. But the design with the fan on top, when it rains water comes in and is blown into the duct. Which leaks through the filter on to my laminate floors which cannot handle water. Very poor design. Done it now for years, needs to be replaced/ repaired or recalled. No doubt in Arizona it dosen’t rain much.

  • Please give me a quote on Rheem Air Handler Model # RH1T4821STAN and Heat Strip RtBH-172. Thank you

  • I have worked with my brother for over 22 years mostly installing Rheem and Ruud products. He recently switched back to Rheem after going with Carrier for about 9 years. It wasn’t the Carrier product that made him switch back to Rheem/Ruud, it was the Supplier. The cost for Carrier was much higher than for the Rheem/Ruud products of the same quality.

    Now for my short story about Rheem/Ruud. Back in the early 2000’s we were hired to install units for a 5 plex apartment building. We did so, roughed it all in and installed all the air handlers/condensors and finished up the job. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the area and flooded the building about 8 foot up. All of the Ruud units were submerged in water for over a week or so. In 2016 the owner of the 5 plex called us back to service one of the units because it wasn’t working and he explained that the company he had been using had not been treating him fairly and still couldn’t repair the problem. Needless to say it was the same units we installed over 15 or so years prior. He told us about the flood of water and how the units sat submerged in the brackish water for a period of time and that they all still worked to that day with only minor repairs. I was impressed needless to say. I have always liked Rheem and Ruud and will always recommend them to anyone who asks which is a good name brand unit to buy.


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