How Much Does an Air Conditioner Weigh (Window, Portable & Central AC)

An air conditioner weighs 30 to more than 150 pounds if it is a room air conditioner.

The lightest air conditioners are window air conditioners. Portable air conditioners are next in terms of the lightest units. Central air conditioner outside units weigh 140 to 280 pounds.

What is the Weight of a Window Air Conditioner?

The weight of a window air conditioner is 30 pounds to 159 pounds. Most popular models weigh 60 to 890 pounds.

Weight of a window air conditioner:

Cooling CapacityMin. Weight (lbs.)Average Weight (lbs.)Max. Weight (lbs.)
5,000 Btu35 lbs44 lbs 62 lbs
6,000 Btu39 lbs49 lbs63 lbs
7,500 Btu66 lbs71 lbs75 lbs
8,000 Btu30 lbs55 lbs84 lbs
10,000 Btu51 lbs65 lbs88 lbs
12,000 Btu56 lbs72 lbs102 lbs
14,000 Btu59 lbs77 lbs115 lbs
14,500 Btu79 lbs91 lbs102 lbs
15,000 Btu73 lbs104 lbs118 lbs
15,100 Btu102 lbs111 lbs118 lbs
18,000 Btu110 lbs112 lbs146 lbs
23,000 Btu134 lbs147 lbs159 lbs
24,000 Btu117 lbs123 lbs128 lbs
25,000 Btu130 lbs135 lbs154 lbs

Note: This data is based on 212 popular window ACs on the market.

BTU capacity is generally the biggest factor in how heavy a window AC is.

But beware when buying a window air conditioner based on capacity. This is because heavy models in any given capacity can weigh 30% to 50% more than average for units in that capacity. Some weigh up to 75% more than the lightest models.

For example, the heaviest 12,000 BTU window AC weighs 42% more than average and 82% more than the lightest 12,000 BTU window air conditioner.

Lightest Weight Window Air Conditioner from Each Brand

The lightest window air conditioners weigh 30 to 48 pounds depending on the brand.

Lightest weight window air conditioner of each brand

BrandModelCapacityWeight (lbs.)
KeystoneKSTSW08A8000 Btu30 lbs
MideaMAW08V1QWT8000 Btu35 lbs
GEAHEC05AC5000 Btu36 lbs
HaierQHEC05AC5000 Btu36 lbs
LGLW50165000 Btu39 lbs
DanbyDAC050ME1WDB5000 Btu42 lbs
Della048-TL-W6KW6000 Btu43 lbs
FriedrichCCF06A10A6000 Btu44 lbs
ToshibaRAC-WK0511CMU5000 Btu44 lbs
FrigidaireFHWW082WCE8000 Btu45 lbs
HisenseAW0822CW1W8000 Btu47 lbs
Kenmore870505000 Btu47 lbs
kapsulairW55000 Btu48 lbs

The single lightest window air conditioner is the Keystone KSTSW08A, and yes, it weighs just 30lbs. 

However, please note before you buy that this is a casement window air conditioner. That means it will not fit in many single-hung and double-hung windows, only casement and sliding/gliding windows.

*The Keystone website lists this unit at 35.5lbs. That weight likely includes the packing materials. Once you unbox the AC, it should weigh about 30 pounds.

What is the lightest window air conditioner for a double-hung window?

The Midea MAW08V1QWT at 35lbs is the lightest. Its U-shaped design is perfect for any double-hung or single-hung window.

What is a light window air conditioner? A light window AC is one that a single person can lift, in most cases.

It never hurts to have an extra set of hands to help lift the unit into the window frame and hold it in place while the side panels are extended and secured.

Are there light window air conditioners? Yes, as our chart shows. Regardless of the size AC you need for your room, you should be able to find one that you can lift by yourself or with the help of another person.

How much does a GE AC weigh?

36 pounds is the lightest weight. The heaviest weigh more than 125 pounds. Average is 70-80 pounds.

What is the lightest window air conditioner brand?

Keystone makes the overall lightest window air conditioner. Many of its units are lighter than average for their BTU capacity.

What is the Weight of a Portable Air Conditioner?

The weight of a portable air conditioner is 43 pounds to 90 pounds.

