Top 5 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioners in 2022

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This best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner review and guide first gives an overview of the top units with bullet points showing why they made our list. The overviews are ideal for those in a hurry that want to know the top features, make a purchase, and move on.

These are followed by complete reviews of the best 14000 BTU portable ACs.

We want to make sure you buy an air conditioner with enough power to cool and dehumidify the room you have in mind.

So, before we get to the overviews and reviews, there is an important note on portable air conditioner output.

Portable ACs Aren’t As Powerful as Window ACs

First of all, portable ACs have their advantages including:

  • Less of a window is blocked.
  • The exhaust hose, 4-6 feet, allows you versatility in where to place the portable air conditioner.
  • Some homeowner associations don’t allow window ACs because they stick out of the house and aren’t attractive.
  • A Portable AC won’t fall out the window, as window ACs are a danger to do.
  • You can roll these units from room to room – a Window AC has to be carried unless you use a cart.

However, there is one distinct disadvantage – cooling power.

There are two ways to measure the BTU potential of a portable air conditioner. Both rate how many BTUs of heat the unit can remove from the room per hour.

The ASHRAE, or American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, rating is the oldest and the one used to name/label most portable ACs.

All those on this list have an ASHRAE rating of 14000 BTUs.

The SACC, or Seasonally Adjusted Cooling Capacity, rating instituted by the US DOE is significantly lower.

In short, when a portable air conditioner exhausts warm air through the hose, a little bit of warm air is pulled inside through drafty doors and windows.

This is due to the negative indoor air pressure caused by exhausting the air. It isn’t a lot, but it is enough to allow infiltration from outside.

14000 BTUs of Heat Out / Up to 6,500 BTUs In: That means the net effect of removing BTUs is reduced for a portable AC. For some units, if 14000 BTUs of heat are removed per hour, the unit will pull in up to 6,500 BTUs of heat. That’s why the SACC rating for many of these units is 7,500 BTUs.

There are no Energy Star portable air conditioners.

Not all portable air conditioner manufacturers list both ratings, so caveat emptor, or “buyer beware.” Most list just ASHRAE ratings. That’s why this information is shared here – so you can make a good buying decision. We list both ratings in the Reviews below.

Top 14000 BTU Portable ACs – Overviews

Here’s a quick look at each of these units with a link to see the price or make a purchase.

Dry Mode – This is a dehumidifier mode. The unit removes moisture without cooling the air. Dry or Dehumidify Mode is used on cool, damp days. In Dry Mode, either a tank will fill up or you have to attach a hose to drain the moisture that is removed.


HomeLabs Portable AC

  • Highest Rated
  • Cool/Dry/Fan/Auto
  • Louver Swing Option
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Vertical or Horizontal Windows

Best Overall

LG 115V Dual Inverter Wifi

  • Uses the Least Energy
  • 10,000 BTU SACC Rating!
  • Best Dehumidifier
  • Quietest
  • WiFi/Alexa/Google Ass’t

Most Effective

Ivation Portable AC

  • Best Features
  • AC/Dry/Auto/Fan-only/Sleep
  • 24-hour Timer
  • Turbo for Fast Cooling
  • Thermostat in Remote

Best Features

Whynter with 3M SilverShield

  • 11,000 BTU ASHRAE Heat
  • AC/Heat/Dry/Auto/Fan Modes
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • Multiple Drain Options
  • Antibacterial Filter

Best with Heat

Whynter ARC-143MX

  • Dual Hoses
  • AC/Dry/Fan-only Modes
  • Little or No Draining
  • Carbon Filter for Odors

Best Dual Hose

Best 14000 BTU Portable AC Reviews

Here is a closer look at the top portable air conditioners in this class.

The BTU category lists the ASHRAE number first, which is higher, and the SACC number second, which accounts for infiltration of warm air as the unit exhausts air out the hose. For more information on the numbers, see the topic above called Portable ACs Aren’t As Powerful as Window ACs.

#1 HomeLabs 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Overall

The HomeLabs portable air conditioner tops the list because it is a quality AC with good features including removing about 4.2 pints of moisture per hour. That’s sure to make your home more comfortable on humid summer days and clammy, cool days.

