Amana HVAC Age: Serial Number Decoding for AC, Furnace & Heat Pump

Save yourself the trouble of Amana serial number lookup – this page shows you how to quickly find the age of your Amana air conditioner, heat pump or furnace – and it works for other Amana HVAC equipment too.

How to Read Amana Serial Numbers

Quick answer: For all Amana serial numbers, the first two numbers are the year it was manufactured. If there is no dash or “-“ in the serial number, then the next two numbers represent the month, 01 being January, 01 is February, etc.

If there is a dash after the first two numbers, then the serial number does not give information about the month or week the unit was produced.

Full details follow.

Amana uses three different styles of serial numbers which are explained below. Use can use these methods for determining the manufacture date for all of their HVAC equipment.

Style #1: 10 Characters – All Numbers – 2001 to Present

These serial numbers are a long series of numbers with no letters. In fact, no Amana serial number use letters, which is a little unique to them. Most brands include letters in at least some of their serial numbers.

Example:  0211847363

Year: In style # 1, the first and second digits together indicate the year the units was made, so 02 means it was made in 2002.

Month: The second two digits together indicate the month the unit was made, so 11 means it was made in November.

Manufacture Date: November 2002

Style #2: 9 Characters – All Numbers – 2001 to Present

It’s unclear what the difference is between serial numbers with 9 and 10 characters, but the essential digits are the first four in this one too.

So, style # 2 – Nine character all numerical digits.

Example:  080359478

Year: In style # 2, the first and second digits also indicate the year the unit was made, so 08 means it was made in 2008.

Month: The second two digits (characters 3 and 4) together indicate the month the unit was made, so 03 means it was made in March.

Manufacture Date: March 2008

Style #3: 8 Characters with a Dash – Before 2001

Style # 3 Amana serial numbers are eight characters – all numbers – with a “-” after the first and second numbers.

Example:  98-90558

Year: In style # 3, the first and second digits together indicate the year the unit was made, so 98 means it was made in 1998.

Month: N/A This style of serial number does not give you the month it was manufactured.

Manufacture Date: 1998

Info tip: Goodman bought Amana in 1997, so since then, some Amana data plates have the Goodman name, but the serial numbers still follow the three styles listed above.

Example Data Plate with Serial Number – Can You Figure Out the Date?

Here’s an example of a Goodman Data Plate with the Model and Serial numbers. Can you determine when it was made using the nomenclature tips above?

If it is hard to read on your device, this is a 10-digit serial number.

It is 1612117501

This unit was made in 2016 (first two numbers are 16 for the year) and the month of December (second two numbers are 12 for the month).

Manufacture Date: December 2016

Where to find the Amana Serial number

The Amana serial number will be located on the data or name plate.

For a furnace, the plate is usually found inside the furnace’s cover, which you’ll have to remove. This cover is called the service panel. Look for a metal plate that has the model number and a bunch of specs on it. And it likely has either the AHRI Certified logo or the ETL Intertek logo – or both. See the one above as an example.

The information plates where you’ll find the serial number on an Amana air conditioner or heat pump condensing unit – the outside unit – is on the side or back of the unit.

Serial Numbers vs Model Numbers

This post pertains to Amana serial numbers, not Amana model numbers which have nomenclature related to the type of unit, BTUs or tons, SEER, etc.

The information here should allow you to determine the age of Amana HVAC equipment of all types including ACs, heat pumps and gas furnaces.

Interested in Replacing Your Amana HVAC Unit?

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Understanding the Importance of Amana HVAC Equipment Age

When it comes to maintaining an efficient and reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, knowing the age of your equipment is crucial. The lifespan of HVAC units varies, but most systems are designed to operate effectively for 15 to 20 years. As your Amana HVAC equipment ages, its efficiency can decrease, leading to higher energy bills and more frequent repairs.

Understanding the age of your Amana unit can help you make informed decisions about maintenance and replacement. For instance, if your air conditioner or furnace is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, it might be more cost-effective to invest in a new, more energy-efficient model rather than paying for costly repairs on an old unit. Additionally, newer HVAC models often come with advanced features, such as smart thermostat compatibility and improved air filtration systems, which can enhance your home’s comfort and air quality.

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your HVAC equipment. Knowing the manufacture date of your Amana unit can guide you in scheduling routine check-ups, cleaning, and component replacements at the right intervals. This not only helps in keeping your system running smoothly but also in preventing unexpected breakdowns, especially during peak seasons when you rely on your heating or cooling the most.

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