Top 6 5000 – 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioners in 2022

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A small window air conditioner is an ideal choice for a small room that needs a cooling boost during warm summer days.

This Best 5000 BTU and 6000 BTU window air conditioner review provides comprehensive research for choosing a small window air conditioner you’ll really like.

The Best 5000 & 6000 BTU Window ACs: Overviews

Here are quick views of the best 5000 BTU and 6000 BTU window air conditioners.

We provide these to allow you to save time, get a quality small window air conditioner and get on with your day. There’s a buying option for each top-rated 5000 and 6000 BTU window ACs.


Danby DAC060EB1WDB

  • Rated for 250 square feet
  • Digital electronic controls
  • 3 cooling & fan settings
  • Full-function Remote
  • Thermostat in the Remote

Overall Best

Danby DAC050MB1WDB

  • Rated for 150 square feet
  • 2 cooling and fan settings
  • Manual Controls
  • Washable Filter
  • Best Value Runner-up

Best 5000 Btus

Frigidaire Energy Star 6000

  • Rated for 250 square feet
  • 1.3 Pints/Hour Dehumidification
  • Energy Star/Excellent Efficiency
  • Very Quiet – 51 dBA
  • Fits Small Windows

The Quietest 

Arctic King WWK05CM91N

  • Rated for 150 square feet
  • Cost Value Leader
  • Very Efficient
  • 7 Temperature Settings
  • 2-speed Fan

Best For Garage

Haier ESAQ406T

  • Rated for 225 square feet
  • Cool, Dehumidify, Fan-only
  • Full-function Remote
  • 24-hour Timer
  • Best Features

Best Infrared

Frigidaire FFRA051ZA1

  • Rated for 150 square feet
  • Accurate Thermostat
  • Antibacterial Filter
  • Rotary/No Remote
  • Excellent Dependability

Best with Heater

Best 5000 & 6000 BTU Window ACs: Full Reviews & Ratings

Here are our complete reviews on the best 5K BTU and 6K BTU window air conditioners. 

#1 Danby DAC060EB1WDB 6000 BTU

Best Overall

The Follow Me thermostat function is this AC’s feature that really stands out. The remote includes a thermostat – a device that senses/monitors the temperature of the air immediately surrounding it.

The value of the Follow Me technology is that the AC will respond to the air temperature at the thermostat. If you walk across the room from the AC and have the remote, then this Danby window air conditioner will produce the necessary cooling to keep your location at the desired temperature.

This is a key reason we’ve rated this the Best Overall window air conditioner.

Danby makes many of the highest-rated appliances in the world. It is a huge air conditioner manufacturer with a track record of good performance and reliability.

Room Size: Up to 250 square feet.

Features: The Follow Me thermostat is the feature that sets this unit apart.

In addition, it includes electronic controls, LED panel display, Full-function remote, high-volume fan with 3 fan and cooling settings to allow you to customize the cooling you receive.

Ratings: Across many platforms including Amazon and big-box store websites, this Danby window AC receives positive ratings of 84% to 90%. Negative views are less than 8%.

Pros: The features including digital display panel are among the best. Follow Me thermostat technology is a game-changer too. You’ll be more comfortable with it. Having 3 fan speeds and low/medium/high cooling setting gives you more climate control options.

Cons: It is moderately priced, but not ultra-cheap. Some have a little difficulty installing it, but this is true of all window air conditioners.

Bottom Line: This Danby 6000 BTU window air conditioner is a good choice when quality, reliability and excellent performance features are worth paying a little bit more to obtain. Check out the price. You might be surprised at its affordability. Sure, there are cheaper window air conditioners, but they don’t offer these features, value or performance.

#2 Danby DAC050MB1WDB 5000 BTU

Best 5000 BTU Model

Here’s another winner from Danby, one of the world’s top appliance makers.

This unit offers basic, dependable performance that should give you many years of reliable air conditioning.

Room Size: Up to 150 square feet.

Features: Rotary controls are “old school” but easy to use and reduce the chance of electronic failures when compared with digital controls. There are 2 fan speeds and cooling settings from 1 to 7. The unit, like most window air conditioners, has a washable filter.

Ratings: The ratings and reviews are outstanding with average positive ratings close to 90%. There are very few negative ratings – less than 5%.

Pros: Quality and competitive cost – a combination that makes for a good value.

Cons: No remote, so you’ll have to get up to turn it on or off or change the settings. However, since this is a small room window air conditioner, you won’t have to go far to make your AC selection.

Bottom Line: This Danby 5000 BTU window air conditioner is a popular choice with consumers looking for a combination of good performance and competitive cost.

#3 Frigidaire Energy Star 6000 BTU Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

Best 6000 BTU Model

Frigidaire has a long history of making high-quality, reliable window air conditioners. This is a compact, digital model with a good set of features.

This is an Energy Star window air conditioner.

Room Size: Up to 250 square feet.

Features: In addition to AC mode, this unit has Dry/Dehumidify mode that doesn’t cool the air, it just takes the moisture out of it. This is ideal for cool, clammy days when you’d like drier air but not cooler air. It also has a Fan-only mode.

This Frigidaire window air conditioner removes about 4 gallons of moisture per day. Quiet 51 decibels on low. Compact size, but with the “wings,” it fits larger windows too. It has a 3-speed fan, 6-way airflow louvers and full-feature remote.

Ratings: Positive ratings are about 80% while negative ratings vary from about 10% to 15%. Many negative reviews say this unit is harder than most to install. If you’re handy, it shouldn’t be a problem. If not, consider the Danby DAC060EB1WDB above.  