BTUs: 14,000 / Not available. HomeLabs doesn’t release the SACC number, but we estimate it to be about 8,000 BTUs.

Modes: It has 4 modes plus Eco Sleep Mode that saves energy by slightly raising the temperature while you sleep. The primary modes are: AC or Cool, Dry-Dehumidify, Fan-only for airflow and also used for white noise to sleep or study and Auto Mode. In Auto, you set the temperature you want, and the AC determines the best mode/settings to achieve it.

Features: Almost everything you’d expect –

  • Digital LED display with touch-control.
  • Remote with full functionality for controlling the unit.
  • Window Kitchen fits horizontal and vertical openings – Single-hung, double-hung, casement windows.
  • 24-Hour timer for scheduling modes and saving energy.
  • 3-speed Fan.
  • Most moisture is expelled through the exhaust hose in AC mode. In Dry mode, you’ll need to attach a hose or use the included tube to empty it into a bucket.
  • 4.2 pints/hour dehumidification.

Pros: Good quality and features. This is the top-rated unit on the list by users with 90% positive ratings across several sales sites.

Cons: No internal reservoir. The window kit is 26.5” wide, so if your window is smaller, you’ll have to cut it down. This is common with all portable air conditioners.

Bottom Line: Consider this unit for up to 350 square feet if you want the highest rated portable AC available.

#2 LG 115V Dual Inverter Technology Portable Air Conditioner w/ WiFi

Most Effective

The SACC rating for this unit is 10,000 BTUs. That’s up to 2,500 BTUs more than most. Again, see the topic above “Portable ACs Aren’t As Powerful as Window ACs” for more information.

LG equipped this unit with the same technology it uses in mini split ductless ACs. It is cutting edge for portable units. The compressor operates like it is on cruise control, slowing down or speeding up slightly – rather than simply turning on and off – to keep indoor temperatures very balanced.

The result of dual inverter technology is the much-improved SACC rating.

BTUs: 14,000/10,000 – easily the highest SACC rating for portable ACs this size.

Modes: 4 – Cool/Dry/Fan-only/Sleep

Features: This is a smart portable AC with WiFi and an App. You can also use it with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Other top performance features are—

  • LED Touch Display.
  • 24-hour Timer.
  • Remote with all functionality.
  • Auto-swing louvers. Hit the button, and the louvers oscillate back and forth.
  • 3 fan speeds.
  • Dirty filter notification.
  • 6.8 pints/hour dehumidification – Best in Class

Pros: This is the most effective with 10,000 BTU SACC rating. The inverter technology also makes it the most efficient unit on the list. It removes the most humidity. Most users say it easily connects to WiFi.

Cons: With the better performance comes a higher price. It is the most expensive.

Bottom Line: Consider this LG portable air conditioner if you’re willing to pay more for the best cooling and most energy-efficient unit available. It’s also ideal for humid climates, since it removes more moisture than the others.

#3 Ivation 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Best Features

This unit has evaporative technology. This means that most of the moisture removed from the room is exhausted out the window hose.

When dehumidifying the area, the window kit doesn’t need to be used. In this mode, you’ll have to attach a drain hose for continuous use. This is true with all portable air conditioners.

BTUs: 14,000 / 8,000

Modes: 5 Modes – AC/Cool, Dry/Dehumidify, Fan-only, Sleep and Auto. This gives you excellent indoor climate control.

Features: This unit has a good set of performance features including –

  • My Temp – there is a thermostat sensor in the remote, so the unit doesn’t stop cooling until the air around the remote is cool. Use this mode and keep the remote with you to ensure the air is as cool as you want it to be.
  • 5 pints per hour dehumidification.
  • Air discharges out the top, but the lid can be angled to direct air where you want it.
  • 1.5-liter water tank for condensate and a fitting for a garden hose for continual drainage in Dry Mode.

Pros: This unit provides custom climate control with its modes and features.

Cons: While Ivation rates it for up to 500 square feet, it is a better choice for up to about 350 square feet.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a climate control appliance to use in three seasons, this one is worth considering.

#4 Whynter 14,000 BTU Heater with 3M SilverShield Filter Plus AutoPump Portable Air Conditioner ARC-148MHP

Best with Heat

There are two features that stand out on this portable air conditioner.

