Best Oil filled Space Heater Reviews and Guide 2022

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Looking for the best oil-filled heater for you house? Now you’ve come to the right place.

Oil filled heaters can be a wonderful way to save energy when keeping your home nice and warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Oil filled space heaters can be used alongside existing heaters or used as a replacement for other forms of heating which may not be economical.

Many homes are running off of quite archaic systems of heating, which can be expensive and burn a lot more energy than they need to. Modern technology has continued to make heaters far more efficient. So whether you are heating an outbuilding or garage, or want to replace all of the heating in your home, these heaters can be a very wise purchase.

Due to the fact that there is such a big variation in the quality of these products, and that some are more economical than others, it is worth looking through oil filled heater reviews and educating yourself on the subject before making a purchase. The right heater can save you money in the long run, but purchase the wrong heater you may end up with another expensive inconvenience.

4 Best Oil Filled Space Heaters


DeLonghi EW7707CM

  • 1500W
  • thermostat with 3 heat settings
  • Safe Heat & Energy Saving Features

Editor’s Pick

COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator 

  • 700W
  • overheating & tip-over protection
  • No Longer Refilling


  • 900W/1500W
  • 5 Heat Settings
  • programmable timer and remote control

DeLonghi KH390715CM

  • 1500W
  • Overheating Protection
  • Thermostat with 3 Heat Settings

Reviews of the Best Oil Filled Space Heater

#1 DeLonghi EW7707CM Safe Heat 1500W ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

DeLonghi manufactures all sorts of different household appliances and products, and their offerings for oil-filled heaters are impressive.

This is possibly the best option for rooms which are slightly larger, as 1500 watts is plenty of power for a single heater. This heater is great at providing a consistent level of heat for your room and is very economical.

The EW7707CM is one of the quietest heaters you could wish for, even when it is churning out high levels of heat it won’t disturb you or stop you from getting to sleep.

The clever design of the heater utilizes steel and a very hard-wearing and leak-proof reservoir to ensure that you don’t have to make any repairs and that the product has the potential to last many years.

One wonderful feature from an economic standpoint is the ‘ComforTemp’ system implemented by DeLonghi. This allows you to set a temperature you are happy with and it will tick along at this temperature for as long as you want. This means it doesn’t overheat the room and result in any energy wastage.

The thermostat has three different settings for heat, which is okay for a portable model, but not quite as good as some of the other, larger oil filled heaters on the market.

All these excellent features are also combined with the fact that this is totally portable, with wheels which snap down into place to allow you to quickly and easily move the heater. This has many benefits, from being able to move it around your garage depending on where you are working to even taking the heater to your bedroom with you when it is time to sleep!

DeLonghi has taken its safety responsibilities seriously too, it has a heat-safe design which means it won’t overheat, and it has also got anti-freeze pipes meaning it won’t break if it is stored somewhere cold.

All-in-all, the EW7707CM is a very good option if you need something with a fair amount of power, but which is also easy to move from room to room.

Things We Like

  • ComforTemp technology 
  • Portable, with easy-to-use wheels
  • Robust and well-built

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not as many heat settings as some of the competitors

#2 COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater Mini Portable Thermostat

The Costway Radiator is similar to the DeLonghi EW7707CM in the fact that it is affordable and portable. This comes in at well under the $100 mark, and is available in two different sizes, offering either 700W or 1500W of power depending on which size model you purchase.

The 700W model is remarkably small at just 14 inches, and surprisingly gives off a good level of heat for most small to medium-sized rooms. This heater works incredibly quickly and though it doesn’t have wheels to move it, it is designed to be portable, with handles for easily moving it from one room to another. It is very light so moving is not an issue, just beware that it will be hot to touch.

Safety features guarantee an immediate shut-off if, for any reason it becomes too hot, and the oil is permanently sealed so there is no risk of leakage.

The thermostat gives you control over how much heat you require and it works very quietly, so as long as your room isn’t too huge this will sit in a small space and efficiently heat it with no fuss.

This may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the top products, but we wanted to include a well-reviewed option for anyone looking for a mini oil filled radiator heater.

Things We Like

  • Very small and easily portable
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Built in Thermostat
  • Available in a 700W or 1500W model
  • Automatic shut off

Things We Don’t Like

  • No economy setting
  • 700W model may struggle with large rooms

#3 PELONIS NY1507-14A Digital Radiator Heater with Remote Control

On to a product from another lesser-known brand, Pelonis, whose NY1507-14A heater provides lots of very smart options for your heating needs, giving far more control over heat settings and more than many of its competitors.

Working off a standard 120V home output, this does require electricity to start up, but it doesn’t actually run off electricity for generating heat.

