Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews and Prices 2020

Carrier is the most recognized name in air conditioning and one of the largest manufacturers of residential and commercial HVAC equipment.

But are Carrier air conditioners the best available?

That’s part of what this Carrier air conditioner guide seeks to answer – along with another important question: Is a Carrier air conditioner the best choice for your home?

Here’s what is included in this Carrier AC buyers guide.

Carrier AC’s Exclusive Features

Carrier air conditioners are built mostly with third-party components, which is true of most major brands.

Those components are made in basic, better and best quality. Carrier uses “better” and “best” quality throughout its product lineup.

Carrier makes its own thermostats, though most Carrier HVAC systems can be paired with other brand thermostats including popular nest, ecobee, Lyric and Lux/Geo thermostats.

Here are the major features, even if not totally unique to Carrier.

Copeland Compressors

Copeland is the benchmark for excellence in compressors. A division of HVAC parts giant Emerson, the brand is renowned for reliability and performance. The Copeland Scroll compressor is the most widely used in the industry.

Copeland makes single-stage, two-stage and variable-capacity compressors. Copeland compressor ratings are high from homeowners and HVAC repair technicians.

Did you know? Several other brands are identical or nearly so to Carrier!

This surprises many consumers that have thought of Carrier as a cut above. As noted, the reliability record is among the best.

Here’s why their similar and why a Carrier system might outlast the others.

Carrier and the similar brands have a common parent company – United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC owns Carrier, and Carrier owns Bryant. The Bryant line doesn’t have quite as many models as Carrier, but the ones it makes are identical to Carrier versions.

UTC also owns International Comfort Products (ICP) which makes quite a few brands. Heil, Day and Night, Arcoaire, Tempstar, KeepRite, ComfortMaker and a few lesser-known brands are ICP brands. They use many of the same components as Carrier/Bryant and usually cost less. The disadvantage is that most of those brands don’t require factory authorized dealers to install them.

Factory Authorized Dealers/Installers

This is what sets Carrier apart from some other UTC/ICP brands that don’t require authorized installers.

Installation is just as important as the brand. Any HVAC contractor can install Goodman products and many other brands.

Not anyone can install Carrier. Carrier Factory Authorized dealers must be certified by NATE, the North American Technician Excellence certification that many HVAC pros do not have.

Secondly, they must go through extensive training at a Carrier factory to learn installation, maintenance and repair of Carrier products.

These are among the reasons we rank Carrier among Premium Air Conditioner brands.

Carrier Thermostats

Carrier makes four lines of thermostat. They are the Infinity, CÔR, Performance and Comfort, each with several models.

You can match your HVAC system’s performance (single-stage, etc.) to the thermostat or choose features you want such as WiFi, which is available on three of the four series. For complete information, see our Carrier Thermostat Buying Guide.

CÔR Home Automation

CÔR is more than just a thermostat. It’s a home automation system that uses the CÔR hub and mobile app.

The system is like most smart home systems. It is used to control the thermostat, lighting, door locks, Z-wave modules, cameras and other security features.

Carrier AC Models Reviews

ModelSEER RatingCompressorDecibels
Infinity 20 24VNA020.5 SEERVariable58db
Infinity 21 24ANB121 SEER2-stage65db
Infinity 19VS 24VNA919 SEER5-stage56db
Infinity 17 24ANB7 & 24ANB7**C17 SEER2-stage67db
Infinity 16 24ANB616 SEERSingle-stage66db
Performance 17 24ACB717 SEER2-stage72db
Performance 16 24APB617 SEERSingle-stage72db
Performance 16 24ACC616 SEERSingle-stage72db
Performance 14 Compact 24AHA414 SEERSingle-stage68db
Performance 13 24ACB313 SEERSingle-stage74db
Comfort 16 24AAA616 SEERSingle-stage72db
Comfort 16 24ABC616 SEERSingle-stage76db
Comfort 15 24AAA514 SEERSingle-stage72db
Comfort 14 24ACC414 SEERSingle-stage72db
Comfort 14 24ACA4**C14 SEERSingle-stage73db
Comfort 13 24ABB3**C13 SEERSingle-stage75db
Comfort 13 24ABB313 SEERSingle-stage72db

While some brands are consolidating their AC line, Carrier has expanded it in recent years to 18 models (compare Trane with 9 and Lennox with 11).

The Infinity 20 with Greenspeed Intelligence is Carrier’s only true variable-capacity air conditioner. That’s surprising from the brand that was one of the first to offer variable ACs and has so many models. This air conditioner has been available since about 2011, so the technology is pretty well established. It’s solid.

Recommended for: Homeowners willing to pay more for a variable-capacity air conditioner with a proven track record.

The Infinity 19VS is an air conditioner that most UTC brands (Carrier, Bryant, Heil, etc.) introduced a few years ago. It’s the middle ground between a variable-capacity and two-stage AC. The compressor costs less, which means a lower sticker price for the AC, and the technology used is very reliable.

