Convert EER To COP & COP To EER (Calculator + Table)

Converting EER to COP and COP to EER are straightforward calculations.

This Convert EER to COP and Convert COP to EER Guide includes easy-to-use calculators and conversion charts already completed for you.

Convert EER to COP

EER, or Energy Efficient Ratio, and COP, or Coefficient of Performance, are both used of geothermal heat pumps and other air conditioning equipment.

To convert EER to COP, divide EER by 3.41. That is the formula we used when designing our EER to COP calculator. Here it is. Give it a try with your equipment’s EER!

EER To COP Calculator

Convert EER To COP

The EER to COP Conversion Chart below lists the conversion of common EER ratings to COP.

EER Rating

COP Value


2.35 COP


2.64 COP

10 EER

2.93 COP

11 EER

3.23 COP

12 EER

3.52 COP

13 EER

3.81 COP

14 EER

4.11 COP

Convert COP to EER

If you know the coefficient of performance but want to know the EER for comparing the unit to other models, reverse your calculation.

To convert COP to EER, multiply the coefficient of performance by 3.41.

The good news is that most product pages list both the EER and the COP of an air conditioner or heat pump. This is also true of the Energy Star 2020 Most Efficient Heat Pump listings found here.

Plug in your equipment’s COP, and our COP to EER calculator does the rest.

And we’ve already done the work for common COP to EER Conversion Chart.

COP To EER Calculator

Convert COP To EER

And we’ve already done the work for common COP to EER Conversion Chart.

COP Value

EER Rating

2.0 COP

6.82 EER

2.5 COP

8.53 EER

3.0 COP

10.23 EER

3.5 COP

11.94 EER

4.0 COP

13.64 EER

4.5 COP

15.35 EER

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