Best 7 Outdoor Wood Furnaces Reviews 2024

Here’s a look at the best wood furnaces available today. We chose 7 models that are efficient and durable. Some of them have been mentioned in our outdoor wood furnace reviews, and we’ve included links to those reviews.

You can also find useful, comprehensive information in our Outdoor Wood Furnace buying guide.

Here are the best outdoor wood furnaces:

  • #1 Crown Royal Pristine Gasification Series
  • #2 HeatMaster SS G Series
  • #3 Central Boiler Classic Edge Titanium HD Series
  • #4 Polar Furnace G-Class
  • #5 Heatmor X Series
  • #6 Hawken Energy Greenhawk
  • #7 Mahoning Skye Series V

All these furnaces meet 2015 EPA emissions standards for residential use.

See the summary table below for a quick comparison of the best outdoor wood furnaces.

Top Wood Furnaces

Here’s an overview of the outdoor wood furnaces in the list above.

#1 Crown Royal Pristine Gasification Series

This very efficient stove is built with 409 stainless steel produced in the United States. Not all foreign-made 409 stainless has the strength and integrity of material manufactured here.

We estimate that the gasification process burns 35% to 50% less wood than conventional wood stoves. Crown Royal claims the figure is 60%. To achieve high-efficiency numbers, the wood must be properly seasoned. Here is more information on wood gasification from our buyer’s guide.

#2 HeatMaster SS G Series

This is another furnace built with 409 stainless steel. It is also packed with user-friendly features.

The G Series furnaces are gasifiers, so will reduce wood consumption significantly. They are backed by a lifetime warranty that is prorated. It reaches 10% coverage after 20 years and remains at that level for life.

#3 Central Boiler Classic Edge Titanium HD Series

409 stainless steel is iron enhanced with titanium for strength. Central Boiler uses it in several series including it’s full-featured Classic Edge Titanium HD furnaces.

The corrosion-free material in the firebox and other key components offers outstanding longevity.

#4 Polar Furnace G-Class

This highly rated furnace uses a secondary combustion chamber called Vor-Tech to achieve the burning of smoke and other gases that would otherwise be lost out the flue. The gasification process that Polar calls “all fire, no smoke” dramatically increases efficiency. Polar Furnace claims the efficiency is 99.5%. See the Vor-Tech chamber and how it works in this video.

Polar Furnace has designed the patent-pending Connect-EZ system to simplify installation for DIY homeowners. This cuts the time and cost of pro installation too. Connect-EZ includes a boiler recirculation pump, protection valve and manifolds with multiple ports for connecting to your home, outbuilding, pool, etc.

#5 Heatmor X Series

Also hyphenated as X-Series, there are two furnaces in the line. They’re built with robust gauges of 409 stainless to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the furnace.

Heatmor, like other leading brands and top lines, backs the X Series with a lifetime warranty that is not prorated for the first 5 years. It’s then prorated through year 20 and then remains at 10% for life.

These are NOT gasification boilers, but they do meet EPA emissions standards. Many homeowners and wood furnace dealers prefer conventional furnaces vs. gasification wood furnaces. There are fewer moving parts, so less can go wrong with conventional furnaces. And they burn poorly seasoned wood more efficiently.

#6 Hawken Energy Greenhawk

This Michigan company builds several series, and the Greenhawk is the EPA-qualified line. It includes the GX Series “Afterburner Technology.” This is Hawken’s gasification technology that makes the furnace more efficient when burning seasoned firewood.

Hawken offers a 15-year limited warranty. It is prorated, but coverage levels don’t drop as quickly as they do for other manufacturers of outdoor wood boilers. Extended warranties are available at significant cost — $999 for 5 years and $1,699 for 10 years. We recommend saving the money to put toward a new furnace when the time comes.

The Greenhawk and other Hawken furnaces are constructed with A36 structural carbon steel. This means they’re more susceptible to corrosion, but treating the water with the recommended product will reduce risk. Greenhawk claims the structural steel has two times the heat transfer capabilities as stainless, so will use half the wood to create the same amount of heat. That’s an exaggeration.

#7 Mahoning Skye Series V

These EPA outdoor wood stoves use a brick refractory firebox to prevent burn-throughs that are possible with steel. It’s easier and less costly to replace/rebuild a refractory firebox compared with steel of any kind. In fact, when the firebox is steel and it fails, it typically is the end of the furnace’s life.

The tank/water jacket is stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

The Mahoning Skye Series V uses both primary and secondary “gasification” combustion to boost efficiency and meet the EPA standards.

Compare at a Glance

Here are the all the series, the size range and the cost range for all models. The cost is the installed cost. Installation can range from $600 or slightly less for simple hookup to an indoor system to more than $2,500 for complex installation to several points of use.

ModelBTU RangeCost Range
Crown Royal Pristine125K-390K$9,100-$15,000
HeatMaster SS G120K-340K$8,800-$17,300
Central Boiler Classic Edge170K-240K$8,800-$15,000
Polar Furnace G-Class160K-200K$8,600-$13,500
Heatmor X200K-280K$9,900-$14,600
Hawken Energy Greenhawk43K-117K$8,300-$11,800
Mahoning Skye Series V110K only$9,500-$11,300

Your Experience

If you’ve used any of these furnaces, please share your review with PickHVAC, and we’ll publish it for the benefit of other readers. Include the make and model, size and price. Then let us know what you think including pros and cons.

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