Pros: Energy Star efficiency, Dry mode plus AC, loaded with features like the Remote with all the features of the standard control panel.

Cons: While it has premium features and performance, it costs more than several of the other units in this list.

Bottom Line: If you’re willing to pay a bit more to get higher performance and an Energy Star unit – and don’t mind taking a few minutes to install it – then this unit should meet your expectation.

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#4 Arctic King WWK05CM91N 5000 BTU

Best Value

This unit delivers basic performance at a very affordable cost. In our vocabulary, quality coupled with affordability equals excellent value. And that’s what this offers.

It isn’t quite Energy Star certified, but it’s close. This is an efficient window AC.

Room Size: Up to 150 square feet.

Features: Rotary controls. No remote. There are 7 temperature settings, and you can power each of them on Low Cool or High Cool. It has High Fan and Low Fan settings too.

Ratings: About 80% of reviews are positive. Negative reviews range from about 7% to 16%.

Most of the negative reviews say it doesn’t keep their space cool enough. This is common in all room/window air conditioners. Be sure to buy one that is large enough.

See the section below called Sizing your Window Air Conditioner for more information.

Pros: Solid, dependable cooling at a very competitive cost.

Cons: No “bells & whistles” like a remote, Dry mode, Sleep mode.

Bottom Line: If low cost is more important than a digital display, remote and extra modes, then this unit is ideal.

#5 Haier ESAQ406T 6000 BTU Serenity Series

Best Features

Haier makes a wide range of quality appliances. They tend to be higher cost, as this one is. For the money, Haier delivers 4 performance modes and other top features.

This is an Energy Star window air conditioner.

Room Size: Up to 250 square feet.

Features: 4 Modes – AC, Dry/Dehumidify, Fan-only and Energy Save. Don’t expect high cooling with Energy Save mode, but it will reduce energy costs during cooler times of the day.

Other features include a 24-hour Timer, full Remote, LED display, Function Lock and Light.

Ratings: About 70% reviews are positive and 15% are negative. The negative reviews mostly claim the unit is louder than expected and that it doesn’t cool as well as it should. See our Sizing your Window Air Conditioner section for making sure you choose a unit that is large enough to really do the job.

Pros: This Energy Star Haier window air conditioner reduces energy use and cost. The various modes give you options – like Dry Mode for cool, humid days when you’d like drier air without AC.

Cons: The noise level and higher cost.

Bottom Line: While called “Serenity,” this model is a better fit for a non-bedroom space – unless, of course, you like a little white noise to drown out street noise or noisy kids or apartment neighbors.

#6 Frigidaire FFRA051ZA1 5000 BTU

Editor’s Choice

This highly-rated, very affordable Frigidaire window AC doesn’t fit our other categories, but it is definitely worthy of this Best 5000 BTU and 6000 BTU window air conditioner list.

Room Size: Up to 150 square feet.

Features: Rotary controls. Adjustable air louvers. It automatically turns on again after a power outage.

Ratings: About 80% of reviewers are happy with this unit. About 15% say they buy something else – usually because it doesn’t cool as well as they’d hoped.

Note that the unit is designed to cool “up to” 150 square feet. But if the room has high ceilings or it faces west with a lot of windows, you’re going to need a bigger unit – no matter what brand or model you’re considering.

Pros: Affordable, reliable air conditioning.

Cons: A little underpowered for very warm 150 square foot rooms.

Bottom Line: If you want to save money on a window air conditioner that should give you years of reliable use, and your room is pretty small, this unit should do the job.

Small Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide

The most important consideration when buying a 5000 or 6000 BTU AC is that it has enough cooling power for your space.

That’s the theme of this buying guide.

5000 BTU & 6000 BTU Window Air Conditioners Pros & Cons

They definitely have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Allow you to cool a very small room without overdoing it – Cool air is nice; being cold isn’t cool. That’s what you’ll get when a 6000 BTU unit will do but the AC is a 12000 BTU model.
  •   Fit small windows that won’t accommodate a larger AC.
  • Cost is often lower than for window ACs with higher BTU cooling capacity.
  • They’re quieter than larger units.


  • They won’t effectively cool 150 or 250 square feet if the space is especially warm. The next section covers this topic in more detail.
  • Some of the smallest units are junk – but none of those units are on our list.

Sizing your Window Air Conditioner

Keep in mind that a 5000 BTU AC is rated for “up to” 150 square feet and a 6000 BTU unit is rated for “up to” 250 square feet.

In simple terms, that a room 10×15 (150 square feet) or about 15×17 (about 250 square feet).

Those are the biggest areas these units can effectively cool and dehumidify.

“Does the room have factors that make it harder to cool?” If so, you’ll need a bigger AC.

Add 1000 BTUs of required capacity for these factors:

  • The room faces west, south or both
  • The room adjoins non-cooled, enclosed space like an attic or garage
  • The room has 9-foot ceilings
  • The room has 10-foot ceilings (add 2000 BTUs)
  • The room is on an upper floor
  • The room is a kitchen

Here are two sample scenarios:

#1: A 150 square foot bedroom (5000 BTU) faces west (+1000 BTU) and is on the second floor (+1000 BTU). It has attic space adjoining one side (+1000 BTUs).

This room really needs an 8000 BTU window AC. A 10000 BTU model wouldn’t be oversized if it had Low Cooling mode.

#2: A 250 square foot kitchen (6000 BTU) has 10-foot ceilings (+2000 BTUs), faces south (+1000 BTU) and adjoins an enclosed garage that gets really hot on summer days (+1000 BTUs).

This kitchen needs a 10,000 BTU window AC, and a 12,000 BTU model probably would be handy on the hottest days when the stove or oven is in use.  

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