What Is the Lowest Profile Ceiling Fan?

The shortest ceiling fans are 7” in height to around 15” in height according to data from more than 500 ceiling fan models.

Did you know? Very low profile fans are commonly called hugger fans because they are the shortest from top to bottom.

Here is information on the shortest ceiling fans of different fan sizes in diameter, lowest profile fans for popular brands like Hampton Bay, Hunter and Home Decorators Collection plus recommended fan height for ceiling height. 

Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Minimum Height Ceiling Fan of Different Sizes

Fan Size (in.)Minimum Height (in.)
20 Inches7 Inches
22 Inches8.6 Inches
36 Inches9.7 Inches
42 Inches7.53 Inches
44 Inches7.09 Inches
48 Inches9.32 Inches
52 Inches8.6 Inches
54 Inches12.91 Inches
56 Inches10.6 Inches
60 Inches7.97 Inches
62 Inches10.25 Inches
65 Inches13.5 Inches
70 Inches13.7 Inches
72 Inches10.54 Inches
84 Inches12.2 Inches
96 Inches15.44 Inches

Note: This data is based on 500 popular ceiling fans sold by Home Depot in store and online.

The larger the fan diameter, the taller the fan. That is a general rule, though not always true as you go from smaller to wider diameter.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Sizes

Popular fan sizes like 42”, 44”, 60” and 72” give you more choices for short ceiling fans. This is because of the sheer number of fan models made in those sizes. More fans overall means that more of them are manufactured without lights.

Low profile 36” ceiling fans: Notice, for example, that the lowest profile 36” fan has a height of 9.7”. That height is greater than the shortest 42”, 44” and 48” fans. Why? Because the 36” fan has a light on it. Most of the others do not. That fan is the shortest 36” ceiling fan sold by Home Depot.

You won’t find a huge selection of 36” fans – it isn’t the most popular size, so finding a low profile 36” ceiling fan without a light might not be possible.

This is true for 54”, 70”, 96” fans and other less popular sizes.

Low profile 60” fans: Notice that if you are willing to choose a slightly larger diameter ceiling fan than 54”, such as 56” or the popular 60” size, you have fans with a low profile – from 2.3” to almost 5” shorter. This is true for 72” fans too – another popular size. You’ll find short 72” fans compared with smaller but less popular diameters.

Shopping Tip: It might not be possible to find a ceiling fan with lights that will work with your ceiling. Most will be too high to safely use with a low ceiling. As noted, you will find a shorter fan if you choose one in a more popular size.

Minimum Height Ceiling Fan of Different Brands

Hunter Low Profile IV
Hunter Low Profile IV, Height: 7.53 Inches

Shopping for low profile ceiling fans can be time consuming, so we’ve done the research for you of around 500 of the most popular fan models available today.

BrandModelCeiling Fan Size (in.)Height (in.)
ANTOINEANTOINE 20 in.20 Inches7 Inches
Big Ass FansHaiku L 52 in52 Inches11.4 Inches
CARROCARRO Daisy 45 in45 Inches9.2 Inches
FANIMATIONFANIMATION Edgewood 72 in.72 Inches10.54 Inches
Generation LightingGeneration Lighting Colony Super Max 60 in.60 Inches7.969 Inches
Hampton BayHampton Bay Hawkins 44 in.44 Inches7.09 Inches
Home Decorators CollectionHome Decorators CollectionBritton 52 in.52 Inches9.76 Inches
HunterHunter Low Profile IV 42 in.42 Inches7.53 Inches
KICHLERKICHLER Volos 48 in.48 Inches10.25 Inches
MINKA-AIREMINKA-AIRE Roto XL 62 in.62 Inches10.25 Inches
Modern FormsModern Forms Roboto 62 in.62 Inches12.75 Inches
Parrot UncleParrot Uncle Bucholz 52 in.52 Inches10 Inches
Progress LightingProgress Lighting Huff Collection  96 in.96 Inches15.44 Inches

Note: This data is based on 500 popular ceiling fans sold by Home Depot

Do low profile fans have lights? Some do. Here is the list again with whether they have lights and how many with notes of explanation.

Minimum Height Ceiling Fans and Lights

ANTOINE 20 in.2 circular lighted strips 
Haiku L 52 in1 dimmable LED light on the fan bottom
CARRO Daisy 45 in1 dimmable LED light on the fan
FANIMATION Edgewood 72 in.No lights
Generation Lighting Colony Super Max 60 in.No lights
Hampton Bay Hawkins 44 in.No lights – Flush mount
Home Decorators Collection Britton 52 in.1 dimmable LED on the fan bottom
Hunter Low Profile IV 42 in.No lights
KICHLER Volos 48 in.1 17 watt dimmable LED
MINKA-AIRE Roto XL 62 in.No lights
Modern Forms Roboto 62 in.No lights
Parrot Uncle Bucholz 52 in.1 LED on fan bottom
Progress Lighting Huff Collection  96 in.No lights

Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights

It goes without saying that the lowest profile ceiling fans do not have attached light kits.

The data analysis shows that when fans with lights are considered, the shortest is around 10”. That is quite short considering the inclusion of lights.

Most of the shortest ceiling fans with light kits are 10.5” to 14”.  Many of them have a single light on the bottom, though a few have lights above the fan blades, but outside the diameter of the fan, so that you don’t get a “strobe light” effect.  

Recommended Ceiling Fan Height

A ceiling fan is designed to hang 7 to 9 feet above the floor.

Ceiling HeightHeight Above Floor
Less than 8 feet7 feet
8 feet7 feet
9 feet7.5 feet
10 feet8 feet
11 feet8.5 feet
12 feet9 feet
13 feet9 feet
14 feet9 feet
15 feet9 feet

As you can see, the minimum height above the floor is 7’. That means that for a standard 8’ ceiling, you’ll need to find a low profile ceiling fan – one with a height of 12” or less. The good news is that there are ceiling fans 12” or shorter in most fan sizes from 20” to 72”. 

Where you might have trouble finding the right fan height for your floor is in odd sizes like 54”, 65” and 70” or, of course, in very large sizes like 84” and 96”.


How high should a ceiling fan be?

The best height for a ceiling fan is 8 to 9 feet above the floor, if your ceiling is high enough to allow this. The US Dept of Energy’s Energy Star page gives a complete answer about where to hang a ceiling fan: “Ceiling fans should be installed, or mounted, in the middle of the room and at least 7 feet above the floor and 18 inches from the walls. If ceiling height allows, install the fan 8 – 9 feet above the floor for optimal airflow.”

What size downrod do I need?

Because ceiling height varies greatly, you might need a downrod of anywhere from a few inches to 72”.

And, of course, if your ceiling fan hangs lower than 7’ from the floor with a downrod, you might have to remove the downrod during installation. Or, if the fan still hangs too low, you might need to choose another fan model.

Is 8 foot ceiling too low for a ceiling fan?

No it is not too high. However, to be sure that the fan is positioned high enough off the floor, you will need to find a short fan with a profile of less than 12”. A flush mount or hugger ceiling fan is a good choice for 8-foot ceilings.

Can a ceiling fan be too high?

Yes. The fan should be installed 8 to 9 feet above the floor, where ceiling height allows. A ceiling fan at this level provides the best airflow in all seasons. In winter, it circulates heat that has accumulated at the ceiling back down to “living level.” In summer, it creates a downflow of air that provides a cooling breeze.

Ceiling fans for 7 foot high ceilings?

There are no ceiling fans safe to use with 7-foot ceilings. This is because the building code requires the bottom of the fans to be 7 feet above the ground minimum for obvious safety reasons.

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