Navien Boiler Reviews and Prices 2024

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This Navien boiler review has information about boiler models, their features and prices. It makes it easy to compare Navien boilers vs. Weil McLain boilers and other leading brands we’ve reviewed.

These include:

Weil McLain   Peerless    Laars   Buderus by Bosch   Carrier   Lennox   Utica 

Introduction to Navien Boilers

Navien is best known as a leader in the tankless water heater market. The technology for boilers is similar, so making tankless Navien boilers is a natural fit for the company.

The company started in Japan in 1978. It has been making products for the North American market since 2006,

Heat-only Navien boilers for are made in two series, the new NFB Series and the NHB Series. The NCB-E Series are combination boilers (combi boilers) that heat your home and your hot water supply.

We’ve completed tables like this for the top boiler brands, so comparing them is quick and easy. Navien boiler prices are listed in a table later in the post.

SeriesEfficiencyHeat ExchangerRangeFlow Rate
NFBUp to 95%Stainless steel175-199 MBHN/A
NHBUp to 95%Stainless steel55-150 MBHN/A
NCB-E CombiUp to 95%Stainless steel120-199 MBH2.6-4.5 GPM


  • MBH = 1,000 Btu/hour. A 120 MBH boiler has 120,000 Btu/h input. Output = input x efficiency: 120K x .95 = 114,000 Btu/h.
  • Number of models: The NFB Series is available in models 175 MBH and 199.9 MBH . The NHB Series has models of 55, 80, 110 and 150 MBH. The NCB-E Series is four models. The first number is MBH for heat-only. The second number is for domestic hot water (DHW): 60 MBH/120 MBH, 80 MBH/150 MBH, 100 MBH/ 180 MBH and 120 MBH/199.9 MBH.
  • Energy Star: All Navien boiler series meet Energy Star standards.
  • Fuel: All series can burn natural gas (NG) or propane (LP), though a gas port must be changed for use with LP.

Navien Boiler Features Analysis

These are feature-rich boilers. Here’s an overview of the most essential features.

#1 Tankless design

These units are tankless with enough efficiency and capacity to provide hot water on demand when properly sized.

#2   Condensing technology

All three Navien boiler series use condensing technology. It improves efficiency by using heat in combustion exhaust gases to preheat water coming into the unit.

#3 Stainless steel

The combustion of natural gas and propane creates an acidic byproduct. Stainless steel is much more resistant to corrosion from carbonic acid than steel.

#4 Zoned systems

NFB and NHB boilers serve up to 3 zones.

#5 Turn-down

You can adjust these boilers to only create the heat you need. This is called the turn down ratio (TDR). The TDRs are 10:1 for the NFB Series, 15:1 for the NHB Series and 6:1 for heating and 10:1 for water on the NCB-E Series. For example, a 150 MBH boiler with a 10:1 TDR can be set to produce heat from 150 MBH to 15 MBH.

#6 Cascading

For large applications, the NFB and NHB Series can be installed and linked to up to 16 units total with up to 8 units on a common vent.

#7 Wi-fi

All units are equipped for Navien NaviLink wi-fi remote monitoring and control.

#8 NFB Series

This is Navien’s most recently released series, new in 2017. It contains patented “fire tube” heat exchangers designed and built by Navien. The purpose of the design is to optimize efficiency and durability. It has a non-metal drain pain that won’t corrode.

*Note on the NFB Series: As a new design, it is costly and unproven. While it might prove to be all Navien says about it, our recommendation is the NHB Series for heat-only applications or the NCB Series Navien combination boilers for heat and DHW.

Navien Boiler Warranty

Here’s the complete Navien boiler warranty.

It’s always a good idea to read the entire warranty before making a large purchase like this one. HVAC warranties are well known for exclusions.

We know warranties! See our Guide to HVAC Warranties for information on what to look for in a warranty, warnings about exclusions and restrictions, whether extended warranties are a good idea (they’re usually not!) and much more.

Navien Boiler Prices

This table has boiler-only prices. Installation cost is discussed below.


Prices vary for several reasons. The main reason is the shipping cost. Many retails have lower list prices and higher shipping costs. Other sellers have higher product prices and shipping that is more reasonable. If you buy online, it’s important to shop around and consider both the Navien boiler price and the shipping costs.

Warning on Internet Sales: Navien’s warranty, linked to below, says that the warranty DOES NOT cover, “Product purchased through the internet, other e-commerce channels, or any installer that obtained the Product from a supplier or distributor not authorized by Navien.”

That means that if you buy it online and DIY install it, you’ll have no warranty. Not saying you shouldn’t do that if you have the skills and know-how, but just giving you the whole story before you make the decision.

Installation cost varies based on these factors:

  • How many zones (Series NFB and NHB) you use, from one to three
  • How complicated the installation is
  • Whether a gas line is available or needs to be run
  • Ditto for an exhaust vent
  • How many units are installed – cost per unit drops slightly with more than one installed

Expect your installation estimate for the boiler, including all supplies, to range from $800 to $3,000.

How to Get the Best Navien Boiler Prices

If you get the boiler and installation from a Navien authorized seller, make sure they are experienced and have a track record of good installs and responsive customer service. Otherwise, money spent on cheap installation will be lost in poor performance of the boiler.

  • Get estimates from several sellers – We make this easy by putting you in touch with 3 prescreened, experienced installers, and the service is free with no obligation. Click here to try it.
  • Check for rebates for the installation of Energy Star equipment – this link shows you how.
  • Negotiate your best deal with the qualified contractor you select. Here’s our Guide to Negotiating with HVAC Dealers.

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