5 Best Portable AC Window Kits in 2024

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Portable air conditioners are highly recommended when you need to cool small to medium-sized areas and a great option for recreational vehicles as well. While they can quickly keep you cool in the middle of summer, it’s all for naught without proper ventilation. There are a variety of ways to ventilate a space, but a portable AC window kit is the best temporary solution.

5 Best Portable Air Conditioner Window Kits

The selection of accessories for portable air conditioners is relatively slim as these self-contained systems are designed for ease of use and generally come with everything you need. That includes window kits more often than not, although some are made from subpar materials or won’t work with the windows in your home. Whether you need a kit for a new AC unit or a replacement for an old kit, here are five of the best portable AC window kits.



  • Style: Single Hose
  • Outlet Size: 5.9″
  • Window Type: Sliding
  • Window Size: 21″ – 43″


  • Style: Single Hose
  • Outlet Size: Universal
  • Window Type: Casement
  • Window Size: 158″ perimeter


  • Style: Single Hose
  • Outlet Size: 5.1″ or 5.9″
  • Window Type: Sliding
  • Window Size: 26″ – 47″


  • Style: Dual Hose
  • Outlet Size: 5″ or 5.9″
  • Window Type: Sliding
  • Window Size: 20″ – 55″


  • Style: Single Hose
  • Outlet Size: Universal
  • Window Type: Sliding Doors
  • Window Size: 36″W x 83″H

#1 AGAWA Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit

The Best Complete Window Kit for Portable AC units


Regardless of their size, every window AC kit on our list seals a window with a zippered enclosure or sliding plates, although some come with a few more accessories than others. If you’re looking to replace the exhaust hose or simply want a complete kit, AGAWA has the answer for you.

This window kit from AGAWA is another simple system that uses sliding plates to seal the gap in a window around the exhaust hose. In this case, there are two seal plates that are 21.6” long and slide together to cover windows around 43”. It won’t work on casement windows but will seal up sliding windows quickly.

ABS plastic was used in the plates, and the included adapter is designed to fit 5.9” exhaust hoses. It should find most systems from manufacturers like LG, Honeywell, and Frigidaire, but you won’t need a hose as this kit comes with one. The exhaust hose extends from around 14.9” to 80” long and has a clockwise thread.

Our Verdict

If you already have a solid exhaust hose for your portable air conditioner, you’ll want to skip this one and choose a cheaper model from our list. Otherwise, it’s an excellent choice as a replacement or for homeowners that need a complete kit as it has everything you need to set up your system in the box.  

#2 Airly Window Seal for Portable AC units

The Best Portable AC Kit for Casement Windows


While most window kits for portable AC units work with various types of windows, casement windows are a different story. There aren’t as many options for homeowners with this type of window, but this Window Seal system from Airly is among the best.

Casement windows are a popular style of window found in homes but can be challenging to seal off due to their design. Airly designed their portable window AC kit with this in mind as it’s geared to handle both pull-in and push-out casements windows that open from any side. It’s also incredibly easy to install as long as your window is within the size range of this kit.

This system will fit any casement window below 158”, so you’ll need to measure the perimeter of your window to see if it’s within those specifications. Bugs and flying insects will be kept at bay thanks to the design, which includes a sturdy zipper for easy hose access. The kit comes with the windows seal, adhesive fastening tape, and an e-book with installation instructions.

Our Verdict

If you have casement windows, this kit is one of the few solutions that can provide a tight seal while allowing you to vent your portable AC unit outdoors. It performs as advertised, and there are no significant complaints on this system, but you’ll want to plan things out carefully beforehand before applying the adhesive strips.

#3 Gulrear Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit

The Best Portable Kit for Dual Hose AC systems


Portable air conditioners with a single exhaust vent are the most popular style, which makes it challenging to find a ventilation kit for a dual exhaust system. If you’re unable to acquire an OEM replacement for your portable AC unit, you’ll want to consider this kit from Gulrear.

Gulrear designed this window AC kit for sliding windows that open vertically or horizontally. While they still utilize a sliding rail design, their kit comes with three plates, which allows you to find the perfect fit. All three are 19.6” long, but the main pieces are 2” wider than the channeled plate. When properly installed, it can fit windows between 20” to 55” in size.

This kit is available in two sizes depending on your portable air conditioning system. There is a model with a 5.9” exhaust and intake outlets along with a variant that has the same size exhaust outlet but a smaller 5” intake outlet. Both come with everything you need to get started, including sealing tape, butterfly screws, and exhaust hose adapters.

Our Verdict

There aren’t many reviews of this dual exhaust kit for portable air conditioners, but we like the expandable design and feel it’s reasonably priced. While it’s no substitute for an official window kit, it’s well worth a look if you have a dual exhaust AC system.

#4 tBesme Portable AC Window Vent

The Best Standard Portable Window AC Kit


The word “universal” should be taken lightly with portable AC window kits, given the different styles of windows available to homeowners today. The tBesme portable window AC vent can’t handle every type of window, but it’s the best system for long term use if you have sliding windows in your home.

