High Efficiency Furnace Cost Savings Calculator – Find the Best AFUE For Your Furnace/Boiler

It’s super-easy and customizable.

  1. Enter home size.

Click the Home Size box, and input the number of square feet you heat.

  1. Enter the efficiency rating of your old furnace.

If you don’t know, try searching the model number or serial number online. An HVAC technician who has “been around” a while should be able to give you an accurate estimate too.

  1. Enter the efficiency of the furnace you’re considering

Change that number to see how savings goes up or down as AFUE rises or falls. For example, if you’re considering upgrading from an 80% furnace to a 96%, see what your additional cost savings would be with a 96% furnace.

  1. Set your State

This is done in the line that begins, “Based on [    ] per CCF…”

Click on US Average and select your state. You might have to scroll down to do so. Our databases automatically adjust for this step and the next for customized information for where you live.

  1. Set your city or one nearby

This is done in the last line. Click on US Average and click on the nearest large city to you.

AFUE Savings Calculator

Home Size:   sf

Efficiency of Current Furnace:

Enter Rating

Your Current Furnace
Consumes Around
In Natural Gas Per Year

Efficiency of New Furnace:

Enter Rating

Your New Furnace
Consume Around
In Natural Gas Per Year

Savings Per Year
5-Year Savings
10-Year Savings
15-Year Savings

Based on per CCF for (updated in June 2018).

Based on CCF/year for space heating, which is typical for (by the ESC in 2018).

AFUE Savings Calculator

Don’t Overpay for a New Furnace

There are two dangers when getting furnace quotes.

First, you’ll get price-gouging estimates from companies with more business than they can handle. They’ll mark up their rates by 50% to 100%, and if you accept the bid, they will install your furnace while another homeowner gets pushed down the list.

Secondly, you’ll get low-ball offers by unqualified installers that might cut corners including those make a furnace and venting safe. You’ll overpay in the end due to the furnace failing before it should.

The best way to get a furnace and expert installation is to request estimates from several companies. To make the process quick and convenient for you, we’ve developed this Free Local Estimate tool with our partner Networx.

It filters out companies too busy to provide a fair price and those that don’t have proper qualifications, a license or insurance.

Before you begin talking with furnace installers, you might enjoy our guide called Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealers. The strategies discussed have proven effective in helping consumers get a fair price from an experienced and qualified furnace professional.

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Rene has worked 10 years in the HVAC field and now is the Senior Comfort Specialist for PICKHVAC. He holds an HVAC associate degree and EPA & R-410A Certifications.
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