Standard Height of A Fireplace Mantel

The standard height of a fireplace mantel is 52-56 inches from the ground.

This standard is for an average ceiling height of 9 feet. Depending on your ceiling height, the standard height of a fireplace mantel is 42” to 74”.

Below you can find the standard mantel height for ceilings ranging from 8 – 20 feet, as well as information about other factors that affect mantel height, such as the height of a fireplace mantel with a tv above. 

Standard Mantel Height Chart

The following chart provides the standard mantel height for ceilings ranging from 8 to 20 feet high. You can use this chart to determine how high your mantel should be based on your ceiling height.

Standard Mantel Height for 8 – 20 ft Ceiling

Ceiling HeightMantel Height
8 ft42” – 45”
9 ft52” – 56”
10 ft58” – 63”
12 ft64” – 66”
20 ft70” – 74”

Average Fireplace Mantel Height

Average Fireplace Mantel Height

The average fireplace mantel height is 54” or 4.5 feet. This is based on the average ceiling height, which is 9 feet. If you have a 9-foot ceiling and hang the mantel at 54 inches, it will be in the exact middle between the floor and ceiling, leaving 4.5 feet above the mantel for decor or a TV. 

Minimum Height of Mantel Over Fireplace

The “minimum height mantel over fireplace” is 12 inches, plus one inch for every inch that the fireplace protrudes from the wall. For example, a fireplace that protrudes 4” from the wall will need a mantel that is at least 16” above the fireplace (12 inches + 4 inches).

An electric fireplace poses very little threat of catching a mantel on fire, so this is the safest kind of fireplace for a mantel with the minimum height requirement of 12 inches. 

A gas fireplace has a slightly higher risk, while a wood burning fireplace has the highest fire risk of all. Keep in mind what type of fireplace you have when deciding where to hang the mantel. 

Mantel Height Above Wood Burning Fireplace

A mantel needs to be at least 12 inches above the wood burning fireplace to avoid fire risk, with an additional inch required for every inch the fireplace protrudes from the wall. 

However, experts recommend leaving more space above the fireplace than the minimum requirement of 12 inches. This is because most mantels are made of combustible materials like wood, and the likelihood of something nearby catching on fire is much higher with wood burning fireplaces. 

It is best to keep a nice distance between the fire and the mantel! 

Fireplace Mantel Height With TV Above

A TV should be hung at least 4” – 12” above the mantel. If your mantel is shorter than average (48” or less above the floor), the TV should be closer to 12” above it to give plenty of clearance from the fireplace. If your mantel is an average height of 48” or taller, the TV should be hung closer to the top of the mantel, between 4” and 6” above it.

It is not recommended by television manufacturers to hang your TV above the fireplace at all, due to the possibility of heat and smoke damaging the electronics. However, if you make sure to give plenty of space between the firebox and TV, you will keep your home safe from TV-related fire danger. 


What is the average mantel height?

The average height for a fireplace mantel is 54 inches (4.5 feet). 

How high should a mantel be with 8 foot ceilings?

For an 8 foot ceiling, a mantel should be between 42” and 45” from the ground. 

How close can a mantel be to the fireplace?

A fireplace mantel must be at least 12 inches above the firebox. 

What height to hang a TV above the mantel?

The TV should be hung between 4 and 12 inches above the fireplace mantel.

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