Zero Breeze Mark 2 Portable Air Conditioner Review

The production of battery-powered appliances has increased dramatically over the years as technology allows manufacturers to slim down the size of their cordless systems. While it’s still challenging to find a solid battery-powered heater, you don’t need quite as much power to cool the air. Zero Mark is a company that specializes in portable AC units, and the Zero Breeze Mark II is a system that’s made waves recently due to its cordless capabilities.

What is the Zero Breeze Mark II?

If you have been on social media over the past 12 months, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an advertisement for the Zero Breeze Mark II. This social media darling had plenty of hype through IndieGoGo before it was released, as the draw of this unit is its ability to provide cordless cooling wherever you roam.

That said, this hybrid device can do more than just blow cold air. While it’s not the company’s first attempt at a portable air conditioner, it is a significant step up from the original Mach 1. It’s also expensive and not sold through the usual outlets, which has led consumers to search for Zero Breeze Mark II reviews. While we haven’t gone hands-on with this unit, we are going to break things down for you.

The Design

Zero Breeze isn’t the first company to try their hand at engineering a cordless AC unit, but they have managed to produce one of the better-looking systems on the market. Designed by Song Ming and Denni, this portable AC unit has a modern style with clean lines and a functional design.

ZeroBreeze Work

An ergonomic handle ensures the Mark II is comfortable to carry, and the controls are easy to access. Buttons for the speeds, modes, and power are all set around the handle, although the theme of this system is one-button access. A click of a button will turn the system on, lock the battery into place, or allow you to disassemble or install the hose assembly.

The design and size of the Zero Breeze Mark II is one area where consumers seemed to agree unanimously. It’s lightweight compared to traditional portable systems at around 17 pounds, although the battery will add more weight to the unit. While it is 20” long, the Mark II is only 11” high and 10” wide, making it easy to pack or carry. It’s not completely sealed but does have IPX4 protection, so it’s splash-resistant.

Zero Breeze Mark II Battery Life

Before you think about features or the Zero Breeze Mark II cost, you need to consider the battery life. The whole point of this system is portability, so if the battery doesn’t live up to your needs, you’re throwing money down the drain. Given the cost of this portable AC unit, it would be a very expensive mistake.

According to Zero Breeze, you can expect around 5 hours of battery life from the Mark II. Based on verified reviews of the Mark II, you can expect about 3 hours of runtime at full power. Their numbers should hold up when you run the unit on the lower settings, which is impressive for a portable system of this size.

The Zero Breeze Mark II has a removable 24-volt Lithium-Ion Polymer battery, which is twice the size of the power pack found in the previous model. The battery clicks into the base of the AC unit but needs to be tethered by a short cable. Extra batteries are an option for this battery-powered air conditioner, but you may do a double-take once you see the price.

Charging Times

Three to five hours of power is a major selling point of the Mark II, but it needs to be recharged eventually like all battery-powered devices. That’s one feature the company doesn’t talk about much in their literature, aside from how the system can be charged.

You can’t charge the Mark II while it’s in use, so the battery needs to be disconnected when the power gets low. The unit itself can also be powered with an AC adapter using a wall outlet if you prefer continuous cooling. Car charging is also an option, but most folks will use the official adapter, which takes between 5-6 hours for a full charge.


You can’t design a portable AC unit with 5 hours of power without using some unique technology. Zero Breeze utilized some of the same techniques used on the original model but made plenty of improvements throughout.

Zero Breeze Mark 2

At the heart of this system is a micro compressor. This little unit is the size of a soda can, which means it’s a quarter of a normal portable compressor’s size and weight. In Power mode, it can certainly knock the temperature down by 30 degrees in 10 minutes despite its diminutive stature.

The ducting on the Zero Breeze mark II is also unique. Their dual-pipe cooling system can produce up to 120 CFM of airflow when combined with the variable frequency centrifugal fan. The exhaust hoses extend up to 47” but are 11” long when contracted. The cold wind duct is 31” when fully extended, which is the same length as the drain hose.

Other noteworthy features of this system include Sleep Mode, Power Mode, and USB charging. Sleep mode quiets things down so you can sleep with the air conditioner running, while Power mode provides quick cooling when the heat is intense outside. There is also a remote control along with a 12V DC output and USB charging ports on the bottom of the battery.

Zero Breeze Mark II Pricing and Availability

This is where things begin to get complicated with the Zero Breeze Mark 2. This system is available in four configurations, with the cheapest package priced at around $1,000. That includes everything but the battery, and a complete kit will is currently priced at $1,399. An extra $300 will get you a kit with two batteries and extend the runtime to between 6 -10 hours.

If you want to purchase a battery separately, they are almost as much as the system itself at $649. The company has a few pricey accessories for their system online as well, with a 12v to 24v inverter and an AC/DC adapter. At this time, the Zero Breeze Mark II is sold through the company’s official website and Tredless, so you can’t purchase them through Amazon or locally.

Zero Breeze Mark 2

Zero Breeze Mark 2
  • Working Mode: Cool, Fan(4 level), Sleep, Super Cold
  • Wind Speed Level: 4
  • Sound Level: 52dB(A)
  • Cooling Capacity: 650W
  • Unit Size: 20″L x 10″W x 11″H
  • Weight: 16.5lb

Zero Breeze Mark II Reviews

It can be difficult to find solid reviews of crowdfunded projects, regardless of how popular they are on social media. Well, it wasn’t hard to find people that reviewed the Zero Breeze Mark II after backing it, along with professional reviewers and average consumers.

When it comes to performance, we found that most people were impressed by the Mark II. It will cool down a small enclosed area with ease and can drop the temperature rather quickly. Users also found it easy to use, even if it’s not exactly lightweight with a battery attached.

On the downside, it isn’t quiet despite the listed decibel rating of 52dBA. That was a common complaint from consumers, and so is the price. While the Zero Breeze Mark II actually works and has some nifty features, the general consensus is that it isn’t worth the price tag.

Our Verdict

To call the Zero Breeze Mark II a niche product would be an understatement. While it’s not the most efficient or effective portable air conditioner, it is the only battery-powered system that will actually cool you off and runs for more than an hour. 2,300 BTUs for over $1,000 is a pricey proposition for even the most diehard tech enthusiast, however.

Consumers in need of a small system for a boat, RV, or camping in humid conditions off the grid may want to give the Mark II a look. It’s smaller and far more portable than comparable alternatives like the IcyBreeze V2, but we feel it’s hard to justify the price and 1-year warranty despite the improvements over the previous generation.  If you’re interested in more battery-powered AC units, we have you covered.

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