Reviews of U Shaped (Over the Sill) Air Conditioners on the Market

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U shaped window air conditioners and over the sill air conditioners are the future of the technology, there can be little doubt about that. Both are very innovative and offer benefits you don’t get with traditional window ACs.

There are a limited number available, but it’s not going out on a limb to suggest that other manufacturers like LG, Haier and Frigidaire are probably working on their own designs.

Currently the two U shaped air conditioners are:

  • Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner
  • Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Each are produced in multiple sizes, which are among the most popular window air conditioner sizes. However, in the early going, availability might be limited.

Quick Design Difference Explanation

Soleus also calls its unit the Soleus Saddle AC because it fits over the windowsill like an upside down U. Midea simply calls its model the Midea U because the window closes “into” the U shape design.

Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner

This U Shaped Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide starts with overviews of these two models. That’s followed by full:

  • Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner Review
  • Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner Review

The reviews go in-depth to compare the Soleus Air Over the Sill AC vs Midea U AC.

U Shaped Window Air Conditioner Overviews

Here’s a quick look at each. The full U shaped window air conditioner reviews follow.

They have things in common we can mention once and skip in the overviews:

  • Remote
  • Timer
  • Multispeed fan
  • Energy Star certified
  • You can open the window w/o the units falling out

Here are a key difference that will be fully explored in the complete over the sill window air conditioner reviews.

The Midea U is a WiFi AC with voice control from Alexa and Google Assistant.


Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner

  • 6,000 & 8,000 BTU Sizes
  • Rises just 4” above sill
  • Temp Sensor in Remote
  • Cool/Dry/Fan-only Modes
  • Auto/Sleep/Energy-saver

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

  • 8K, 10K, 12K BTU Sizes
  • Closed Window Reduces Noise
  • Cool/Dry/Fan-only Modes
  • Auto/Sleep/Eco Options
  • Blows Air 20 Feet

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U Shaped Window Air Conditioner Reviews

Alright, here are full details about these innovative over the sill / U shaped window air conditioners.

Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner

This could also be called a Soleus Air Saddle AC review – that’s the Soleus Air nickname for it.

This over the sill window air conditioner rides the windowsill like you’d ride a horse, with one “leg” on each side – one inside the window and one outside. The great part is that the noisy leg is the one outside the window.

It fits any window with a sill less than 11” wide. And it rises just 4” above the sill, leaving you most of the view out the window to enjoy.

The Soleus Air Over the Sill window air conditioner won the prestigious Gia Global Innovation Awards medal for 2020 in the Home/Housewares category for product design excellence. It’s not hard to see why.

Soleus Air Over the Sill Air Conditioner

Sizes and Coverage

Your current options are 6,000 BTU and 8,000 BTU models.

  • 6,000 BTUs – Serves up to 275 square feet per Soleus Air
  • 8,000 BTUs – Serves up to 375 square feet per Soleus Air

Note the “up to” on any window air conditioner you’re considering. If the room faces west, is often crowded, has ceilings 10’ or higher, is a kitchen where a stove or oven is often on or adjoins “hot” space like an attic or garage, coverage will be less.

Here is wise guidance on this issue:


This unit is loaded with all the features you’d expect – except smart features.

Modes: All window air conditioners have multiple modes. This one includes:

  • Air Conditioning Mode – No surprise here. This mode cools and removes excess moisture, because when the air is drier, you feel comfortable at a higher temperature level.
  • Dehumidifier Mode – This mode removes moisture from the air but puts the heat back into the room. It’s used in cool, clammy weather. The Soleus Air saddle AC will remove up to 30 pints (6K model) or 34 pints (8K unit) of moisture in Dehumidifier Mode.
  • Auto Mode – Let the AC decide what level of cooling and fan speed will most efficiently do the job. When room temp is below 75F, it will run the fan only. Above 75F, and the AC will be used.
  • Sleep Mode – According to Soleus Air, it “Gradually increases temperature and saves energy while you sleep.” It raises the thermostat set point 2 degrees each of the first 2 hours, so 4 degrees total. Then it remains there until you switch it to another mode or turn off the AC. You’ll have to experiment with Sleep Mode lest you wake up sweating.
  • Energy Saver Mode – It also reduces cooling because that’s the only way to save energy. And you might not appreciate this mode. Give it a try. Most room ACs have it.
  • Fan-only – Move the air or make a little white noise for sleeping when you don’t need AC or Dehumidifier.

