Best Garage Door Insulation – Reviews and Guide 2022

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The best garage door insulation reduces heat flow better than other options. It helps keep heat in your garage in winter and slow its entry into the garage in summer.

Garage door insulation is a “must” for any homeowner that wants to use their garage year round, get into a comfortable vehicle anytime or protect their tires and interior from the ravages of high heat and extreme cold.

This best Garage Door Insulation Reviews and Buying Guide lists the top materials for making your garage comfortable whether you heat it in winter, cool it in summer or simply want to avoid temperature extremes throughout the year.

The Best Garage Door Insulation

Here are the top products for insulating your garage door. Most of the products cover the door itself. But we’ve included top and side weatherstripping and a couple bottom strips too. Together they give you the best garage door insulation package. Before the list, here’s an important pro tip from PickHVAC.

Did you know? Sealing an area from airflow in and out is just as important as the level or R-value of the insulation you use. Why is that true? Because you can have thick, effective insulation, but if air is flowing around the edges of it, the value of the insulation is lost.

That is why we place such importance on the Top and Side Weatherstripping products and the Bottom Seal products in this list. Frankly, you might be wasting your money if you buy and install the best garage door insulation for the door itself without also sealing the top, sides and bottom of the garage door opening. It might be like packing your home with attic insulation and wall insulation while leaving your windows open all year around.

The Best Garage Door Insulation Kits

Here are the best garage door insulation kits:

Overviews of the Best Garage Door Insulation Kits

This section gives you the quick view of these garage door insulation kits and products. It’s ideal for those in a hurry – find the one that’s right for you, make a purchase and get on with more important things.

The first two kits are large enough for a two-car garage door, but can certainly be used on a single-car garage door.

The third kit, the Matador, is the best single-car garage door insulation kit available. All the products here are highly rated and proven to keep your garage more comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

The R-value, or Resistance-value is listed where applicable. The higher the value, the better the product stops the flow of heat in or out. Learn more about R-value here.

Best Garage Door Insulation Reviews

In this section we give complete reviews of the best garage insulation products from the list and overviews above.

You’ll learn features, pros and cons and other helpful information. Keep in mind the value of an entire insulation package that includes insulation attached directly to the garage door, weatherstripping along the sides and a thick, firm barrier at the bottom of the door.

Don’t Miss It: See our Accessories List after the reviews to get all the extras that will make your project go smoothly and be more effective.

Product Pages: Also, each link that we include below will take you to the main product page. There you can read all the available manufacturer information about the garage door insulation product we have recommended.

And you can browse all the accessories for installation and for making the insulation as effective as possible. Our goal is to make it easy for you to put together a whole package of garage insulation products to keep your garage comfortable and your energy bills reasonable.

It’s that simple.

NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core 2 Car Garage Door Insulation Kit R-8, 18×8 Feet with Tape

Best Overall Kit

This kit does a good job keeping heat in a heated garage while resisting the penetration of heat in summer. It’s R-8 insulating value is very good. The Nasa Tech garage insulation is an ideal choice for installing in a 2-car garage in climates with extreme weather.

NASA TECH White Reflective Foam Core

Pro Tip: Does your vehicle have a leather interior? Extend its durability by keeping the garage from overheating and damaging the leather.

Insulation Value: The R-value is 8. Additionally, this material does a good job reflecting heat back into a heated garage in winter and preventing radiant heat from outside from penetrating into the garage in summer.

Features: This kit covers all the bases for keeping your garage door well insulated and the air inside the garage comfortable.

  • 4 rolls of 24”x18’ white foil insulation for 144 square feet
  • Foam core insulation reduces heat transfer
  • Commercial-grade double sided tape is an upgrade from earlier versions
  • Razor included for cutting rolls to fit (or you can use a quality utility knife and fresh blade)
  • Squeegee assists in removing air bubbles from behind the insulation
  • Made in America

Best Use: Any 2-car garage. Of course, it can be used on a 1-car garage door or in a garage with two 1-car garage doors. Just cut the materials to size with a utility knife.

Did you know? Many homeowners combine a garage door insulation kit with the weatherstripping and garage door bottom seal products listed below. The combination does a far better job than just insulation or just weatherstripping. Scroll down the page for the PickHVAC choice for the best weatherstripping product and garage door bottom seal.

SmartSHIELD 5mm 16”X50ft Reflective Insulation Roll Foam Core Radiant Barrier Thermal Aluminum Foil Insulation

Highest Insulation Value

This is extremely versatile garage door insulation or insulation for any part of your home. We prefer the wide 48” sheets because you can cover a lot more garage door with one sheet. Plus, there is less trimming – but there can be more waste. Two courses of it cover most 8-foot garage doors with a near-perfect fit.

