Top 7 Small Wood Stoves for Tiny House, Garage, RV and Bedroom

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The best small wood burning stoves are made with quality materials, are easy to light, burn hot and thoroughly and are easy to clean.

In this mini wood stove guide, we review the best small wood burning stove models. Most make ideal tiny house wood stove units, but can be used in a range of settings including any home, cabins, garages, workshops, RVs, yurts, tents, fishing shanties and more.

The Best Small Wood Burning Stoves

#1 Winnerwell Nomad Large Wood Burning Stove

#2 England’s Stove Works Survivor Small Wood Burning Stove

#3 Colorado Cylinder Stove for Tent, Cabin Timberline Package

#4 Cylinder Stoves Wood Burning Stove Outfitter

#5 Camp Chef Alpine Wood Burning Cylinder Stove

#6 Guide Gear Small Wood Burning Stove

#7 TMS Wood Burning Stove

Those are the best mini wood stove options. In the following content, there are overviews with bullet points and then full reviews that detail the pros, cons, features, and “bottom line” for all of the units.

The reviews are followed by a brief buying guide that will assist you in making a purchase decision that you will be happy with.

Best Small Wood Burning Stove Reviews

Here is a detailed look at the top 7 wood burning stoves available, including both small and larger stoves. These stoves can be used in tiny homes, cabins, tents, and RV’s. Of course, they must be vented to avoid carbon monoxide and smoke issues.

Most manufacturers say they are for recreational use rather than residential use. We say that as a caution. We’re not recommending them for other than recreational use, but we trust our readers to make their own decisions on such matters.

Best Overall

#1 Winnerwell Nomad Large Wood Burning Tent Stove

This sturdy, portable wood burning stove has a lot of options and is ideal for small spaces making it our choice for Best Overall.

Winnerwell Nomad Large Wood Burning Stove

Features: This compact, wood burning stove can provide what you need to cook anywhere, including where space is tight.

  • Made of precision, 304 stainless steel and will never rust or corrode. 304 stainless is the most common type due to its high nickel content and good durability.
  • The stove kit includes the stove body, 5 sections of 3.5” diameter chimney pipe, spark arrestor, and ash scraper. Note: a spark arrestor is added to the chimney to prevent sparks and embers from leaving the chimney and potentially causing a fire.
  • The chimney sections store inside the stove.
  • Side shelving functions as carry handles.
  • Dimensions are 18” x 25” x108” (with chimney pipe) assembled and weighs 34 lbs.
  • Features a 1500 cubic inch firebox.
  • Can stand up to high heat.
  • Door and side glass viewing windows, side shelves for cooking, and dampers to control air flow and burn rate.

Ratings: Most customers gave this stove exceptional reviews, with high marks for value and sturdiness.

Pros: This is a high quality, small, wood burning stove that can be used in multiple situations for heating and cooking. This unit can also be used to heat a sauna. The stove can handle high heat, burns efficiently, boils water and cooks food quickly. Even though it isn’t cheap, customers felt it provided great value for the money.

Cons: When using the stove at very high heat or for extended periods might cause the side glass to crack in rare cases. Winnerwell will provide a glass replacement if this occurs.

Bottom Line: This is an exceptional multi-purpose small wood burning stove.

Separately Available Accessories:

Winnerell 3.5 Liter Hot Water Tank which is compatible with this stove and gets over 85% positive reviews:

Winnerwell Water Tank Large

Winnerell Camp Oven measures 10” x 10.5” x 13” and sits on top of this stove for baking. This oven receives very good customer reviews:

Winnerwell Fastfold Oven

Best Small and Rugged Mini Wood Stove

#2 England’s Stove Works Survivor Wood Stove Grizzly 12-CSL

This compact, yet heavy duty wood burning stove makes it our choice for Best Small and Rugged.

The England Stove Works Survivor small wood stoves series comes in three sizes. The 1.0 cubic foot firebox model is called Cub. The 2.0 cubic foot model is Black Bear, and the largest, 2.7 cubic foot size is the Grizzly. Choose the link below, and select the size that suits your purposes.

England’s Stove Works Survivor Small Wood Burning Stove

Features: This stove has what you need to heat and cook in a small space.

  • Made in America of heavy duty 12 gauge steel.
  • Utilizes hexa-tech technology which means it has a hexagonal shaped firebox and provides up to 8 hours of burn time on a single load.
  • The largest model, 12-CSL, features a 2.7 cubic feet firebox and provides 348 sq. inches of cooking space.
  • Cook top can reach up to 800 degrees in 30 minutes with seasoned wood.
  • Built-in spin draft controls heat and makes starting a fire easy.
  • 2.7 “Grizzly” measures 17” x 25” x 27” and weighs 63 lbs.

Ratings: Most customers gave this stove excellent reviews for quality build and fast heating.

