Eric Hinton

Eric Hinton brings nearly 3 decades of HVAC experience to our Facts & Claims Review Board. The board is a collective of Subject Matter Experts (SME) who bring their professional Experience into each post of


  • Specializes in Zoned System Designing and Ductless system
  • Service Manager for Heating and Cooling Business in Atlanta, GA
  • Trane Comfort Specialist
  • Manual J/D/S Specialist
  • Received the Environmental Protection Agency Certification
  • Past Content Writer for HVAC websites

Holden’s career in HVAC began in the early ’90s when he joined a HVAC company through an apprenticeship. Then got his HVAC degree from Georgia Piedmont Technical College. During the past 3 decades, Holden has worked for 3 HVAC companies, as well as designed brand new ductless systems for construction companies. Holden currently works as a Service Manager managing mini-split projects and oversees the daily operations in Atlanta, GA. 

On a personal note, he enjoys golf, skiing, and working in his woodshop.

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