Weight of Full & Empty Propane Tank (20-1000 lb Tank)

Propane tank weights empty and full start at 1.3 pounds empty and 2.3 pounds full up to 215 pounds empty and 555 pounds full for sizes from 1 pound to 100 gallons. 

How much does a full propane tank weigh? They can weigh as much as 5,000lbs full!

This page publishes complete charts for propane tank empty and full weights for 1 to 100 pound tanks and 5 to 1,000 gallon tanks.

It answers two key questions for propane tank weights:

  • How much does an empty propane tank weigh?
  • How much does a full propane tank weigh?

See the propane tank weight chart below – there are two, actually. The first is for tanks from 1 to 100 pounds.

The second chart is for propane tanks from 5 to 1000 gallons.

Propane Tank Empty Weight – How to Find It

The weight of a propane tank when empty is the tare weight, which is abbreviated TW. That is important to know, because the TW or weight of the tank is stamped on the tank’s steel collar.

Propane Tank Weight Chart – 1 to 100 Pounds

This propane tank weight chart shows the weight of the tanks plus the weight of the propane for a total weight. 

1-100 Lb Propane Tank Weight Chart

Propane Tank SizeWeight Of Empty Propane Tank (Average for Steel)Weight Of Full Propane Tank
1 lbs1.3 lbs2.3 lbs
5 lbs10 lbs15 lbs
15 lbs15 lbs30 lbs
20 lbs18 lbs38 lbs
30 lbs25 lbs55 lbs
40 lbs32 lbs72 lbs
50 lbs42 lbs92 lbs
60 lbs46 lbs106 lbs
100 lbs70 lbs170 lbs

How much does a full 20 lb propane tank weigh?

A 20 pound propane tank weighs 16-18 pounds empty and 36 to 38 pounds when full.

What is the weight of full 40 lb propane tank?

A full 40 pound propane tank weighs 72 pounds.

How much does a 100lb propane tank weigh?

A 100lb propane tank weighs 70lbs empty and 170lbs when full.

How much does a 30 lb propane tank weigh?          

A 30 lb propane tank weighs 25lbs empty and 55lbs full.          

The tare weight of steel tanks varies by manufacturer. For example, we regularly find 20lb propane tanks with TW stampings of 16.6 to 18.0 pounds. Note these images taken of 20lb propane tanks.

Where do we get our tank weights? We use tank weights supplied by one of the leading manufacturers of propane tanks – Manchester Tank USA. As noted, your tank might be a different weight. They vary across the industry by about 5%.

How do you determine the total weight of a propane tank? For tanks measured in pounds, as in the chart above, the math is simple: Add the number of pounds of propane the tank can hold, and you have the total weight when it is full.

Isn’t there something about only filling a tank 80% full? Yes, but that applies to tanks that are listed by the gallon. A 100 gallon tank, for example, should only be filled to 80% or a maximum of 80 gallons. More on that later – but for now, understand that it does not apply to tanks measured by pounds.

A 20 pound tank is designed to hold 20 pounds of propane, and so forth. By the way, another short-hand for pounds is #. A 30# tank holds 30 pounds or 30lbs of propane.

How much propane is left in my tank?

Weigh the tank, and subtract the TW or tare weight. A 20lb tank that weighs 32 pounds and has a TW of 17 has 15 pounds of propane in it: 32-17=15.

Propane Tank Weight Chart – 5 to 1,000 Pounds

OK, now we look at tanks measured in gallons.

The 80% rule applies here.

Reminder: Tare Weight, or TW stamped on the tank, varies by manufacturer. We use the averages for the industry. See the TW stamp on your tank for the exact weight. 

5-1000 Gallons Propane Tank Weight Chart

Propane Tank SizeWeight Of Empty Propane TankWeight Of Full Propane Tank
5 gallon15 lbs32 lbs
20 gallon50 lbs118 lbs
100 gallon215 lbs555 lbs
120 gallon260 lbs668 lbs
150 gallon315 lbs825 lbs
250 gallon485 lbs1335 lbs
325 gallon600 lbs1705 lbs
330 gallon610 lbs1732 lbs
500 gallon950 lbs2650 lbs
1000 gallon1760 lbs5160 lbs

How much does a 500 gallon propane tank weigh?

A 500 gallon propane tank weighs 950 pounds empty and 2,650 pounds full.

How much does a 250 gallon propane tank weigh?

A 250 gallon propane tank weighs 485 pounds empty and 1,335 pounds when filled with propane.

What is the weight of 1000 gallon propane tank?

The weight of a 1000 gallon propane tank is 1,760 pounds empty and 5,160 pounds when full. 

How do you calculate the full weight of a propane tank? 

Here’s how you do the math – which we have done for you in the chart below:

Tank size x 0.80 (max capacity) x 4.25 (propane weight per pound) + empty tank weight = total tank weight

Are you getting cheated by your propane seller?

You might be. If you think those propane tank exchange places are giving you a full tank, you might want this information. First, many of them list a “Minimum” fill number well below 20 pounds.

When this guy tested a few 20lb propane tanks at the exchange location, they were all well below 20 pounds. Note, you’re paying for 20 gallons, and they promise a minimum of 15lbs. And some were below the “Minimum” advertised.

When you bring home your exchange tank, weigh it. Then subtract the TW (tare weight, or tank weight stamped on the tank’s collar). That’s how much propane you got in your “20lb” tank when you paid for 20 pounds worth of propane. 

How widespread is the cheating?

Apparently it is pretty common. In fact, as one example, a pair of the largest propane tank exchange companies, Amerigas and Blue Rhino, were hit with a class action lawsuit over conspiring to reduce the amount of propane in 20lbs tanks at exchange locations from 17lbs to 15lbs.

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