Top Low Profile/Small Ceiling Fans – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2022

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This low profile ceiling fans reviews and guide covers three important topics:

Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans: We’ve compiled a list of the best small ceiling fans. There are both indoor and outdoor fans for you to consider

Check out prices at Amazon on the fans that interest you. It’s easy to make your purchase, and get on with your day.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Reviews: These are detailed reviews of these fans, also called compact ceiling fans

Buying Guide: The low profile ceiling fan buying guide has tips for sizing a ceiling fan, features available and more.

Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Indoor fans are listed before outdoor fans. Each type is listed smallest to largest.


Fanimation LP8350LAZw

  • 3 speeds, max Airflow 1,360 cfm
  • With vintage light kit and remote

Editor’s Pick

Harbor Breeze Mazon 

  • Indoor fan, 44″, 3 blades
  • 3 Speeds, Max Airflow 4,545 Cfm
  • With light kit and remote

Hunter 59243 Dempsey

  • Indoor fan, 44″, 4 blade
  • Variable Speeds, Max Airflow 2,997 Cfm
  • With light and remote

Emerson CF905ORB

  • Indoor fan, 52″, 5 blades
  • 4 Speeds, Max Airflow 5,415 Cfm
  • Remote and light kit are available – not included

Minka Aire F711-PN Delano

  • Indoor fan, 52″, 5 blades
  • 2 Speeds, Max Airflow 5,634 Cfm
  • Remote is available – not included
  • With light

Emerson CF130WW

  • Outdoor fan, 30″, 3 blades
  • 4 Speeds, Max Airflow 2,278 Cfm
  • Remote and light kit are available – not included

Matthews IR3H

  • Outdoor fan, 42″, 3 blades
  • 6 Speeds, Max Airflow 3,743 Cfm
  • No light kit, with remote

Hunter 53119 Sea Wind

  • Outdoor fan, 48″, 5 blades
  • 3 Speeds, Max Airflow 4,072 Cfm
  • Remote control is available – not included, no light kit

Editor’s Pick

Hunter 53323 Newsome

  • Outdoor fan, 52″, 5 blades
  • Variable Speeds, Max Airflow 5,226 Cfm
  • Light kit available, no remote

Also Called: Low profile ceiling fans are also called flush mount ceiling fans, snugger ceiling fans (or snuggers) and hugger ceiling fans (or huggers).

These fans are designed for installation where overhead room is limited, typically ceilings less than 9 feet high.

Reviews of the Best Low Profile Indoor Ceiling Fans

These fans need a dry location indoors. Their electrical works and motor aren’t watertight.

#1 Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350LAZ

This flush mount ceiling fan with 23” diameter is ideal for small rooms like a den, small kitchen or bedroom.

The look is pure vintage right down to the old-fashioned bulb shape and the fan cage design on these low profile ceiling fans.  

Features: Dark “aged bronze” finish, 3 blades, 4 (40W) bulbs, 23” fan

  • Handheld remote
  • 1/3/6-hour timer
  • 3-speed reversible motor

User Reviews:

  • Looks awesome with the subway tiles and dark counters in the kitchen. Guests love it.
  • Wired to a wall control, so I can use either to turn it on – but can only adjust speeds with the remote.
  • Hums gently like a classic fan, so if a little white noise bothers you, beware. We don’t notice it unless listening for it.


  • As one user says, it’s perfect for a small room. Remote is a bonus. Cool lights.


  • Not LED lighting or Energy Star efficiency. Lights aren’t very bright, so you might need an additional light source.

Other Options:

Not made in other colors. Replacement bulbs are available in 60 watts. 

#2 Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

This is a contemporary beauty in brushed nickel, bright and sleek. The mid-body blade location sets it apart.

Features: 3 blades, 18W LED/600 Lumen light. 44” fan diameter.

  • LED lights.
  • Remote control.
  • Reversible fan for year-round use. 

User Reviews:

  • Clean, modern style at a good price.
  • Installation was easy – and we had no prior experience.
  • Quiet operation on all three fan settings, even in a bedroom.


  • Good looks, remote, compact design.


  • Can only be dimmed with the remote, not a dimmer switch. Not super bright.

Other Options:

Comes in 42” Gun-metal and 52” black options. These options can be chosen on the Amazon product page provided.

#3 Hunter 59243 Dempsey Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote

The nice contrast between the light body and dome and the dark blades is striking and handsome. A four-blade fan gives a contemporary, balanced vibe.

Features: 4 blades, 2 (9.8W) LED lights. 44” fan diameter.

  • Handheld remote.
  • Reversible motor.
  • Reversible composite blades – black oak & chocolate oak.

