Kapsul/Noria Air Window Air Conditioner Reviews 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard of the innovative Noria window AC billed as “the world’s first premium room air conditioner, designed just for you.” The brand was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and has been delayed by more than a year.

Well, the brand name has changed from Noria to Kapsul Air.

And the W5 window air conditioner is due for release in early 2019. Pre-orders are being taken at $499.

This review shares what information is currently available online and from backers of the Kapsul Air.

Looking for general window AC information? If so, our Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide might be useful to you. It includes comprehensive research on window air conditioner features, efficiency levels, EER/CEER ratings and how to choose the right size window air conditioner for your needs. 

Kapsul Air W5 Window Air Conditioner Features

This 5,000 BTU unit is the first to be introduced. Here’s what has people talking about it.

Compact Size

The dimensions are 7.3" X 20" X 22". The original design was just 5.8” tall, but to boost efficiency, the compressor size and therefore the height of the unit was modified.

Still, the low profile reduces the obstruction caused by traditionally shaped window air conditioners. It also makes it easier to store the AC, perhaps under a bed, during months you don’t use air conditioning.

Smart Control and Wi-fi

The unit has a programmable timer and integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant and the cloud. These features allow you to control the Kapsul Air W5 with voice or the mobile app. It also works with the popular nest thermostat.

Innovative Installation

The W5 comes with a sturdy plastic frame that fits windows from 21 to 36 inches wide. Then, the 40lb W5 fits into the opening in the frame and locks into place securely.

Fresh Air Option

There are times you don’t need cooling, but would like fresh air in a stuffy room. The W5 fresh air mode exchanges outside air for polluted indoor air.


The window air conditioner market is switching from R410A to R32. Neither type depletes ozone, but the R32 has a much lower (675) global warming potential, or GWP, than R410A (2088).

Kapsul Air is using R410A in the first-generation W5. It will be interesting to see if they switch to R32.. If this is important to you, see our Friedrich window air conditioner reviews. Several models use R32.

SeriesBTUsCEER (1)RefrigerantMSRPKey Features
W55K10.9 CEERUnknown499Smart integration, compact, low profile, timers

*Note: (1) CEER is combined energy efficiency rating - the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. * indicates Energy Star qualified.

Check Out the Video

This video is an introduction to the Kapsul Air W5 window air conditioner.

Features the W5 Does Not Have

Casement Window Models: The unit is designed for single- and double-hung windows, not for casement or sliding windows. This guide includes top vertical window air conditioners in 2019

Heat: These are AC-only units. Most other brands we’ve reviewed have models with a heating element (space heater) or true heat pump technology.

We’ll Keep You Posted

As more information about the Kapsul W5 becomes available, we will update this review. You can check our smallest window air conditioners 2019 for more alternatives if needed.

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  • What Happened To Kapsul W5 Units?

    No Release, Website Is Down?

  • please notify me when the Kapsul a/c is available for purchase.

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  • Please notify me when I can purchase the Kapsul air conditioner.

  • Im a contractor, can I install the Kapsul Air Vertically? Its for a casement window, and yes the window mount is meant for single double hung. But window framing is easy for me to install the unit. I just wanted to know will the Kapsul air unit still operate properly if its inverted. Thanks!


  • when and how can i purchase a kapsul w5 window a/c?

    • Are these available yet, am interested in one for our rv.

  • I’ve been looking at these units and they look amazing. Interested in purchasing 4 units. Please let me know when they are available. It would be great if there was a “Wait List” with deposits of course so as not to miss out on getting what I need. Thanks


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