6 Best Smart Wifi Ceiling Fans in 2022 (With Alexa or Google Support)

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It can be easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for a new ceiling fan. There are dozens of manufacturers to choose from along with a number of important factors to consider like sizing and lighting. If you live in a connected home, there is also a batch of intelligent fans to consider like the ones included in our guide to the best smart Wi-Fi ceiling fans.  

6 Best Smart Wi-Fi Ceiling Fans

1. Minka-Aire F868L Ceiling fan with LED light

The Best 60” Smart Ceiling Fan

The Minka Group is more known for their lighting than fans but has grabbed homeowners’ attention with an array of stylish options. Most of their lineup is in the 40” to 60” range including the Minka-Aire F868L, a large fan with a modern sense of style.

Minka-Aire F868L

This smart fan gets its brains through Bond, which makes it compatible with Alexa and Google Home if you want to use voice control. ELAN, SmartThings, and Hubitat are also alternatives for your home Wi-Fi network, so there are several connectivity options at your disposal. If you experience an outage, you can still control this fan and the lighting with the included remote control.

As for the tech specs, the Minka-Aire F868L is a six-speed fan with a rating of 5,655 CFM on high and 1,380 on the lowest setting. It’s powered by a DC motor and is an Energy Star certified system as well. There is an integrated 16-watt LED light kit, so there’s no bulb to replace, but you’ll want to consider the wattage beforehand.

Like most modern fans, you can use the F868L in forward or reverse. It’s not damp-rated, however, so you can’t install it on a patio. It comes with a 6” downrod, but other options are available including a kit for slanted ceilings. It also comes in six different colors from flat white to brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.


This fan comes in at the top of our list as it provides the most bang for your buck. It has a very reasonable price tag compared to other 60” smart fans and can connect with “almost” any type of network. While the remote is mediocre, you won’t be disappointed with the performance or style of the Minka-Aire F868L.

2. Home Decorators Winward Smart Ceiling Fan

The Best Smart Ceiling Fan for a Tight Budget

The Home Decorators Collection is one of the more popular store brands in the United States and something you typically only find through Home Depot. While they have several smart ceiling fans, the Windward IV is our top pick if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly ceiling fan.

Home Decorators Winward Smart Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan has a modern style and is in the 52” class with five ABS fan blades. They are durable, and when combined with a high-efficiency motor, they put out an impressive airflow rate of 6,052 CFMs. That means it’s more powerful than more expensive smart fans, even if it’s not as quiet. Home Decorators made an odd choice by only designing it as a 3-speed system as well.

While we don’t have any tech specs on the motor, you can reverse this ceiling fan. The Windward IV ceiling fan is dry rated, so it can only be used indoors. Consumers found it easy to install, and the lighting isn’t integrated but relies on an A19 socket. The light is dimmable, and you can control the fan through one of two means.

The standard version of this fan comes with a remote, but this variant has a remote control and the Bond Smart Hub. When connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can control the fan using your voice through home assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Smartphone access comes into play as well as long as you own an Android or iOS device.


The Windward IV from Home Decorators is an interesting alternative to ceiling fans with built-in Wi-Fi, and it certainly won’t break the bank. It will provide plenty of airflow on all three speeds, and has a tri-mount installation as well. We didn’t notice any significant complaints on this fan, which is available in four different finishes.

3. WAC Mocha 54” Smart Ceiling Fan

The Best Smart Outdoor Ceiling Fan

WAC Lighting’s Mocha recently made an appearance on our list of the best ceiling fans without lights. Well, it’s back again, but in an entirely different variant as the WAC F-001L-MB is smart, has lighting, and can be used indoors or outside.

WAC Mocha 54” Smart Ceiling Fan

This sleek ceiling fan has a completely different vibe than larger models like the Haiku or Symphony. While it has a streamlined design, the DC motor produces 4,122 CFMs using three slim blades. It’s highly adjustable with six speeds and can be used in Winter Mode when you want to reverse the blades to distribute warm air.

At around 17 pounds, this fan is lightweight but well-built from a mix of aluminum and ABS. The Mocha is damp rated, so it can be used outdoors as well. The LED light fixture is listed as at 3000K and warm white with a lifespan of around 5 years or 50,000 hours. It’s replaceable, and you can control this system through an included Bluetooth remote or the company’s mobile app, although there’s a bit of a catch.

The WAC Mocha can be controlled through the usual suspects like Google Assistant or Alexa, but Ecobee, Control 4, and Josh AI are also options along with Samsung SmartThings. While the connectivity is built-in, you have to pay a one-time fee of $10 to activate the feature before you can sync to your home network.