MyTemp Sensor: This is a great feature! It’s becoming more common on window and portable air conditioners.

There’s a temperature sensor in the remote. That means the AC won’t stop cooling until the remote sensor is happy, that is, until the sensor in the remote reaches the thermostat set point. Keep the remote near you, and the air conditioning won’t shut off until you are as comfortable as you want to be.

Fully digital controls: This includes an LCD remote. The timer is 1-24 hours in 1-hour increments.

What it Has That the Midea U Doesn’t Have

When we compare the Soleus Air Over the Sill air conditioner with the Midea U Shaped air conditioner, the things that stand out are:

1). MyTemp remote sensor. It ensures that the air will be comfortable where you/the remote is, not just within a few feet of the AC.

2). The 4” super low-profile design. Very little of the window view is blocked. Secondly, in our opinion, this is a safer design – the unit is less likely to fall out of the window when installing and removing.

3). A 6,000 BTU model ideal for small bedrooms, offices and similar rooms up to 250-275 square feet.


Here are the main benefits the Soleus Air.

  • Low profile design
  • Full-feature LCD remote
  • MyTemp remote sensor
  • Multiple operating modes for excellent climate control
  • Narrow enough to fit some sliding windows, but you’d have to fit a piece of plexiglass above it, as many homeowners have done.
  • If you have trouble sleeping with the noise of a standard room AC and the compressor kicking on an off, this one might solve that problem.


Consider these potential issues before making your decision:

  • Just two sizes, 6K and 8K BTU, so if your space is larger than about 350 square feet, you should look at the Midea U window air conditioner.
  • Installation can be a little tricky, but the installation tutorial video is very clear and helpful. It’s linked to below in Installation Details.
  • Water might drain inside your home if the unit is not properly tilted toward the outside.

Dimensions, Weight, CFM and Fit

Both sizes are 18.7″W x 15″H x 28.9″D.

The 6,000 BTU unit is 67.7lbs. It’s airflow range is 170/230/270 CFM (cubic feet per minute.

The 8,000 BTU model weighs 71.2lbs and has CFM of 165/223/264 CFM.

  • The sill must be 11” or less
  • The window height clearance must be 16” or more.
  • Fits windows 24” to 48” wide.
  • Rises 4” above sill when installed.

Sound Level

The unit runs between 38 and 49 decibels when noise is measured from indoors. Most room ACs are in the 60s, so this is a quiet unit. If you’re sitting near it outdoors, on a patio for example, noise level is a more typical 51-63 decibels.

Installation Details & Instructions

We won’t waste your time on details, since you haven’t bought it yet and might not.

Here is an overview of the steps for a basic idea.

This video produced by Soleus Air gives full details.

The User Manual has step-by-step installation instructions too with diagrams and photos.

1). Install mounting blocks. Place one of the soft blocks on either side of the point where the window sash meets the frame (2 total)

2). Attach the screw-in supports to the inside of the front – inside the U shape – to support the AC against your home’s siding. They can be adjusted for proper tilt/draining.

3). Set the air conditioner in the opening. Pro Tip: You’ll save your back if you have someone standing outside to receive the outside portion of it and help you lower it into place. This is only recommended if you are putting the unit in a ground-floor window!!!

4.) Attach the Window Slider support brackets for the wings that will close the gap between the AC and window jambs.

5). Add the Sliders. Plug in the AC and turn it ON!

Note: The air conditioner should sit upright for 24 hours prior to starting.

Midea U Shaped Air Conditioner

This unit sits on the windowsill with support brackets inside and out. The window closes into the middle of the U. As with the Soleus Air Saddle AC, the compressor is outside, so inside noise is greatly reduced.

Midea claims you can safely open the window for fresh air without danger of this unit falling out. The installation video linked to below shows why this is true.