It offers a quiet option and also has a lot of safety features including over-heat protection, power indication and even a safety shut off if the product should, for any reason, get knocked over.

What sets the Pelonis NY1507-14A apart is the number of different settings which mean you have control over heat level and economy when using this heater. There are three different heat settings, 1500W, 900W and ‘eco’ mode. As well as this, there are five temperature settings meaning you can choose between 65, 70, 75, 80 and 85 degrees F, depending on your preference.

This is another example of a portable heater, which is a big plus point for many users. It has four wheels which are easy to pop out and take your heater to wherever it needs to be.

The power cord easily stows away, and cleaning is easily done by using a damp cloth once the heater is cool.

The build quality is clear to see, and the extra LCD screen and remote control are nice added touches. The remote control allows you to:

  • Turn your heater on and off
  • Choose the heat setting you desired
  • Set a timer for the heater coming on
  • Increase and decrease the temperature

The controls couldn’t be much simpler, so whoever is using this should have no problems getting to grips with the controls, even if they’re a complete technophobe.

The oil efficiency is good, and the product even has a one year warranty. If you don’t mind an oil-filled heater which needs a power supply too, this could be a very good option.

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Things We Like

  • Five different heat settings
  • Remote control
  • Eco mode for greater efficiency
  • LCD screen for simple navigation
  • One year warranty

Things We Don’t Like

  • More expensive than some of the other options

#4 DeLonghi KH390715CM Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Heater

Another option from DeLonghi, who have a huge amount of oil-filled heaters on the market compared to other brands. Some have mixed reviews and have not quite made it onto our list of ‘best’ space heaters, but the KH390715CM has a lot of quality and modern features, so we recommend it to anyone heating medium to large rooms.

Like some of the other DeLonghi heaters, this has the ‘ComforTemp’ technology which makes sure you are not paying more than you have to for energy by staying at a stable level of heat. There are three heat settings to allow you to choose exactly how much heat you need.

This model also features DeLonghi’s pop-out wheels, allowing you to easily transport it around the house.

As the oil in this heater is permanently sealed in, you won’t ever have to refill it yourself which can be a difficult and sometimes messy job.

This is another reliable product from a prolific brand in the world of heating. Their safety features, combined with the fact that this can easily heat medium to large sized rooms on its own, mean it is a very popular model.

Things We Like

  • ComforTemp technology ensures an even level of heat and good economy
  • Easily wheeled around your home

Things We Don’t Like

  • Could have more heat settings

Things to Look For In an Oil Filled Space Heater

As with any product around the house, there are certain criteria which make a good oil-filled radiator heater. This is definitely a market where not all products have been created equal. There are some heaters out there with pretty average reviews. So what criteria have we based our reviews and recommendations on? What do you need to look for and understand before buying?

  • Heat generated. The heat generated by any type of space heater, whether it runs on oil or electric, is measured in BTUs. For the purposes of simplification, we have based our reviews on the size of the room which can be heated, rather than complicating things with BTUs. Most of the heaters out there have enough power to heat medium to large sized rooms. Which you purchase depends on the size you plan to heat.
  • Heating Settings. A heater which simply has one level of heat is only useful in certain situations. Technology has advanced to a point where multiple heat settings should not be hard to incorporate into a product such as this, and most of the best oil filled radiator heaters have at least a few different ‘levels’ of heat. You can adjust based on the coolness of the room and even just your own preference.
  • Economy. The whole reason many people purchase oil-filled heaters is that they can be more economical than other types of heating. They allow you to heat one space rather than your whole home. This is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking at space heaters.
  • Portability. Most oil filled space heaters are designed to be portable. It is one of their great benefits, and the fact that you can move one to the room or area where you don’t end up heating a room nobody is in! Many of the best radiator heaters come with wheels or other methods of getting them from A to B.

Choosing The Right Heater Size and Wattage

The main component which impacts how powerful an oil filled radiator heater tends to be the wattage. Many of the models recommended are between 700W and 1500W. This is pretty standard for these types of products. Though some heaters use their wattage in a more efficient way, meaning they can produce more heat from a lower wattage, it is still the best way to gauge how much power a heater is likely to have.

In order to choose the correct size and power setting of a heater, it is important to understand the space or spaces in which it will be used. If you plan to move your heater from room to room then it is vital that you have enough power for the largest of these rooms.

Generally speaking, 700W heaters will be suitable for small to medium rooms. 1000W is about the right setting for medium-sized rooms and 1500W can heat large rooms. Of course, if you have 1500W of power, you can still heat smaller spaces but will just need to alter the settings. If you have a larger space to hea like garage, you should think about other options like propane heaters.

The measure of heat used by commercial space heaters is BTUs. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat is being produced per hour. Understanding this is not completely necessary in order to make the right choice.

How Does An Oil-filled Heater Work?