This portable window AC kit uses a telescoping rail system made from high-quality PVC. It’s durable and easy to remove when not in use with rails designed to work with horizontal and vertical sliding windows. The range on this kit is 26” to 47”, but the moving seal allows for a more flexible installation than you’ll find from similar kits.

Another perk of this window kit is the fact it can work with both clockwise and counterclockwise ventilation hoses. The hose’s size depends on which kit you purchase as this one is available for both 5.1” and 5.9” diameter exhaust hoses, which helps add to the universal appeal of the tBesme window kit.

Our Verdict

There’s not much to say about this portable AC window kit that hasn’t already been said by thousands of happy consumers. It works and is well-constructed compared to some of the cheaper kits and is compatible with almost any portable AC system. With that in mind, it has a premium price tag, so there are more budget-friendly options if you need something temporary for your home or RV.

#5 HOOMEE Door Seal for Portable Air Conditioner


Over 90% of portable air conditioning kits are sold for use with windows, but not everyone wants to use a window to vent their AC unit. If you have a sliding glass door, a screen-based system is often the best solution, and we’re fans of this Door Seal Kit from HOOMEE.

If you have a sliding glass door in your home, you may be aware of Magic Mesh or similar products. The HOMEE door seal system has a similar design as it’s held in place with a series of Velcro strips and 26 sewed magnetic points. It also has an opening you can walk through with a zipper so you can still use the door without taking down the ventilation kit.

This system is designed to fit standard sliding doors 83” high with openings up to 36” wide. Exhaust vent access comes from a separate zipper on the right side and measures 22” long. Double zippers allow you to use it with single or dual exhaust portable air conditioners, although there are no connectors included with this model.

Our Verdict

While there are comparable sliding door kits on the market, this model from HOOMEE is simple and large enough to cover any standard sliding door. While a connector or two would have been nice, it’s hard to argue with the price of this budget-friendly ventilation kit.

How to Find the Best Window Kit for Portable Air Conditioners

All of our guides tell you how to find the best product from a particular niche, but some require very little thought. That’s the case with portable window AC kits, as they are simple devices designed to work with a large range of systems. That said, there are still a few things to keep in mind if you want to find the perfect fit.

Portable Air Conditioner Window Kits Explained

Portable air conditioners are a great way to provide supplemental cooling in a variety of spaces, but they aren’t without their faults. They produce heat, and if you don’t ventilate these systems, you are fighting an uphill battle as the room will never cool off.

Most portable window AC kits come with a few simple parts. They will either have seal plates made of plastic that slide together or have a screen-like enclosure. Both types have slots where the exhaust hose goes, which requires an adapter. We found that most manufacturers include one in their kits, although there are a few exceptions.

While many people purchase portable window AC kits for a room in their home, they are useful in other locations, including recreational vehicles, workshops, and garages. The only real requirement is a window… or a sliding door.

Types of Windows

As mentioned, the only thing you need to be aware of when purchasing a portable window AC kit is the type of window where it will be installed. While there are over a dozen styles of windows, these kits are only designed to work with windows that slide or crank open.

  • Sliding Windows – Sliding glass windows are the most popular style found in homes across America today. They can be single or double-hung windows that open horizontally or vertically.  For this type of window, you’ll want a standard window AC kit, which consists of 2-3 pieces. Ensure the sealing plates extend long enough to cover your window with these kits.
  •  Casement Windows – Casement windows have been around for ages and have some distinct characteristics that help set them apart.  These windows are typically cranked open, and while they provide an unobstructed view, they are hard to seal with a kit. The best solution for casement windows are mesh vent kits with zippers, and you’ll need to measure the perimeter of your window to ensure a proper fit
  • Sliding Glass Doors – If you prefer to use a sliding glass door to ventilate a portable air conditioning system, there are two options to choose from. Both are variants of systems designed for casement or sliding windows, and some even allow you to use the door with the kit in place. Just like with windows, you’ll want to compare the kit’s measurements to the door in your home.

Portable Window Kit Installation

How you need to install a window kit for a portable air conditioner all depends on the type of window (or door) in your home and the kind of kit you purchase. While we can’t cover all the possible angles or issues you may encounter, we have put together some quick installation tips along with a few helpful videos.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the window kit comes with everything you need. We’ve seen some models that lack hose connectors or adhesive tape – two things almost every kit requires. It’s also a good idea to test the window out beforehand, especially if it’s one that’s rarely used or you are venting a portable AC unit while doing renovations.

If you have casement style windows in your home, the video below shows what to expect from installing a mesh window AC kit with zippers. While this is for the HOOMEE window AC kit, the process largely remains the same from other manufacturers.

Vent kits for sliding windows are straightforward and incredibly easy to install as long as your measurements are correct. You still want to follow the manufacturer’s directions, but they are simple enough for anyone to install. Vent kits for sliding doors can be trickier if you go with a screen-based system but easy if you use a rigid kit like this one from Sylvane.


Finding the best portable window AC kit is easier than finding a portable air conditioner as long as you follow our tips and keep your window or door measurements in mind. While we just highlight a few of the more highly-rated models, you can often alter these kits to work with different styles of windows or even other appliances like dryers. 

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