First, it is a heat pump, so it provides AC and heating. If you have a room this is chilly in winter because the central heat doesn’t adequately warm it, this unit provides enough supplemental heat to make it comfortable.

Secondly, AutoPump is a built-in pump that can pump condensation up and out of the house. It has enough power to raise the water 15 inches for running a drain line out a window.

BTUs: 14,000 / 7,700

Modes: 5 Modes are AC, Heat, Dry/Dehumidify, Fan-only and Auto.

Features: They include—

  • 24-hour programmable Timer.
  • Full-feature Remote.
  • Manual or AutoPump draining.
  • SilverShield washable pre-filter with antibacterial coating.
  • 3M dust Filter.
  • 3-speed Fan.

Pros: Heat. The heat brought into your home by a heat pump is more economical than heat produced by a space heater. If you need supplemental heat, this is a cost-effective way to get it.

Cons: It removes up to 3 pints of moisture per hour. The lowest rating on the list.

Bottom Line: We recommend this unit if you need supplemental heat. We don’t recommend it if your climate is especially humid. You’ll get better dehumidification with the LG (6.8 pints/hour) or Ivation (5 pints/hour) than this one.

Best Dual Hose

#5 Whynter ARC-143MX 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

This newer Whynter portable air conditioner uses separate air intake and exhaust hoses. This prevents some of the infiltration we’ve discussed that reduces the effectiveness of portable air conditioners.

This technology boosts the effective SACC BTUs to 8,500, about 1,000 more than most single-hose models.

BTUs: 14,000 / 8,500 – This is the second-most effective unit on the list following the LG model listed above.

Modes: AC/Dry/Fan-only

Features: It offers Evaporative technology. This means there is very little drainage. Most moisture is expelled out the window exhaust hose.

  • 24-hour Timer.
  • Remote control.
  • Antimicrobial Filter.
  • 3.8 pints/hour dehumidification.

Pros: Produces more net BTUs of cooling than most, so it can serve up to 400 square feet.  Read more about the pros of dual hose portable ac.

Cons: The improved cooling power comes with a slightly higher price tag.

Bottom Line: While cost is a little higher, this unit is a better choice in a very warm, humid climate.

14000 BTU Portable AC Buying Guide

There are a couple topics that might assist in your purchase decision.

Window ACs vs Portable ACs – Effective Cooling Power

Window air conditioners don’t pull in warm air, so if the rating is 14000 BTUs, you can trust they remove that much heat.

As a result, they are rated for up to 650 square feet.

Portable ACs with an ASHRAE rating of 14000 have a SACC rating of 7,500 to 10,000 BTUs, so they can keep just 250-450 square feet cool and comfortable.

Those are the facts, and you should know them before buying a portable air conditioner. Other sites that list the Best Portable ACs don’t mention the lower SACC ratings, so their readers buy units that won’t cool and dehumidify the space. The sites either don’t understand the difference or don’t care that they are passing along misleading information.

If you realize a portable air conditioner won’t get the job done in the room you have in mind, you might benefit from these guides:

Best 12000 BTU Window ACs

Best 15000 BTU Window ACs

These window ACs are beefy enough to cool and dehumidify 450 to 750 square feet.

The 14,000 BTU portable ACs in this guide are the largest PACs available. If you have more than 500 square feet to cool, a window AC or through-the-wall AC is going to be a better choice.

The Importance of Dehumidification Power

The best portable air conditioners on our list vary significantly in how much moisture they remove per hour.

At the top is the LG Dual Inverter PAC capable of removing 6.8 pints per hour. That’s more than 10 gallons of water over 12 hours.

The Whynter ARC-148MHP removes just 3.0 pints, or 4.5 gallons over 12 hours.

Here’s the list, with a nice cascading flow : )

If you live in a humid area like the South or Southeast, then removing humidity is crucial to making indoor air more comfortable.

It can be quite humid in the East, Northeast and Midwest too. The Mid-Atlantic region is hot and sticky in summer, so a good dehumidifier is nice to have.

It’s less important in dry areas of the Western plains and Southwest.

Keep that in mind as you shop for a portable air conditioner, and you’ll be happier with the one you choose. LG and Ivation do a great job. Whynter falls short in summer.

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