It is critical to understand the fact that oil-filled heaters do not burn oil to generate heat. We’ve already mentioned this, but it is worth stressing to ensure people don’t think they are going to have to replace the oil or have a reliance on fuel. The only oil used is what is in the product when you purchase it, and the same oil will be in the heater for its whole lifespan.

So why is there oil in the heater in the first place? The point of using oil is that it makes it far more efficient to heat and retain heat within the heater. The high boiling point of oil means it can run through the system at a high temperature and help the heating element gain heat efficiently.

Oil Filled Heaters Vs. Other Types of Heaters

Oil Filled heaters are very well regarded, and some people ignore them as an option simply because they do not understand the principle. Oil is not used in the way you might think. It is not burned to produce the heat, instead, oil simply makes the heaters work far more efficiently.

Oil allows the heater to retain its heat with far better effectiveness. This means that the energy required to use the heater is far lower, and in turn means that you should save money. Of course, this does mean that the heater requires another form of power, usually in the form of electricity.

Most modern oil heaters do not ever require refilling. This is because the oil is so tightly sealed that it will not leak, and therefore you never need to put any additional oil in the system.

It can be easy to assume that the oil within makes these products a problem for the environment, but the fact that the oil is not burned to produce power or heat means that these products are surprisingly sustainable and very low maintenance.

Electric Space Heaters Vs. Oil Filled Space Heaters

The argument of electric space heater vs. oil filled space heater really just boils down to which products individually offer more, as both will usually require some form of electricity. The main difference is the way this heat is retained and distributed, with most agreeing that oil heaters do so more economically.

Oil Filled Heaters Vs. Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters make use of convection heating, and though this means they can heat up and cool down very quickly, it also means they are less economical and hard to keep at a steady heat. Ceramic heaters are popular for spot heating purposes, but to heat a whole room then an oil filled heater will probably be the better option.

Oil-filled heaters are also improvements on some of the older heating technologies including electric baseboards. There is some debate on whether it is better than having a central heating system, which is generally quite efficient, but if you only need to heat one room then a heating system for your whole house will lead to wasted energy.

Safety of Oil Filled Radiator Heaters

Though there is a small element of risk with any type of radiator heater, oil filled products are actually among the safest.

Most of the oil filled heaters on the market will come with some safety features inbuilt. These often include functions to shut the power off if the heater is tipped over for any reason, and another automatic shut off if it should overheat.

There is nothing to fear about the safety of oil-filled heaters, it is simply a case of following the manufacturer’s instructions and not doing anything that could be risky. The heaters themselves have to be strictly tested before being made available to purchase.

Is An Oil-Filled Heater Best For You?

Oil-filled heaters can be a wise choice in a few different scenarios. Only you will know exactly what you require, and the space which you will be heating. Space heaters are very good for:

  • People in smaller houses who don’t use central heating. Oil filled radiator heaters can run just using electricity and create plenty of heat for a small apartment or a studio, for instance.
  • People who don’t need to heat all of their home at once. Some heating systems will only allow you to have it on everywhere or off everywhere! The heat running to the system will be a waste of energy if you are heating rooms you’re not spending time in. A portable, oil-filled heater is great for just heating one space.
  • People who need a supplemental heater for space such as an outbuilding or garage which you spend a lot of time in. These often aren’t hooked up to the main heating system of the house.

This is generally true of all the different types of radiator heaters. However, oil heaters are great for those looking for a little extra economy and a heater which can retain heat better. Oil-filled heaters are seen by many as an upgrade on electric heaters.

Because they have the potential to use a relatively small amount of electricity, oil-filled electric heaters can be cheaper to run than other forms of electric space heaters.

Oil-filled heaters are similar in many ways to electric heaters, but their economy modes may use less electricity to heat them as the oil will help to keep the heater at a good temperature. Electricity combined with oil is a wonderfully efficient way of generating heat and is often a big upgrade on forced air heaters which may run off of propane or burn fossil fuels for their heat.

Another benefit is that oil-filled heaters usually just require a standard power supply whereas some other heaters including gas heaters require 240V connections for ignition, which can be awkward if you don’t have the right type of connection.


After reading this post, you may already know that which one is the best oil heater for your house. Limited to one recommendation, we would suggest in most cases that the PELONIS NY1507-14A Digital Radiator Heater is suitable for most people’s needs. It has a good balance of features and value for money. 

The fact that it has five different temperatures and three different power settings give you plenty of choices, and you can heat even large spaces with this heater. Its remote control and portability also make it a good option in terms of convenience.

Any of the heaters on the list may be suitable depending on the size of the rooms you are heating and your budget. Considering the money you could save, oil filled heaters are often a very wise investment, just make sure you only purchase trusted and well-reviewed brands!

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