SmartSHIELD 5mm 16''X50ft Reflective Insulation Roll Foam Core

Pro Tip: Cover the seams with high-quality metal tape. It will prevent air drafts that can diminish the value of the insulation. Here is the PickHVAC Pro Recommendation from 3M.

The stated R-value of 15.6 is outstanding. Double the layer in extreme climates for an R-21, according to the manufacturer. Take that for what its worth, but we do believe this stuff keeps in the heat in winter and prevents heat from penetrating your garage in summer.

In fact, we cut pieces to cover two south-facing garage windows in summer, and the difference in garage temperature is noticeable. We even cut a section to use as a sun shield for our vehicle. Cheaper than the “Car Windshield Sun Shields” sold locally.

About versatility: You have a bunch of material size options – Rolls 16”x50’, 24”x25’, 24”x50’, 48”x10’ and this option, 48”x50’.

Insulation Value: Stated up to R-15.6 for one layer and up to R-21 for two layers.

Features: Rather than panels, like some of the kits offer, this product is just rolls of radiant barrier insulation with 100% aluminum foil on both sides.

  • Multiple widths and lengths to fit your project perfectly
  • Crazy-high R-value due to the closed cell polyethylene core and reflective coatings
  • Waterproof, so use it indoors/outdoors
  • Acts as a vapor barrier to prevent condensation which can lead to mold and corrosion
  • Muffles sound pretty well too
  • You’ll need double-sided tape to adhere it to the garage door, and here is the best available

Best Use: It’s hard to choose! We like this product for garage doors and the interior of metal garage entry doors that are poorly insulated. There are other uses too, but we’re sticking to garages here. The best use if for DIY when you want to have control over thickness to meet your R-value requirements.

Matador Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

Easiest Installation

Choose one kit for a 1-car garage and two kits for a 2-car garage. Very easy and affordable.

Matador Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

Insulation Value: 4.8. Some product manufacturers might fudge their product R-values a bit, but this one is accurate. A single layer of insulation is ideal for temperate/moderate climates. Consider a double layer in extreme climates.

Features: This is the Easiest Installation choice because of the 3-step Measure, Cut, Install process. It couldn’t be easier.

  • The Matador Garage Insulation Kit takes advantage of the design of 95% of garage doors. Once you cut the foam panels to fit each space, they are easy to coax into place.
  • Reduces noise (as all good insulation does)
  • Good impact resistance, so the panels won’t fall to pieces with normal wear and tear (but maybe not garage soccer)
  • Light and easy to work with

Best Use: Any garage that gets more than light duty. Do your kids play in the garage? Consider this product. Buy one kit for a single garage door and two kits for two doors or a double garage car door. Be sure to seal the seams of a 2-car garage door application with the foil tape listed in the accessories below.

Reach Barrier 3009 Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

Best Value

We like this product because it offers cheap garage door insulation for all but the most extreme climates. Oh – you live in Minnesota or Arizona? No problem. Double the layers, and you’ll still get a high-quality garage insulation package at a reasonable cost.

Reach Barrier 3009 Single Garage Door Insulation Kit

Insulation Value: Estimated R-4 to R-6. The manufacturer claims it “blocks up to 95% of radiant heat.”

Features: There are 8 panels in the kit. Each is a double layer of “barrier bubble.” The value of two layers is that they trap air between them which acts as a barrier to heat transfer. Your home likely has double pane windows – The principle is the same.

  • 8 panels each 5/32” thick with 2 layers of radiant air bubbles.
  • 48 “stick’ems” that are 1”x1”. Peel and stick adhesive squares make it easy to apply them and stick the barrier to the metal door, or if you apply a second layer, to the first layer.
  • Instructions included, and they are written in clear English and are easy to follow.

Pro Tip: Thoroughly clean the metal door before applying the insulation. A clean surface is important for better adhesion of the stickers. This is true for any insulation product that is held on by tape.

Best Use: Applied to the inside of a metal garage door or entry door in a moderate-to-warm climate. Double the layers in harsher climates.

Universal Garage Door Seal Top and Sides Weather Stripping with Nails 33 Feet Long

Best Weather Stripping

We’re very high on this product. Here’s why…According to the US Department of Energy, sealing the space is just as important as having sufficient insulation. Adding garage door insulation while air moves around the edges is a waste of money.

Universal Garage Door Seal Top and Sides Weather Stripping

Features: This weatherstripping (aka weather stripping) is thick and durable, and it will greatly reduce the flow of air in and out of your garage. It’ll keep the warm air inside your garage in winter and keep it out in how weather. Then, the garage door insulation can do its work.