You’ll save money with the Infinity 19VS and probably wouldn’t notice a difference in cooling and dehumidification performance from the Infinity 20.

Recommended for: Those that want excellent indoor comfort but want to save a little bit compared with a variable-capacity system.

The Infinity 21, Infinity 17 and Performance 17 are two-stage air conditioners. When air conditioning demand is low to moderate, they run at 70% capacity, which is quieter. When demand is high, they run at 100%. Dehumidification is good, but not as good as with the variable and 5-stage models.

Recommended for: Homeowners looking for good value – a combination of better climate control, but at a lower cost than the variable-capacity and 5-stage models.

The Infinity 16 is the only single-stage model in the Infinity Series. It has a lower cost than other Infinity ACs, the point of making a single-stage, but has the premium sound-reducing and weatherproof options.  

All other Carrier air conditioners in the Performance and Comfort Series are single-stage

Recommended for: Single-stage Carrier air conditioners are ideal for anyone that values lower cost over optimal climate control. The nice thing is that these models are backed by Carrier’s 10-year parts warranty, the same warranty behind Carrier Infinity Series air conditioners.

Carrier Air Conditioners Price List By Model

Unit Cost Range includes equipment wholesale price plus contractor’s profit. Total Cost Range includes Total Cost with the installation. The installation cost doesn’t include new ductwork.Please note that your local price may vary according to different labor fee rates, taxes rate and contractor’s profit margin. If you want to know more about the HVAC contractor’s profit margin, read our HVAC Installation Cost guide.

Carrier Models Unit Cost Range Total Cost Range
Infinity GreenSpeed 24VNA0 20.5 SEER $5,100 – $7,475 $6,700 – $10,575
Infinity 24ANB1 21 SEER $5,250 – $7,600 $6,850 – $10,700
Infinity 24VNA9 19 SEER $4,990 – $7,150 $6,590 – $10,450
Infinity 24ANB7 17 SEER $4,850 – $6,800 $6,200 – $9,500
Infinity 24ANB6 16 SEER $4,400 – $6,375 $5,550 – $8,775
Performance 24ACB7 17 SEER $4,650 – $6,700 $4,650 – $6,700
Performance 24ACC6 16 SEER $4,200 – $5,335 $5,350 – $7,735
Performance 24ACB3 13 SEER $3,750 – $4,400 $4,900 – $6,800
Comfort 24AAA6 16 SEER $3,950 – $5,175 $5,100 – $7,575
Comfort 24AAA5 15 SEER $3,690 – $4,725 $4,840 – $7,125
Comfort 24ACC4 14 SEER $3,485 – $4,450 $4,635 – $6,850
Comfort 24ABB3 13 SEER $3,350 – $4,285 $4,500 – $6,685

Carrier AC Unit Prices By Size

Before installing your air conditioner, an HVAC contractor needs to size your system by “Manual J” calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right-sized central air conditioner ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton.

AC Unit Size Home Size AC Unit System Price System Installed Cost
1.5 ton 600-1000 sf $3,655 $5,870
2 ton 1001-1300 sf $3,850 $6,280
2.5 ton 1301-1600 sf $4,050 $6,600
3 ton 1601-1900 sf $4,300 $6,800
3.5 ton 1901-2200 sf $4,520 $7,000
4 ton 2201-2600 sf $4,700 $7,300
5 ton 2601-3200 sf $5,150 $7,850

Note: The above table is updated on Feb 1, 2020 and shows the average cost based on a Carrier 16 SEER AC Unit with an Variable Air Handler. “System Installed Cost” includes the whole equipment cost and national average installation cost. The installation cost doesn’t include new ductwork.

Carrier Air Conditioner Add-ons and Extras

AccessoryInstalled Cost
ComfortZone II Zoning$1,500 - $5,000+
Carrier Air Purifier$475 - $700
Germicidal UV Lamp$450 - $650
ERV/HRV Ventilator$3,000 - $8,000
Duct Repair$1.50 - $3.50 per foot
Duct Replacement$10 - $17 per foot

If you want to learn more about Carrier Add-ons, read our detailed price guide for Carrier here.

How to Get the Best Carrier Air Conditioner Prices

Firstly, when you looking for the best deals for Carrier AC, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for residential HVAC project.

  • So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the rebates.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.
  • Lastly, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Carrier AC FAQs

Why are Carrier air conditioners more expensive than most?

We gave just about the same answer when asked why Trane and Lennox ACs are so expensive.

There are several reasons.

  • Quality: Carrier Infinity and Performance Series air conditioners are better than most. Service records showing fewer repair issues demonstrate their quality. You get what you pay for.
  • Carrier-certified Installers: To install Carrier equipment, you have to get special training from Carrier. This isn’t foolproof, but does make it more likely the AC (or heat pump, furnace, boiler, etc.) will be correctly installed – and that it will be less subject to breaking down.
  • It’s a Carrier – It must be good: Carrier enjoys an excellent reputation. Many homeowners are willing to pay more for a Carrier because they’ve heard good things about the brand.
  • Marketing: Carrier advertises more than most brands. That raises equipment costs.

