How Good is Haier Air Conditioner (Reviews 2024)

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is haier air conditioner good

Haier portable and window air conditioners are among the best-selling of any brand. Are Haier ACs any good? Is buying a Haier air conditioner a cost effective choice?

In this article, both Haier portable and window ACs are discussed along with our research and conclusions.

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Haier Reviews are Better than Average

Haier air conditioners, both portable and window ACs, are rated in the top third of all air conditioners.

What does that tell us? Well, let’s put the Haier air conditioner reviews and ratings in context.

1). There are a lot of portable air conditioners and window air conditioners that are very poorly made. It isn’t hard to be “superior” to those brands. Many are brands you probably never heard of.

2). Overall Haier portable and window air conditioner ratings are similar to other top brands such as GE, Della and Whynter.

Haier AC reviews are a little better than LG and Friedrich portable and window air conditioner ratings.

They are not as good as Hisense, Koldfront and Frigidaire window air conditioners and portable air conditioners.

Haier Air Conditioner Review Analysis

There are a couple other issues that are clear to see through an analysis of Haier portable air conditioner ratings and Haier window air conditioner ratings.

1). Haier AC ratings are model-specific. For example, the Haier 14000 13,500 BTU 115V Dual-Hose Portable AC gets good ratings from a high percentage of users leaving reviews across several sites.

Consumers like:

  • Its ability to quickly cool up to about 400 square feet
  • This Haier portable AC dries the air nicely too, and dry air is much more comfortable than “sticky” or “clammy” air
  • It has 3 modes – AC, Dry only and Fan only
  • It is loaded with convenience features like a timer and remote and performance features like multi-level AC and fan settings.

Is this Haier AC cost-effective? It is a little pricey. But here’s the other side – you could buy a cheap portable air conditioner that didn’t cool or dehumidify very well. Buy cheap, and you risk wasting your money.

Bottom line: Because this unit does a good job cooling and dehumidifying, it is a good value. It is cost effective and worth the money.

As an example to show the other side of Haier ACs, the Haier HPC12XCR portable air conditioner gets bad reviews from more than 35% of users. Steer clear of that model.

The reviews say it just doesn’t do a good job of cooling or removing moisture from the air. That’s why it didn’t make our review of the Top Haier Portable Air Conditioners. This Haier air conditioner is not worth the money.

The case is similar with Haier window air conditioners. Some are much better than others. We’ve listed the best Haier window ACs in our Review and Buying Guide.

2). Haier portable air conditioners have better ratings and reviews than window air conditioners.

As you browse our window air conditioner and portable air conditioner reviews for major brands like LG, DeLonghi, Haier, Frigidaire, Friedrich, Hisense and others, you will find that window ACs often are higher rated than the brand’s portable ACs.

But this obviously isn’t always the case. Consumers like Haier portable ACs better than the brand’s window air conditioner models when considered as a group. But again, you have to review each model – compare them head to head – because ratings vary quite a lot.

The Perception Problem with Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners generally have lower customer satisfaction ratings than window air conditioners.

If you spend time researching the two types, you will likely agree with that.

Why? The problem is that portable air conditioners do not cool the space they are often rated to cool. When the cooling coverage is listed at 400 square feet and the unit won’t keep a small bedroom cool, people show their displeasure with poor ratings. It’s a problem the industry brought upon itself.

The US Department of Energy developed a second rating system just for portable ACs. Most product pages should show both. Haier doesn’t always show the new ratings, at least not on all sites where they are sold.

The old system, the ASHRAE ratings, show the absolute cooling potential of a unit. The new SACC ratings consider the fact that portable air conditioners pull warm air into the home when exhausting air out the vent hose. The result is less total cooling.

The two rating systems are explained in greater detail in our Portable Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide.

In short, the SACC ratings are about 50-60% of ASHRAE ratings. The Haier 14000 above has an ASHRAE rating of 13,500 BTUs, enough, supposedly to cool 600 square feet. In reality, it won’t do that. Not even close.

A more accurate rating, the DOE / SACC rating of 7,000 BTUs, means you should expect maybe 300-375 square feet of cooling depending on room conditions.

It’s really more than perception – A window unit with an ASHRAE rating of 14,000 BTUs will cool much more effectively than a portable AC with the same rating.

Research Tip: If you’re looking at a portable AC’s product page and only one BTU rating is given, it is most likely the old ASHRAE rating. Don’t give it any credibility. Expect the real BTU level and the amount of square footage it will serve to be about half.

Where to Buy Haier Air Conditioners

Most of us are buying online as much or more than we are at a bricks and mortar store. Here’s a look at the best options for both.

You can buy Haier air conditioners online or in-store at:

Amazon – The advantages of buying on Amazon are a large selection and the most customer reviews and ratings of any site. If it is important to you to know what verified purchasers have to say, as it is to most consumers, then shopping at Amazon whether you buy there or not makes sense. The downside to buying Haier air conditioners on Amazon – or any product – is the large number of Sponsored listings and other listings that are not specific to your search query. It can be a little confusing and very annoying to scan a page of 20 listings and only a few of them are what you are looking for.

Home Depot – As you can see here, Home Depot has a decent selection of Haier portable air conditioners and a large group of Haier window air conditioners to consider. If you have a Home Depot nearby, you can order online and pick it up in store to avoid shipping charges. Of course, you can have it shipped to your home too. Haier air conditioner prices at Home Depot are competitive.

Walmart – This huge retailer has an excellent selection of Haier window and portable air conditioners. The setup is similar to Home Depot – order it for in-store pickup or have it shipped.

Lowes, Menards, Best Buy, etc. – Other big-box stores sell a more limited selection of Haier AC models. Prices are not as competitive either, especially at Lowes., Wayfair, Overstock, etc. – If you don’t find what you want anywhere else, these sites for shopping online for Haier window air conditioners and portable air conditioners have fair selections, though the selection changes frequently at Overstock.  

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