Pros: This stove is heavy and sturdy, can heat up relatively quickly and maintain a long burn time. With almost 350 sq. inches of cook space, you can make a complete meal at one time, yet the stove is quite compact and easily portable.

Cons: The stove pipe is not included and must be purchased separately. See the link below for good chimney connection and pipe options.

Bottom Line: This is a sturdy, high quality small wood burning stove suitable for use in a tent, cabin, or tiny house at a very reasonable price.

Did you know? The England Stove Works company also makes Englander Pellet Stoves for residential use. See our Englander Pellet Stoves Review here.

Best Stove Package

#3 Colorado Cylinder Timberline Wood Stove Package

Are you in the market for the whole package – a tiny house wood stove , i.e., small wood burning stove with “the works”?

This stove comes with everything you need, except the pots and pans, to cook a meal and heat your space, making it our choice for Best Stove Package.

Colorado Cylinder Stove for Tent, Cabin Timberline Package

Features: This stove is loaded with practical tools including an attached 3-gallon tank for heating water. The chimney pipe is also included. It’s a nested pipe that starts at 6” and concludes at 5”. The pipe is ideal for a 5” tent stove jack. And it is a good fit for tents from about 225 square feet (15×15) to 350 square feet (16×20 or a little larger).

  • A coal grate and wire mesh spark arrestor are part of the package.
  • American made of 10 and 12 gauge steel.
  • Comes with coal grate, warming tray, and spark arrestor.
  • 2.5 cubic feet firebox holds heat for 6-8 hours.
  • The cylinder design and heavy gauge steel prevents warping of the cooktop.
  • Assembled size is 26” x 16” x 23.5” (with legs), weight is 96 lbs.

Ratings: This stove is highly recommended by users for its completeness and convenience.

Pros: The stove provides safe, reliable heat and an airtight operation through the welded construction. Filling the stove with wood and shutting the damper down, will provide an even burn overnight. With a large cooktop, the stove allows for heating multiple pots at one time.

Cons: Nesting the stove pipes can be a little tricky when packing the stove. This is especially true if any of the pipe sections are dinged or get knocked out of round.

Bottom Line: This is a good quality, small wood burning stove that can be effectively used to heat and make meals in a small space.

Editor’s Pick

#4 Cylinder Stoves Wood Burning Stove – Outfitter Package

The round cylinder in this small wood burning stove is a single piece of rolled steel designed to expand and contract uniformly. This helps to eliminate warping of the material.

Cylinder Stoves Wood Burning Stove Outfitter

Features: This small wood burning stove includes features making it an ideal choice for a tent, cabin or tiny home.

  • Made in the U.S. of 10, 12, and 14 gauge steel. The thicker 10-gauge steel is used on the top and door.
  • Package includes stove, 5 gallon stainless steel water heater, 5” nesting stove pipe, spark arrestor, and damper
  • Assembled size measures 28” x 16” x 13” (23.5” with legs) and weighs 62 lbs.
  • All joints are completely welded and sharp edges are ground smooth.
  • Fire box is 2.5 cubic feet.
  • Stove design prevents longer, more radiant heat without warping.

Ratings: This stove only had 2 customer reviews but each customer gave this stove 5 stars.

Pros: This stove provides solid, heavy duty construction, creates consistent 6-8 hour heat on a single load, and comes with a hot water tank. One user felt that this is the best stove available for the money.

Cons: The entire stove kit weighs 92 lbs. making it one of the heavier small wood burning stove options.

Bottom Line: This is a heavy-duty, well-made stove in the higher price range but includes a 5 gallon water tank, making it a good value.

Best Value

#5 Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Wood Burning Cylinder Stove

This small wood burning stove offers a lot for the money making it our Best Value.

Camp Chef Alpine Wood Burning Cylinder Stove

Features: This stove provides a lot of practical tools and is very well rated.

  • Comes with a stove pipe, damper, an internal log grate, spark arrestor, and accessory shelves.
  • Stove can accommodate a standard size water heater.
  • All steel construction.
  • Assembled stove pipe measures 10 feet.
  • Adjustable legs for uneven ground.
  • Measures 20” x 24” x 22 ½”, weight is 74 lbs.

Ratings: Customers gave this mini wood burning stove high marks for ease of assembly, good value, and sturdiness.

Pros: This is a solid unit and easy to assemble, all of the parts are nicely welded and it fits tightly together. It’s made with high quality, heavy steel, heats up quickly, and can burn for about 4 to 5 hours on one load. A water heater can easily be added to the stove.

Cons: A few users report that the stove doesn’t seal as well as it should, allowing some small sparks to get out of the stove and high heat to escape the door.

Bottom Line: This quality stove is well made, efficient, and affordable.

#6 Guide Gear Small Wood Burning Stove

Guide Gear Small Wood Burning Stove

This Guide Gear mini wood stove delivers classic looks and performance. It’s been around a while, so has a good track record. It’s affordable too.

Features: This small, versatile, lightweight stove is reasonably priced and a top seller.