User Reviews:

  • Excellent installation instructions and packaging of the parts made the job easy.
  • Cheap standard bulbs can be used.
  • Fan quality is excellent. The remote seems a little cheap, but it works fine, so no problem.


  • LED lighting saves energy cost. It’s dimmable. Reversible motor with Lifetime warranty. Good value for the money.


  • The remote is not attractive like the fan.

Other Options:

Not made in other colors, though Hunter makes thousands of fan models that can be browsed here

#4 Emerson CF905ORB Prima Snugger Ceiling Fan with Wall Control

This Emerson ceiling fan is hard to beat for classic good looks. The dark and rich oil-rubbed finish blends well with dark ceiling fans and forms a nice contrast to lighter tones.

This fan is highly rated for durability and performance.

Features: 5 blades, no light. 52” fan diameter.

  • 4-speed wall control.
  • Reversible motor.
  • Blades are reversible – Dark Cherry on one side, Walnut on the reverse side.
  • A light kit like this one can be added. 

User Reviews:

  • Has been in steady use for several years without a problem.
  • Removing the blades and turning them upside down to reveal the lighter color was easy.
  • We purchased the remote for added convenience. 


  • Lifetime motor warranty. Reversible motor.


  • A few consumers claim the fan is a bit noisy – a whirring sound rather than an annoying screeching – on high speed.

Other Options:

A few consumers claim the fan is a bit noisy – a whirring sound rather than an annoying screeching – on high speed.

#5 Minka Aire F711-PN Delano Ceiling Fan

This Minka Aire ceiling fan looks high-end and runs like a champ without breaking the budget.

The silver blades with a Polished Nickel finish bring contemporary luxury to any space. Flush mounting makes it a very low profile ceiling fan.

Features: 5 blades, two 50-watt halogen light. 52” fan diameter.

  • Light is dimmable.
  • Compact, 11” drop for low ceiling fans.
  • Wall-mount control.
  • Remote is available – not included. 

User Reviews:

  • A cut above what you find at home improvement stores.
  • Moves an amazing amount of air.
  • Loved the first in the living room, so ordered a second for a master bedroom.


  • Reversible motor. Clean design; quiet operation.


  • Lights are not LED, so will need replacing more frequently. The Minka Aire Energy Guide for this fan says it will use $14 per year of energy in an average home.

Other Options:

Also available in Dark Restoration Bronze finish, which is gorgeous. 

Reviews of the Best Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fans

These small ceiling fans are designed for damp areas such as covered outdoor porches and patios, humid sunrooms and similar settings.

#6 Emerson CF130WW Tilo Ceiling Fan, Light Kit Adaptable

This Emerson ceiling fan boasts modern styling, good airflow for its size and is suitable for damp locations like bathrooms and covered porches.

Features: 3 blades, 30” fan diameter. No lights, but a light kit can be added quite easily. 

  • 4-speed wall control.
  • Painted plywood blades.
  • Short downrod included, though not required.
  • A remote is available.

User Reviews:

  • A very compact fan, but it delivers all the air we need in our 10×18 room.
  • Produces more airflow than the 36” fan it replaced.
  • It’s been running great for 3 years – no issues, and very quiet.
  • The light kit might not be suitable for damp areas, if you decide to add one.


  • Reversible motor. Lifetime motor warranty. 4 fan speeds for more customized airflow.


  • Plywood blades in damp conditions might eventually swell a bit if the paint fails. Perhaps unlikely, but possible.

Other Options:

This is the Appliance White model. It is also available on the Amazon product page in Brushed Steel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

#7 Matthews IR3H-PARENT, Irene Ceiling Fan with Remote

This Matthews ceiling fan features sleek, minimalist design that is suitable for damp locations. It is a popular choice for covered porches, sunrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

The blades are solid walnut and very pretty.

This is a top-quality fan, and it shows in every detail.

Features: 3 blades, 42” fan diameter. No light kit is available.

  • Flush mount for compact, space saving.
  • Control can be handheld or mounted on the wall.
  • Solid wood blades stained and sealed for weather protection.

User Reviews:

  • Fan motor is whisper quiet. No wobble – just smooth operation.
  • I submitted a question to the manufacturer, and it was answered within a day with the information I wanted.
  • Attractive looks and performance make it worth the money.


  • Richly beautiful solid walnut blades. Six fan speeds for optimal comfort in all seasons. Reversible motor. Usable in damp locations.


  • Pricey. No light kit available (but it is designed for damp locations).

Other Options:

On the Amazon product page, you can select this fan in Textured Bronze shown here, but also in these body colors: Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, White and Matte Black. The blades are Solid Walnut for all.

#8 Hunter 53119 Sea Wind Ceiling Fan

Consider this Hunter ceiling fan when you want a big, breezy fan for damp locations.