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner

Sizes and Coverage

Three sizes are manufactured:

  • 8,000 BTUs – serves up to 350 square feet
  • 10,000 BTUs – serves up to 450 square feet
  • 12,000 BTUs – serves up to 550 square feet

Just keep in mind what was said above about “up to.” If you have a room that’s typically quite warm because of direct sunlight or another reason, we recommend getting an AC a size or two larger than what room size indicates.


Where features are similar, the description will be brief. See the Soleus Air review above for details.

Modes: The unit can be run in four modes – Cool, Dry/Dehumidify, Fan-only and Auto.

Smart Home options: This WiFi connected window air conditioner is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Android and iOS apps are available.

Inverter Compressor: Inverter technology is very efficient. The compressor adjusts speed or rate of refrigerant circulation in small increments to deliver exactly the cooling power required to keep the temperature right where you set it.

What it Has That the Midea U Doesn’t Have

There are 4 advantages for this unit:

1). More/Larger Sizes: The Soleus Air saddle AC isn’t offered at this time in 10K and 12K BTU sizes.

2). Smart Technology: Use voice to control the AC on/off or use the app for complete control. The app gives you the ability to turn on the AC before you arrive home, and the space will be comfortable when you get there.

3). The Compressor: Inverter technology got this unit put on the 2020 Energy Star Most Efficient list – It is one of the most efficient window air conditioner available with

4). R32 Refrigerant: The Soleus Air uses R410. Neither refrigerant harms ozone in the upper atmosphere. But R410A has a much higher global warming potential, or GWP, of 2,088 compared to R32’s 675 GWP.


  • Extremely energy efficient.
  • Design reduces noise significantly.
  • More ecofriendly.
  • WiFi and voice control.
  • Window can be opened while AC in place.
  • Modes give you climate control options.
  • Very strong airflow pushes air up to 20’.


  • Takes up more of the window space than the Soleus Air model.
  • Installation requires cutting foam weatherstripping to seal gaps. You might still find it’s hard to get a tight seal.
  • Fits a narrower range of windows – 23” to 36”.

Dimensions, Weight, CFM and Fit

  • 8K BTU Model: 21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches and 67.9lbs
  • 10K BTU Model: 21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches and 70lbs.
  • 12K BTU Model: 21.97 x 19.17 x 13.46 inches and 72lbs.

Windows must be 23” wide minimum and 36” wide maximum.

The window must open at least 19.5”.

Airflow information is not available.

Sound Level

Inside the room, the noise level ranges from 42 decibels to about 50, so it makes a little more noise than the Soleus Air units.

Installation Details & Instructions

Here’s the video from Midea on installing the U-shaped air conditioner.

An overview of the steps includes:

1). Assemble the AC support bracket using the included parts.

2). Install the bracket in the sill, adjust the slope for proper draining, and secure it.

3). Place the AC on the bracket.

4). Attach and secure the brackets that hold the AC to the support bracket.

5). Slide the anti-tip brackets out of the support bracket and into the side window track, and secure them with included screws.

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Soleus Air Saddle AC vs Midea U Shaped AC

There are two very intriguing window air conditioners.

The differences can be used as deciding points. See especially the pros/cons above and the sections on what each has that the other doesn’t.

Most homeowners choose:

Soleus Air Saddle / Over the Sill AC if:

  • They only need 6,000 BTUs of cooling (i.e. heat removal)
  • The low profile design is their top priority.
  • They like the idea of the temperature sensor in the remote.

Midea U Shaped AC if:

  • They need a 10K or 12K BTU size
  • They want to air condition their space as energy-efficiently and ecofriendly as possible
  • Smart technology is a high priority

Remember, we’d appreciate hearing about other U shaped window air conditioners you’re aware of! We’ll update this page and/or review them too.

And if this has been useful, please consider sharing it with others.

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  1. The Midea units give off a terrible squeal from their compressor. You can hear it through your window. It’s at a maddeningly high frequency.

  2. GE now has a saddle model (Model #AHTT08BC). I’m trying to decide between the GE (which is more expensive but looks easier to install) and the Midea (which is less expensive and seems to be a pain to install). I personally lean to Midea U-shape.

    • Thanks for sharing, Atalanta. We will check it to see if we should add it in our list. By the way, the installation height for Soleus is 16″, which is a bit higher that most other low profile air conditioners.

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