Day and Night Gas Furnace Reviews and Prices 2023

This is a comprehensive review of Day & Night furnaces. It includes furnace models, efficiency ratings, features and actual prices paid by other homeowners.

Furnace prices are listed by model and size. We occasionally use the alternate Day and Night spelling in this guide to help readers find the information in searches.

If you’d like to learn the basics of choosing a furnace, our Gas Furnace Buying Guide is a great resource. It ranks at or near the top in most searches because of the valuable help it is to homeowners. Information includes furnace cost factors, choosing the best furnace for your climate and indoor comfort needs, brand ratings and prices.

We’ve done gas furnace reviews like this one for all major brands and small brands too. A list of gas furnace brand reviews with links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Day & Night Furnace Features

None of the technology in Day & Night furnaces is unique to this brand. This is partially true because this brand, Heil and several others are identical, all part of International Comfort Products (ICP).

Now to the features:

Staged Heating

Two-stage and variable-capacity furnaces adjust the amount of heat they produce.

Your options are:

  • Affordable single-stage furnaces in 80% and 90%-plus models that run at full capacity. The disadvantages are slight temperature swings, louder operation, and less humidity control.
  • Two-stage furnaces are moderately priced and available in 80% and 90%-plus models too. Stage 1 is about 65% of capacity. The better units have variable-speed blowers. With the higher cost comes quieter operation and better climate control.
  • Variable-capacity furnaces are the top of the line, most efficient and the most expensive. Day & Night still calls them modulating furnaces, but the term variable-capacity is now more common.

Variable capacity gas/burner assemblies adjust in tiny increments from 40% to 100% for even heating. All models have variable-speed blowers. Along with higher costs and potential higher repair bills due to the complex technology.

Observer Communicating Technology

All brands make communicating technology. It is an option on top models. You can also run the furnaces with a standard thermostat as non-communicating furnaces.

An advanced, costly thermostat is required for communicating performance. Rather than communication being just one way – from the thermostat to the furnace – communicating furnaces give feedback, the two-way communication provides more precise heating. Comfort and efficiency are slightly improved. Models G9MAE, G9MVE and G8MVL offer Observer as an option.

There are several negatives. Equipment prices are higher without a good return on investment. A failure in the communicating software, a nagging issue in the industry, can prevent a system from operating.

Our Guide to Communicating vs Non-communicating Systems explains the technology, its pros and cons. If you want a quick answer, we do not recommend communicating technology.

Every brand touts their communicating systems, so we want readers to know both sides.

Dual Fuel Models

Duel fuel furnaces work in a system with a heat pump. The furnace, since it is less efficient, runs only when outside temperatures are below freezing. The heat pump is sufficient at other times. As you’d expect, these systems are designed for the coldest climates.

All Day & Night gas furnaces can be used in dual fuel systems.

Full Furnace Replacement Warranty

While not a feature, this is one of the best things about Day & Night and other ICP brands. It’s called the No Hassle Replacement warranty.

If the heat exchanger of your furnace fails during the No Hassle period, Day & Night will replace the entire furnace. The warranty is 10 years on two models, 5 years on one model and 1 year on two models.

It’s rare for a heat exchanger to fail in the first 5 years, but a 10-year No Hassle Replacement warranty might be put to use.

In general, Day and Night furnace warranties are in the top tier for all brands with Goodman and Amana being comparable.

Can’t find Day & Night Where You Live?

This brand isn’t available nationwide. If it’s not in your area, look for a dealer selling one of the other ICP brands: Heil, Tempstar, Keeprite, Arcoaire and Comfortmaker. The furnaces are identical.

ICP is owned by United Technologies, the parent company of Carrier and Bryant. As a result, there is significant overlap with those brands too.

Buying tip: This single tip saves homeowners $300 to $1,000 or more every day.

Cost-conscious homeowners that like the Carrier or Bryant brand should also get an estimate on a Day & Night furnace. Many heating and AC companies sell both brands. The savings might be 20% or more, even though the furnaces are identical in all but name.

The reason for lower pricing on the same equipment is that some consumers refuse to consider Carrier or Bryant because they have a reputation for the high cost. They have earned that reputation!

By pricing Day & Night lower, UTC has the chance to sell equipment, though at less margin, that they could not sell at a higher price under Carrier or Bryant brand names.

Model Analysis and Recommendations

We list only the model numbers below. Day & Night also categorizes its furnaces in three series: Constant Comfort Deluxe (Best – 4 models), Constant Comfort (Mid-level, 2 models) and Performance (Entry-level, 4 models). Here’s the complete list from the Day & Night site.

Confusion alert. Remember we said Day & Night models overlap with Carrier? They use similar series names too, but:

  • Day & Night Constant Comfort Series = Carrier Performance Series.
  • Day & Night Performance Series = Carrier Comfort Series.