Our Verdict

While we’re not fans of WACs approach to their mobile app, the Mocha has been well-received. The app does unlock quite a few nifty features, and we like the fact it has six speeds as well as the overall design. It comes with a 6” downrod and is available in four styles with matte black, matte white, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed aluminum. 

4. Hunter Symphony Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan

A Versatile Smart Ceiling Fan from Hunter

Hunter is one of the oldest fan companies in the world as they have been in the business since 1886. They have one of the more expansive lineups on the market that ranges from budget-friendly fans to premium models like the Symphony 59222.

Hunter Symphony Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan

This fan from Hunter has a few features that help it stand out from the crowd. The first are the blades, which curve upwards at the ends. The design helps to combat vibrations while keeping the noise levels to a minimum. The mounting system is also noteworthy due to its modular nature. You can mount the Symphony in low-profile, standard, or angle mount configurations without buying additional parts.

The size of this fan puts it in the 54” class. It has three blades, like most ceiling fans, and four speeds with an output of 4,643. The company also used their Whisper Wind Motor, which is efficient and quiet. Unlike most of the smart WiFi ceiling fans on our list, the lighting isn’t integrated as there are two A19 sockets beneath a white glass dome.

Connectivity options for the Hunter Symphony include Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit through the company’s SIMPLEconnect system. You can control it with your voice, their mobile app, or the included remote control. It comes with a 2” downrod, two dimmable LED bulbs, and the motor is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Our Verdict

Hunter is known for producing high-quality fans at an affordable price. While the Symphony certainly isn’t in the budget class, it’s one of the more affordable smart ceiling fans at this size. The fact it has replaceable bulbs and a three-way mounting system is also a plus. It can be challenging to connect to home networks, however, or it would have taken the top spot on our list.

5. Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

The Smartest Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans is a brand our readers should be familiar with, and a great company to consider when you’re interested in a smart ceiling fan. While pricey, they have one of the most intelligent fans on the market, and it’s designed to go with almost any style of décor.

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

Despite its name, this Haiku L is a 52” fan so it’s not the biggest on our list. It does have extremely wide blades, however, and can handle a 225 square foot space with ease. The aerodynamically designed airfoils produce 5,603 CFMs at maximum speed but keep the sound down to only 35 decibels which is impressive.

Silent speed is just one perk of this smart ceiling fan. It gets its power from an EC or electronically commutated motor, which is more efficient than a standard brushless motor. The lighting is on par with other systems in terms of brightness but has 16 light levels and an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours. A slim remote is included with a wall holder but that isn’t how most people will control this system.

The Haiku L can sync up to the company’s mobile app where you can adjust the speed, lighting, or set Whoosh mode which mimics a natural breeze indoors. There’s even a timer, which is rare on ceiling fans along with voice control. It’s designed to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, but isn’t quite as flexible as other fans in the connectivity department.

Our Verdict

The price of this fan is going to put it out of the range of many homeowners, which is steep considering it’s largely made from plastic. The draw of the Haiku L, aside from the design, are the connected features and the highly adjustable LED system. Whether those features are worth the price is entirely up to you, but it’s well worth a look if you’re interested in a powerful, but quiet fan for the indoors.

6. Horevo Chandelier Fan with Speaker

A Unique Retractable Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

One of the more recent innovations in the ceiling fan world has been retractable blades. It allows a fan to transform into a chandelier in a matter of seconds, and they have an unmistakable style. Horveo took a different approach with their ceiling fan, however, as it can keep you cool and entertained at the same time.

Horevo Chandelier Fan with Speaker

This smart ceiling fan is in the 40” range with five retractable 42” ABS fan blades. While we couldn’t find an airflow rating, there are three standard speeds and an integrated 36-watt LED light. The AC motor is reversible, but it’s a fairly basic setup from a technical perspective. That said, the design is anything but standard.

The LED light is RGB so you can change the color and coolness of the light in this ceiling lamp. You can load a color wheel from the company’s app, while also accessing a timer and memory function. There is a small speaker built into the center of the fan which allows you to play music and take advantage of several fun modes.

Our Verdict

While they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we think it’s safe to say the design of this ceiling fan will not be for everyone. It’s best-suited for consumers that are looking for a fan that can perform multiple functions, and based on the reviews, it pulls that off quite well. We couldn’t locate any information on the warranty, so consider an extended plan if you are interested in the Horevo fan.

How to Find the Best Smart Ceiling Fan

Whether you weren’t impressed with the choices in our guide or are just looking for some quick shopping tips, you’ve come to the right place. In this part of our guide, we’re going to cover important areas to keep in mind when buying a ceiling fan including some overlooked topics like the warranty and connectivity.

