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3 thoughts on “Find Trusted HVAC Contractors & Get Free Quotes”

  1. Thanks a lot, guys. A contractor was overcharging me by $1,023 for my new Lennox furnace and AC unit combo. I found other 3 contractors through this tool. I finally choose the mid-priced one but still save one thousand bucks.

  2. I am trying to decide if a mini split or central unit best suits our needs and budget. I have a cabin still under construction in Alabama that is approx 900 sf. We will only be spending a few months per year presently. Hot and very humid in summer and winters are mostly mild. Suggestions?

  3. Just had both compressor and air handler replaced with a Goodman system through one contractor which was found by this tool in S. Florida.

    We also did our homework to verify if the contractor is qualified by reviews, BBB and on Angie’s list. Company had no complaints in any areas. Installation crew was very knowledgeable and professional. Work done neatly and included original duct work cleaned and sanitized. However, I will come back in 6 months with an update.


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