Weight of a portable air conditioner

Cooling Capacity (DOE SACC)Min. Weight (lbs.)Average Weight (lbs.)Max. Weight (lbs.)
4,000 Btu43 lbs49 lbs57 lbs
5,000 Btu47 lbs53 lbs59 lbs
5,300 Btu54 lbs57 lbs61 lbs
5,500 Btu50 lbs61 lbs73 lbs
5,800 Btu57 lbs60 lbs66 lbs
6,000 Btu53 lbs58 lbs69 lbs
6,500 Btu63 lbs65 lbs69 lbs
6,700 Btu58 lbs61 lbs66 lbs
7,000 Btu53 lbs59 lbs70 lbs
7,200 Btu60 lbs70 lbs79 lbs
7,700 Btu68 lbs68 lbs68 lbs
8,000 Btu44 lbs69 lbs86 lbs
8,050 Btu64 lbs65 lbs66 lbs
8,400 Btu58 lbs63 lbs68 lbs
8,600 Btu69 lbs75 lbs86 lbs
9,000 Btu68 lbs70 lbs71 lbs
10,000 Btu58 lbs76 lbs90 lbs
12,000 Btu62 lbs78 lbs89 lbs

Note: This data is based on 180 popular portable ACs on the market.

Consumer Reports gives an average weight of 50-80 pounds for portable ACs. Its estimate is accurate based on our study of 180 portable AC models. Our average weight column ranges from 49 to 78 pounds.

If the unit has a condensate reservoir, it could hold up to 2 gallons of water and be about 16 lbs heavier than when it is empty. It makes sense to empty the unit before trying to move or lift it.

Again, BTU capacity is the biggest factor in how much a portable air conditioner weighs.

Lightest Weight Portable Air Conditioner from Each Brand

What is the lightest portable air conditioner? For most brands, it ranges from 43 to a little less than 60 lbs.

Lightest weight portable air conditioner of each brand

BrandModelCapacity (DOE SACC)Weight
HoneywellMO08CESWK64000 Btu43 lbs
Kenmore770868000 Btu44 lbs
SereneLifeSLPAC805W 5000 Btu45 lbs
KeystoneKSTAP05PHA5000 Btu47 lbs
MideaMAP05R1WWT5000 Btu47 lbs
FrigidaireFHPC082AC15000 Btu50 lbs
HaierHPP08XCR8000 Btu51 lbs
GEAPCA09YZMW5600 Btu52 lbs
HisenseAP0522CR1W5000 Btu52 lbs
LGLP0621WSR6000 Btu54 lbs
Shinco‎SPF1-08C5000 Btu55 lbs
DanbyDPA050E2BDB-65000 Btu56 lbs
ToshibaRAC-PD1011CRU7000 Btu57 lbs
DelonghiPACN270GN-3AWH6700 Btu58 lbs

The overall lightest portable air conditioner available today is the Honeywell MO08CESWK6. It is a 4000 BTU portable AC according to the DOE SACC rating, and it weighs 43 pounds.

What is the Average Weight of a Central Air Conditioner Outside Unit?

The weight of central air conditioner outside units is 140 pounds to 280 pounds.

Average Weight of central air conditioner outside unit

CapacityAverage Weight (lbs.)
1.5 Ton140 lbs
2 Ton155 lbs
2.5 Ton160 lbs
3 Ton180 lbs
3.5 Ton205 lbs
4 Ton220 lbs
5 Ton280 lbs

How much does a 3 ton AC weigh?

Average weight is 180lbs.


Are air conditioners heavy?

Yes – they can weigh more than 120 pounds. The most popular sizes have average weights of 55 to 105 pounds.  

Why are air conditioners so heavy?

Most have steel frames and many steel components including the radiator-like coil. AC compressors are very heavy parts. 

What does a 12000 BTU AC weigh?

56 to 102 pounds. The average weight of a 12000 BTU window air conditioner is 72 lbs. based on our study of more than 200 models from all brands.

How much does a 15000 BTU air conditioner weigh?

73 lbs to 118 lbs with an average of 104 lbs.

How heavy is a 10,000 BTU window AC?

51 lbs to 88 lbs with an average of 66 lbs.

How heavy is a portable air conditioner?

Average weight is 49 to 78 pounds, but they can weigh up to 90 pounds.

Where can I find the air conditioner’s weight?

If you haven’t purchased it yet, check the box or the product page online in the Specifications section. On, for example, scroll down the page to the Product Information/Technical Details section, and the weight should be listed.

If you have the AC, the weight might be listed on the cabinet of the unit. If not, search the model number online, and you might find the information.

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