Do you need an Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan?

The first place we’re going to start with is location. Ceiling fans are generally considered a permanent upgrade until it stops working or you want to change the style. If you intend to use the fan indoors, the world is your oyster and the options are vast with smart ceiling fans. There are plenty of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, but things narrow when you need a fan for the outdoors.

Ceiling fans used to cool down patios and porches are popular, but they have to be designed to withstand the elements. If you want to install a smart fan outdoors, it should be damp rated when used on covered decks or patios. While there are a number of indoor/outdoor fans in this category, only a handful will work with your home Wi-Fi network.

Your Home Network

If you were shopping for a regular ceiling fan, this would be the section where we would start to talk about tech specs, sizes, and lighting. Well, that would be a mistake as homeowners purchasing a smart WiFi ceiling fan should focus on their home networks first.

All of the ceiling fans on our list connect through Wi-Fi, but how they go about syncing up to your home network can vary. There are a variety of wireless protocols used by manufacturers today when you factor home automation in the mix as well. While you obviously need Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control, not every fan will work with other types of hubs.

Homes that use ELAN, Ecobee, Nest, and Samsung SmartThings will want to check compatibility beforehand. We also highly advise you to consider the possibility of congestion in your home if you already have dozens of devices up and running through the router on your network.

Size and Airflow

Ceiling fan sizes generally range from around 44” to 60” inches for residential use. There are a number of fans that are below or beyond that mark, but most manufacturers stick to even numbers and a select range of sizes. The good news is that it makes choosing the right size ceiling fan simple, as you only need to remember a few things.

If you’re trying to cool a large room around 300 square feet or more, you’ll need a fan at least 60” or larger in most cases. Fans between 46” up to 60” will suffice for medium-sized areas, while smaller 44” fans take care of smaller rooms. Once you have a rough idea of the room size for your new fan, it’s time to think about airflow.

Airflow is measured in CFMs which stands for cubic feet per minute. This lets you know how much air a fan can move in a room, so the larger the number, the more powerful the ceiling fan. The number of speeds a fan has plays a part in the equation as well, while giving you a wider range of control.

Ceiling Fan Lighting

Ceiling Fan Lighting

There are two types of lighting found on ceiling fans today with integrated or standard light kits. While choosing an LED array may seem like an easy choice, there are pros and cons for both styles that go beyond simply changing a bulb.

LED light fixtures are semi-permanent and typically designed to last around 5 years depending on your usage. They are usually dimmable but can be considerably softer than a traditional light bulb. That makes them ideal for consumers that don’t want to drag out a ladder every time a bulb goes out. On the downside, replacing an LED fixture can be costly.

Smart ceiling fans with a standard setup will have one or two sockets and a removable dome. They do require more work but allow you to change bulbs to brighter or dimmer wattages to better suit your needs. Considering how long a high-quality LED bulb can last, we prefer fans with this type of fixture over an integrated array.

Mounting Style

While there are only two types of lights on ceiling fans there are four mounting styles. Most homeowners will be familiar with traditional downrods, but you may be surprised by some of the advances manufacturers have made to ensure a trouble-free installation from their consumers.

Almost every ceiling fan comes with a downrod, which is usually between 2” to 6” in length. It allows you to adjust the height of a ceiling fan and is the most common type of mount. When you have low ceilings, you need every inch you can get, which is where hugger or flush mount fans come in handy.

These low-profile fans don’t have a downrod and are engineered to sit almost flush with your ceiling. Tri-mount fans are unique as they offer several types of installation options in one package, while angle mounts are also available; they generally aren’t included and will need to be purchased separately.


Some products have warranties that are challenging to understand, but we’re pleased to say that isn’t the case with ceiling fans. While they have a tiered warranty, there are only two things you need to concern yourself with – the motor and fan blades.

Smart Wi-Fi ceiling fans don’t come with pull chains. That means you’ll never have to deal with replacing a broken chain; something that’s more difficult than you think. Fan blades are usually covered under a blanket warranty that varies between 1-3 years and covers “other parts” outside of the motor or LED light fixture.

LED fixtures are usually good for at least 5 years, but most ceiling fan manufacturers offer a limited lifetime guarantee on the motor. That’s key as it is the most expensive part to replace, but don’t overlook the blades. It’s worth looking into replacement parts beforehand as some can be difficult to impossible to find replacements.

Final Thoughts

A smart Wi-Fi ceiling fan can bring a new level of comfort to your home, and some unlock interesting features as well. Just remember alternative methods of control in the case of a power outage along with your existing home network. 

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