We don’t know the reason for the name switcheroo. So, we skip those names and use the model numbers.

This table summarizes all models. We create similar tables for all brands, so quick comparisons are easy.

ModelAFUEBlowerStagesNo Hassle
G9MAE0.98VariableVariable10 years
G9MVE0.96VariableTwo-stage10 years
G9MXT0.96MultispeedTwo-stage5 years
G9MXE0.96MultispeedSingle-stage1 year
G8MVL0.8VariableTwo-stage10 years
G8MTL0.8MultispeedTwo-stage5 years

All furnaces are equipped at the factory to run on natural gas (NG). The gas valve on any furnace can be changed to burn propane (LP). The conversion kit costs $35 to $45 and can be added during installation of the furnace.

The Right Furnace for your Climate

If you’re looking for the best balance between upfront furnace cost and the cost of operating it, then match the model to your climate.

ZoneSuggested AFUECost-effective models
1 & 2 (Hot)0.8G8MVL, G8MTL
3 (Warm)0.8N8MXL, N8MSN
4 (Moderate)0.92N9MSB
5 (Cool)92% or 95%N9MSB, N9MSE
6 (Cold)95% or 96%N9MSE, G9MXE, G9MXT, G9MVE
7 (Very cold)96% or 98%G9MXE, G9MXT, G9MVE, G9MAE

Buying tip: A few years ago, Energy Star furnaces qualified for a federal tax credit expired December 31, 2017.

However, many energy companies, local and state governments offer rebates, credits and affordable loans for the installation of efficient HVAC equipment. They can be searched at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

To use the database, type in your zip code. Then, use the Filters option: Technology>Energy Efficiency>HVAC>Furnaces and then Apply at the bottom of the list.

Filtered programs in your area will be shown, and you can review them for those you might qualify for.

Day & Night Furnace Prices by Model

Most Day and Night furnace models are made in sizes from about 40,000 to about 120,000 BTUs. For this comparison, we’ll choose the models closest to 80,000 BTUs.

ModelFurnace OnlyInstalled CostAFUE

*Note: Installed Cost uses the average installation cost of $1750. It can be lower or higher based on the complexity of the installation project.

Day & Night Furnace Prices by Size

Another way to price furnaces is by their capacity. We’re using the G9MXE 96% single-stage model since it is one of the most popular in the lineup and it represents the middle of the price spectrum. It is sold in 6 sizes: 40K, 60K, 80K, 100K and 120K BTUs.

Two-stage furnaces, especially more efficient models, cost more. Less-efficient single-stage models cost less.

Day & Night Furnace SizeAve Home SizeInstalled Cost
40,000 BTU600-1000 sf$1,150
60,000 BTU1000-1400 sf$1,330
80,000 BTU1400-1800 sf$1,495
100,000 BTU1800-2300 sf$1,735
120,000 BTU2300-2800 sf$1,950

How to Find a Good Day & Night Contractor

There’s a long way and a short way.

Two to three weeks: Start by making a list of recommended installers. Ask friends and family for names of companies they had a good experience using. Research each company online. Check their website for installer credentials. Read online reviews at Google and Yelp. Check the BBB rating for the company.

Narrow the list to 3 or 4 companies to contact. Check websites and contact each for an appointment. Ask questions about the experience of those who will install the furnace. Check their license and insurance documents. Get and compare written estimates. Select a contractor, and sign a contract for a new furnace.

A few days: If time is tight or you don’t want the hassle of the “long way,” our free local quote service is available. You make a quick call or fill out a short form, which you can review by clicking a Free Local Quote tab.

Then, you receive written estimates from several of the top installers in your area. They are always pre-screened to be sure they are licensed, insured and experienced. Plus, each company is aware it must provide a competitive estimate to be considered.

You’re free to do additional research on the companies, if you choose. The service is free, and you’re not obligated to accept any of the bids.

Get the Best Price on a Day and Night Furnace

It starts with getting estimates from several companies that know they are competing for your furnace job.

However, we don’t suggest you automatically take the low bid, especially if working with companies outside our referral partners. Sometimes the “low-ball” offer comes from a company that has a bad reputation, is new and needs the work or plans to cut corners. Proper installation is vital to the performance, efficiency and durability of your furnace.

Our guide Homeowner Tactics when Negotiating with HVAC Dealers offers helpful tips too.

And be sure to check with your utility company and the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. The dealer you select will know of any rebates currently being offered by Day & Night or whatever brand you select.

If you have a comment or question, or would like to submit a cost for a furnace you had installed, please join the conversation! If this Day and Night Gas Furnace Guide has provided useful information, we would appreciate you for sharing it using our social media buttons.

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