  • White, flexible heavy-gauge material stops air, dust and debris
  • Fasteners and instructions included for easy installation
  • UV-resistant EPDM rubber is very durable and won’t break down in direct sunlight
  • 1.65” width seals tight
  • 33 feet roll is enough to cover most doors on 2-car garages: 16’ wide + 8’ + 8’ on sides = 32’

Best Use: Replace old, cracked weatherstripping, or install it where none exists, to keep your garage better insulated and freer of dirt, debris and unwanted moisture.

Pro Tip: While the nails included are OK, we recommend installing this weatherstrip with roofing nails. They have a large head to better hold the material. A box of roofing nails like these costs a few bucks and will pay you back in a more comfortable garage and lower energy bills.

Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal Strip Replacement 20Ft, Black

Best Water Seal

This seal attaches to the garage floor and is the best defense against water running into your garage, wetting cardboard boxes and turning the floor into a skating rink.

It is 20 feet long and can be cut to fit smaller spaces. You’ll need adhesive like this Gorilla Glue to hold it. The glue is waterproof and formulated for outdoor projects like this one.

The same brand also makes a 10-foot and 16.5-foot water seal. Click on the link, and choose the width that is right for your garage.

Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal Strip

Features: This seal has a maximum height of 1/2″ and is 3.5” wide to create a dependable barrier to water, dust, rodents and more.

  • Flexible material secures tightly to the garage floor when a proper adhesive is used and the garage floor is cleaned and dried first.
  • Made from EPDM rubber, normally a roofing material, that provides excellent durability that won’t break down in sunlight or damp conditions

Did you know? You can buy kits with the seal and adhesive included, but the cost is several times higher. If you want to compare, here is the premium Garadry 20’ kit that includes glue and is backed by a 5-year warranty. Click the link to choose shorter kits from 10 to 16.3 feet.

Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Rubber Weather Stripping Seal Kit w/ T-Ends 20 Ft, Black

Best Bottom of Door Seal

This universal bottom seal attaches directly to the metal or aluminum rails on the bottom of your garage door. Cut off the old seal and remove all of the rubber/vinyl material, and slide this one into place.

Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Rubber Weather Stripping Seal Kit

Pro Tip: The manufacturer recommends applying a little water and dish soap mixture to the T strips on either side of the seal to help it slide into place. No worries. The material is waterproof, so the soap mixture won’t cause any issues.

Features: This product includes an internal O ring that provides more firmness and stability. The next product is the same but with no O ring. The product below is a better value, but might not do quite as good a job stopping moisture and air from entering the garage.

More Sizes – This is the 20-foot version. It is also produced in 10, 12 and 16 foot versions for a slightly lower price. Click the link to choose the length you need.

  • Waterproof rubber material
  • 5/16 inches T edges fit snugly into tracks
  • 3.75 inches wide, or about 4 total inches with the T ends on each side
  • Usable up to about 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • No fasteners necessary
  • Internal O ring for strength and protection

Best Use: Apply to the bottom of any garage door – metal, wood, composite, etc.

Universal Garage Door U-Bottom Weather Stripping Rubber Seal Strip Replacement T Rubber Black 20 Ft

Good Value Pick

If you want to save a few bucks for a garage door bottom seal that doesn’t need to last 10 years, this is a good option. It doesn’t have the internal O ring, so it doesn’t provide quite the same shock-absorbing quality as the product above.This is a good value choice.

Universal Garage Door U-Bottom Weather Stripping Rubber Seal Strip

Features: All the same as above, but without the internal ring.

  • One size – This affordable lower-door seal isn’t available in multiple lengths, but it is pretty easy to cut it to the right length with a utility knife
  • Waterproof rubber compound
  • Reduces sound, dust and moisture penetration into your garage
  • T ends fit into universal garage track for easy installation

Best Use: Adding a tough seal to the bottom of an existing door when you want an affordable replacement seal.

Garage Door Insulation Accessories List

While some of these were mentioned in the Reviews above, here is a summary of the accessories that will allow you to install garage door insulation more easily and effectively.

Gorilla Glue holds the garage floor seal in place. It is waterproof, tough and very strong. It will keep the seal in place and doing its job.

Caulk and Glue Gun – Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun with Gator Trigger Comfort Grip

You’ll need a gun like this one to push the Gorilla Glue construction adhesive out of the tube and onto the concrete. It’s easy to use for construction glue and caulk – and it’s quite affordable. You’ll use it again and again if you’re a DIY homeowner.

Foil Seam Sealing Tape – Keep garage door insulation seams airtight with 3M Aluminum Foil Tape 3340, 2.5″ x 50 yd, 4.0 mil thickness. It is ideal for all seam sealing including ductwork.

Quality Galvanized Roofing Nails do a great job holding weatherstripping to the garage door jambs.

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