Sure, the blades are plastic, but that means they will never peel or absorb moisture and swell. It’s a durability factor built into this quality but affordable damp location ceiling fan.

Features: 5 blades. No light kit, since it is an outdoor ceiling fan. 48” fan diameter.

  • Reversible motor optimizes comfort in all seasons.
  • 3 fan speeds.
  • Damp-rated.
  • Hunter Universal 3-speed remote is available as an accessory. 

User Reviews:

  • Hard-working and durable here in Atlanta after using this fan for 4+ years.
  • Excellent value for the $, and installation was a snap.
  • Changes speed slowly, so there’s no loud transition that makes the fan wobble (like others we’ve had).
  • Slight chemical smell out of the box (I’m sensitive), but it’s gone after four days.
  • Fabulous airflow!
  • Plastic blades DO NOT look cheap – visiting friends mistake them for wood.


  • Excellent value in a large, reversible fan.


  • Blades are not reversible, so white is your only option.

Other Options:

Hunter makes fans in all styles for damp locations.

#9 Hunter Fan Company 53323 Ceiling Fan

It’s clear that Hunter manufactures fans with good quality, durability and value.

Plus, this Hunter ceiling fan is beautiful in a classic, vintage way. It could pass for being from the first half of the last century. Elegant. Sophisticated. Reliable.

Features: 5 blades, light kits are available. 52” fan diameter.

  • Reversible motor.
  • Fan blades are reversible – Roasted Walnut on one side, Medium Walnut on the reverse side. Flipping the blades takes a screwdriver and about 5 minutes per blade.
  • Variable-speed motor allows you to customize airflow.

User Reviews:

  • A huge help to the air conditioner in humid weather.
  • Smooth fan, very quiet without noticeable wobble.
  • We bought 4 of these, and one was damaged. Got a return and new unit in 3 days.


  • Good looks, workhorse durability. Excellent value. These are the reasons Hunter is the most trusted brand of ceiling fans.


  • Does not come with a remote.

Other Options:

As one of the largest ceiling fan manufacturers, Hunter makes many 52” ceiling fans

Low ProfileCeiling Fan Buying Guide

This guide is a short summary that covers essential topics and buying tips for low profile ceiling fans.

If you want to research all aspects buying a ceiling fan, full details are available in our Best Ceiling Fan & Buying Guide.

The full guide also discusses using a ceiling fan vs using a central AC to cool your home. 

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Pros and Cons

Ceiling fans can improve your home’s energy efficiency. That topic is covered in the PickHVAC Ceiling Fan Buying Guide.

This section relates specifically to compact ceiling fans.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Pros

What does a flush mount ceiling fan do for you? Here are the advantages.

  • More Headroom: In rooms with low ceilings, a small ceiling fan makes all the difference. They snug up to the ceiling using flush mount designs.
  • A range of Sizes: Low profile ceiling fans are available in sizes from less than 24 inches to more than 60 inches. There’s a fan to meet the amount of air movement/airflow you want.
  • Many Styles: Any style you want is available in the size you need.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Cons

Most of the pros and cons are the same as those for any ceiling fan. Here are a few related specifically to low profile ceiling fans.  

Downrod Availability:Small ceiling fans are packaged for low ceiling fans. As a result, if you choose one for a ceiling higher than 9 feet, you will probably have to buy a separate downrod. There might not be a downrod with the same finish as your fan.  

Small Ceiling Fan Types

Like all ceiling fans, compact ceiling fans are available in three types:

Dry/Indoor Ceiling fans: Should be installed in indoor areas without high humidity.

Damp/Outdoor Ceiling Fans: These outdoor ceiling fans are designed for covered areas. Humidity is OK, but direct rain or snow might harm them.

Wet/Outdoor Ceiling Fans: Outdoor ceiling fans with this rating can be installed when rain or snow will fall on them. They are installed in pergolas and similar locations without a solid roof.

Ceiling Fan Lighting

Adding lighting to the fixture covers two needs in one fan.

Most indoor small ceiling fans have lights. If not, a light can be attached to the bottom of the fan. The accessory is called a light kit.

Most outdoor ceiling fans do not include lights, but many will accommodate an added light kit. Like porch lights or similar outdoor lighting, the light kits are designed to withstand wet outside conditions.

Low Profile Ceiling Fan Sizing

It is important to make sure the fan will move enough air to create a breeze in summer and circulate heat in winter.

Here is a ceiling fan sizing guide.

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch ceiling fan
  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch ceiling fan
  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch ceiling fan
  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = 29-36 inch ceiling fan

Browse these small ceiling fans on Amazon. Check prices, features, customer reviews and more. There is no obligation to buy and no added costs if you do decide to buy one of the top low profile ceiling fans on this list.

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