York Central Air Conditioner Reviews And Prices 2020


Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Having an experience of more than a hundred years in the market, York has continued to produce ultimate comfort and quality products. All this has been achieved by creating a serene environment in homes and offices made possible by their high-efficiency air conditioners. The full range of ACs manufactured by York meet the needs of a variety of consumers. As a reputable company in the HVAC market, York produces a complete line of air AC systems of different sizes and specifications. The systems range from the 1.5-ton ACs to the massive AC systems serving huge commercial buildings. On the other hand, residential ACs are also in different sizes. Such air conditioners are big enough to take care of residential needs with the efficiency ranging between 13 SEER and 18 SEER.

York Unique Features

Microchannel Coils

The York LX series of air conditioners are built with an alloy made Microchannel coil for continued reliability of the system. This is an industry leading quality control on AC units. Also, the compressors are internally protected for them to withstand extreme pressure as well as temperatures. Moreover, York Central ACs are painted using long-lasting powder coat thus creating a quality finish that looks immense for days.

Compact Split Systems

(Not Unique Features, Carrier and Lennox own good split systems too)

To save on the costs of buying new ducts in a home, you can choose to use ductless unit instead. The York LX series is one such unit that is ductless. This ductless system requires zero ductwork. Built-in protection When purchasing an AC from York, you can count on the compressors that are well protected internally. This makes the air conditioners to withstand harsh weather correctly. The finish on the units is 33% more robust than usual finishes mostly powder paint.

AeroQuiet II System

No consumer wants a unit that is too noisy during operation. York ensures that this consideration is taken care of. The presence of AeroQuiet II System in the air conditioners from York provides that the noise levels are as minimal as possible. The sound levels, therefore, are as low as 72 decibels. This gives an assurance of quiet running of the unit. This smooth operation of the air conditioner ensures that you are not bothered nor are your neighbors disturbed in any way.

Model Analysis

SeriesModelSEERCompressorEnergy Star

York Affinity CZH

York Affinity CZH is an 18 SEER energy rating model that provides two-stage cooling. This model controls the flow of the air in the unit to ensure that as a homeowner, you are very comfortable, and your space is free from unwanted moisture. This model of York central AC also features a dehumidification feature that is on-demand.

Best Cost-Effective York Models For You

As we have discussed in our previous post, the SEER is the most important parameter deciding the initial equipment cost and future energy savings.

Higher SEER Models can not always pay your money back. We developed a SEER Savings Calculator to help find a better balance between equipment cost and electricity cost. This tool can automatically load your local power rate and yearly cooling hours when using Chrome explorer. You can also adjust these inputs manually to get a more accurate result.

What Contractor Say About York AC

As an old brand, York offers a variety of ACs in the market. Consumers often buy directly from York as well as through contractors. The company has manufactured rather cheap yet unfailing solutions for all their customers. York offers good unit as long as the installation process is carried out by someone who perfectly knows what exactly they are doing. The error that most users make is to install a unit on their own. Without the help of a skilled person, the possibility of poor installation is always high. The unit, therefore, begins to have problems too early. Proper installation of any unit is essential if you want an AC to last long enough. Also, the warranty terms of York are reasonable and much favorable as compared to warranties from other brands in the market. This is helpful especially to consumers buying the top notch York’s air conditioners.

-Charles, Sales Manager From Re Comfort

York Air Conditioner Prices By Model

In order to offer an objective and equal comparison, we set the baseline below:

Each model includes: 2.5-ton outdoor condenser, 1300-1400 CFM air handler, programmable air conditioner thermostat.

York Models
System Only
System Installed
Affinity CZH 18 SEER$2,250
Affinity CZF 16 SEER$1,880
Affinity TCHD 13 SEER$1,445
LX Series YCG 17 SEER$1,650
LX Series YCJF 16.5 SEER$1,490
LX Series YCS 14 SEER$1,290$3,390
LX Series YCE YFE 14 SEER$1,250$3,370
LX Series YCD YFD 13 SEER$1,060$3,150

York Air Conditioner Prices By Size

Before installing your air conditioner, an HVAC contractor needs to size your system by “Manual J” calculation. This will take into accounts factors like where you live, how much insulation you have, windows types and directions, and everything else. Then you will get a right-sized central air conditioner ranging from 1.5-ton to 5-ton.

Each Unit includes: York 2.5-ton 15 SEER outdoor condenser, Trane 1300-1400 CFM air handler, programmable thermostat.