  • Made of galvanized steel with a high temperature finish.
  • Assembles to 20” x 11” x 13” and weighs 42 lbs.
  • The stove has a cast iron door with easy to control vents.
  • Includes 5 – 15.5” long pieces of stove pipe, detachable legs, assembly hardware, ash rake, and fire poker.
  • Fire box measure 11” x 17” x 8”.
  • #1 Best Seller in wood burning stoves on Amazon.

Ratings: Customers gave this stove high ratings and excellent reviews for ease of assembly and installation, quality, and warmth.

Pros: This well-made stove can heat a 350 sq. ft. area quickly and the cook top has enough space to cook an entire meal. It’s easy to assemble and install, a nice option for recreational use or to use as a tiny house wood stove.

Cons: One review indicated that the stove pipe did not fit correctly and allowed smoke into the area and another indicated that the legs were difficult to attach to the stove.

Bottom Line: This small wood burning stove provides what you need to heat and cook in a tent, cabin, tiny house, RV, or other small space and is reasonably priced.

Larger Option: This stove is also available in a larger size that assembles to 27” x 19” x 17”, weighs 78 lbs., and has a 24” x 17” x 15” fire box.

Best Entry-level Mini Wood Stove

#7 Guide Gear Small Wood Burning Stove

TMS Wood Burning Stove

We included this model because of the low cost. But keep in mind, quality suffers a bit. If you want to try out a small wood burning stove and you don’t think you’ll use it heavily, this is a good entry-level mini wood stove.

Features: This stove can heat your shelter, cook your food, and even dry your gear.

  • Includes stove, removable cooking tubes on each side, 4 – 16 ¾” stove pipes, cooking tools, and spark arrestor.
  • Removable 16 ½” long legs.
  • Assembled size is 18” x 10” x 11” and weight is 24 lbs.
  • When not being used for cooking, the top can be rotated outward and used to dry your gear.
  • Includes front and rear air flow regulators.
  • Made of rolled steel construction.

Ratings: Customers gave this stove positive reviews especially for its portability, light weight and cost.

Pros: This small wood burning stove can multi-task and is a good option for a small space. This stove works well when properly installed. It’s easy to clean and assemble.

Cons: The construction could be a little tighter. You get what you pay for – this is a mini wood burning stove for occasional use, but not a workhorse like the Winnerwell Nomad that is #1 on our list.

Bottom Line: This is a small, portable, wood burning stove and decent value for the cost. While it may not be the sturdiest stove, it can function very well for heating and cooking in a small space.

What to Look For in a Small Wood Burning Stove

Here are tips for buying a mini wood stove that can be used recreationally or potentially as a small wood burning stove for a tiny house.

Consider How and Where You Will Use the Stove

These small wood burning stoves can be used in many environments, including tiny homes, tents, cabins, RV’s, saunas, and workshops. Consider how large the space is that you need to heat. Will you want to keep the stove burning overnight?

Look at the size of the stove, as well as, the size of the firebox. You may not need a large stove if you only plan to heat the area for a short amount of time. If you want the stove to stay hot longer, for instance, overnight, you will need a larger stove that can hold more fuel.

Capacity and Duration

These specifications will determine how many BTUs of heat it will produce per hour – the bigger the firebox, the more heat it will make and the longer it will burn.

However, these things also affect stove size and stove weight.

Read the details on any small wood burning stove you’re considering to determine the number of square feet it is designed to heat and how much wood it will hold/how long it will burn.

How Many People Will the Small Wood Burning Stove Feed?

Will you be cooking for just yourself, your family, or a group? Look at the size of the cooktop to be sure it can hold multiple pots and pans at once. Some of the stoves have baking tubes on the sides for potatoes or to warm smaller items and some can accommodate ovens.

What Accessories Do You Want?

Most of the stoves come with the basic items you need to assemble and run the stove such as, a stove pipe, spark arrestor, and ash scraper. Some of the stoves come with or can accommodate a hot water tank or an oven. Look for the added features and whether any add-ons or accessories are available.

Consider Portability

The weight and size may be important if you plan to move the stove often, for instance, on hunting or camping trips. In that case, you would want to look for a stove that is relatively small, assembles quickly and easily, and is not too heavy to carry with you. Many of these are ideal for use as tiny house wood stoves too.

Does it need to be portable? None of these are backpack models – you can find our review of that size stove here.

Does the Stove Come with Enough Chimney for Your Space?

Before you take the stove on a hunting or camping trip, make sure that you have enough pipe to reach from the stove to where the pipe will vent. Extra stove pipe is available online. The stove can also be set on heat resistant material like cinder blocks to accommodate the stove pipe.

Consider Stove Finish

Some of the stoves are painted or finished with high temperature paint, but some are not. If they are not, you may want to burn the stove outside once or twice to get rid of the paint smell. You may even want to burn off the original paint and repaint with special high temperature stove paint.

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