How long will a Carrier air conditioner last?

17-25 years when regularly cleaned and tuned by an HVAC tech.

  • Carrier Comfort: 17-20 years
  • Carrier Performance: 18-22 years
  • Carrier Infinity: 20-25 years.

Can I finance a Carrier air conditioner?

Yes. You have two options.

Wells Fargo finances Carrier (and Trane) HVAC systems. Your local bank might too.

Carrier also has a lease-to-own plan through Microf with options up to 60 months.

Submitted Prices and Reviews in 2019-2020

We will update this table every 3-6 months and you may not see your submitted review immediately. Last update: Feb 1. 2020

Price Brand & Model & Size Home Location Home Size
$5,000 Carrier 3 ton 16 seer Suitland, ML 1800 sq ft
Condenser, Evaporator, Plastic slab and Installation
$9,800 Carrier Infinity 19 Portland, Oregon 1600 sq ft
I wondered if the quote I just got was high so I’m trying to investigate before I approach them to negotiate their price. This Portland HVAC company installed my Carrier furnace in 2012 so I want to stay with them. But . . . am I getting a good price? Seems high compared to what I’m seeing elsewhere.
$5,550 installed Performance 16-24ACC6 Houston, TX 1600 sqft
After living in our house for 15 years we figured it’s time to replace the air conditioning. I went ahead and bought this Carrier and I must say it does the job quite well. It takes very little time to warm up or cool down the house which is one of the things we didn’t get from the one we had before. The unit hasn’t needed any repair work and I’ve had it for about half a year now.
$4,990 installed Comfort 14-24ACC4 Washington 2950 sqft
My eldest son always complained about how the AC was run-down and we needed to get a new one. For some time I dismissed him but then I realized that it really didn’t distribute air like it did before. We’ve had the thing for 16 years so I didn’t really think of anything else except replacing it. The one I got is worth every penny. The noise level is low and it’s great on energy saving too.
$4,290 installed 17-24ANB7 Phoenix, AZ 2200 sqft
I’m really picky with my stuff. I like my equipment and appliances original, I won’t have anything to do with cheap knock-offs. So buying this air conditioner to replace my old one was somewhat of a challenging fact. You can’t trust the commercial these days. Am glad I got this though because it has restored my faith in good manufacturing. I haven’t had a problem with this new Carrier I got since I bought it 7 months ago. It’s just perfect.
$4,990 installed Comfort 13 coastal-24ABB3 Plano, TX 2700 sqft
I thought this was going to be an improvement but it turned out to be a down grade. This AC cannot run for a month without breaking down and am not talking working under par, totally shutting down. The first 3 months were great but so far it’s just costing me money. I don’t like this at all.
$9,784 Carrier 4 ton 14 seer Wilmington, NC 2,350 sqft
The installation includes hvac unit with air handler.
$16,500 Carrier Infinity 21 Dallas, TX 5,000 sq ft (2 story)
One of my AC units went out and was considering replacing them both with two 3.5 ton Carrier Infinity 21 AC units. Was wondering what a fair price and/or the highest price I should expect to pay for both of them. Please help.
$4,100 Carrier 4 ton 16 SEER Houston, TX 2,000 sqft
I was very happy in the beginning because things ran smoothly without any noise. Moreover, I saw noticeable changes in my electricity bills. After two years, things began to change. There have been awkward sounds. I got it checked and repaired. I am hoping that is the end of the issue. Overall, it has been a good experience. Dependable on the whole. Neat operation and very good cooling system. Yes, I was not happy with its looks in the beginning. But then realized ACs are for cooling and not for beautification.
$13,430.00 and $16,248.00 Carrier 24 ABB 336 A0N3, Comfort Series 31,000-BTU condenser;  Single speed blower Drexel Hill, PA 2,000 sq ft (Only Two Upper Floors are going to be air conditioned)
I am replacing our High Velocity System because of a serious refrigerant with the old refrigerant, R-11. The installer will be using the above noted equipment, a Carrier, Comfort Series Single Stage Condenser, 31,000 BTUs. They are also installing an Unico single Stage Blower module, and a Unico Evaporator Coil, 31,000 BTUs and a 12 SEER. They will be adding three (3) high velocity supply lines and reuse the existing 17 supply lines. They will also reuse the refrigerant lines and evacuate the R-11 refrigerant and replace with a R410 refrigerant. They will also install a Honeywell 5000 programmable cooling thermostat. I also have an option for an extra $2,818.00 to install a Carrier Performance Series two-stage condenser (31,000 BTUs and a 14 SEER); a Unico two-stage blower module and a Unico R-410 Evaporator Coil module that are both rated at 14 SEER and are 31,000 BTUs.
$9,327 Carrier 24ACC6, Carrier 59TN6 Woodbury 2,560 sqft
Through Home Depot


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