Ac Unit Size
Home Size
System Only
System Installed
1.5 ton600-1000 sf$1,095
2 ton1001-1300 sf$1,220
2.5 ton1301-1600 sf$1,470
3 ton1601-1900 sf$1,630
3.5 ton1901-2200 sf$1,790$4,150
4 ton2201-2600 sf$1,950$4,370
5 ton2601-3200 sf$2,360$4,850

Submitted Prices and Reviews by Readers

We will not edit any words from submitted feedback information. We will update this table every 3-6 months and you may not see your submitted review immediately.

Brand & Model & Size
Home Location
Home Size
$2,850York LX YCJF 4 tonWashington, DC2100 sqft
I am happy with this purchase because after buying a few appliances that kept breaking down I sort of got used to poor quality. York, however, has changed my perception of these brands. If you take your time to do your research on what you want to buy then there is very little chance of being disappointed. Thanks to York my house is comfortable again.
$2,100York Affinity CZHRowlett, TX2000 sqft
It’s surprising how many people are complaining about York air conditioners. I feel bad for them because it must be a problem with the installation. I read about the problems that can be caused by poor installation online and made sure I got someone who could be trusted with the job. It’s 2 years down the line now and nothing is the matter, the ac functions just as well as it did when I bought it.
$2,800CZFFt. Lauderdale, TX3000 sqft
I’ve lived in my house for 25 years now. The old ac had been around for about the same time and had gotten slow over time so I had to replace it. I bought York because my son recommended it to me and so far I like how it works. It is so quiet and does not need to stay on for long to cool the house properly so the utility bill also remains at a reasonable figure.
$4,020York Affinity 15 SEER 4 tonPrattville, AL3350 sqft
I have had my York ac for 2 years now and the unit is still functioning well. I read some reviews about the ac on the internet and there we a lot of people complaining about the company’s quality. Well, I am here to tell you that York makes good HVAC systems and I can vouch for them any day.
$2,090York LXFlorence, AZ2200 sqft
York is a good AC company and my unit is clear indication that they are at the top of their game. This one runs so quietly unlike the one I had before which was too noisy.
$2,780York LX YCJDAiken, SC2100 sqft
The first year was okay but this year we keep having a Freon leak. I wonder if they could send a technician over to have a look at it and fix it once and for good. Other than that the unit was working just fine but know it’s starting to cost me more money than I can spend on it.
$3949York Affinity 3 tonHatfield, PA3200 sqft
The fan motor has broken down just again just 8 months after I bought this piece of junk. The technician that came from the company said that the fans spoil like that all the time. What kind of product is this that you sell customers knowing it has poor quality parts? I would not advise anyone to buy this, it’s a waste of money.

How to Get the Best York Air Conditioner Prices?

Firstly, When you looking for the best deals for Trane AC, keep in mind that installation quality is always the most important thing for residential HVAC project.

  • So never sacrifice contractor quality for lower price.
  • Secondly, remember to look up the latest tax credit and rebates as we talked above.
  • Thirdly, ask for at least 3 bids before you make the decision. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already takes rebates and tax credit into consideration and filter unqualified contractors automatically.

At last, once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

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  • We have a York Heating and AC unit, Affinity PC9 that is approx. 12 years old – I’m told we need a blower motor. How can I find out what they cost?

    • Hi

      The average price indoor blower for that is $225-$700 based on with two hours labor. You can get an estimate from our Free Estimate Tool by choosing AC repair option.

      You would better choose a variable stage blower motor.

  • I have 1340 sq ft. of Townhouse, technician says the the accumulator in my AC unit manufactured by York is rusted and needs to be changed. Can someone give me a rough idea how much it will cost me to replace that particular accumulator or change the whole outside unit

    • As long as it’s not leaking, there is no reason to change it if it is rusted. I’m in New York and everything Rust’s here with no issues. It sounds like your contactor is trying to make some extra money.

  • I have had a York Affinity 2 speed in my house for 4 years and have not had any trouble with it at all, I would recommend the brand to anyone and would buy another.

  • I am contractor looking for a motor for the york with model number YMUFYH048BAN-68,

  • Hello,

    I am writing from Mexico City, I am interested to buy an AC York package the model is ZF240C00B2, please let me know if you can give a quotation of this equipment, I know that in Mexico there are some dealers but unfortunately the delivery time is too long, that is the reason I am looking for a dealer in Dallas, My company has a factory on Dallas texas and we can import materials from USA, so for this case there are no problem in the import process, in the case of the installation we have an expert who can install all the equipment.

    Thank you


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