LG Window Air Conditioner Review in 2022

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LG makes one of the largest lineups of window air conditioners. Most are rich in features and up-to-date technology.

This comprehensive LG Window AC review includes an overview of each major LG window air conditioner series. We include sizes, efficiency rating, noise level, M$RP and key features in a single table for easy exploration.

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LG Window Air Conditioner Features

LG is known for cutting-edge technology in its top window air conditioner series.

Most models have up-to-date features like 24-hour timers, multi-speed fans, 4-way air deflection and thermistors that produce accurate temperature readings and balanced cooling.

This table shows you all the LG window units at a glance. We’ve completed these tables for the other brands too, so comparing models head to head is fast and easy.

Series (1)Sizes / BTUsCEER (2)Decibels (3)RefrigerantKey FeaturesPrice
LW 17IVSM14, 18, 22K14.5 to 14.7*44 to 58R32Inverter compressor, Wi-Fi, Amazon AlexaCheck Price
LW 17ERSM8, 10, 12K12.052 to 54R32Wi-Fi, remote, 3-speed fanCheck Price
LW 16HR7.5, 12, 18, 23K9.8 to 11.049 to 64R410AElectric heat, 4-way air dispersalCheck Price
LW 16ER8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24.5K10.3 to 12.0*54 to 62R32LG's most popular, remote, auto restartCheck Price
LW 18ER6, 8.2K12.4 to 12.5*52 to 53R410A/R32Compact,Check Price


  1. (1) LG also makes several miscellaneous ACs in one size only including the LW6017R and the LW6017R. Both are 6K BTU.
  2. (2) CEER is combined energy efficiency rating – the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. * indicates Energy Star qualified.
  3. (3) Indoor noise range on various settings

Here are features that stand out among window air conditioners:

Inverter-driven Compressors

These compressors have been used by LG and other brands in mini split ACs for decades, but LG is among the first brands to install them in window air conditioners. They are included in the LW 17IVSM Series window units.

Compressors determine the speed at which refrigerant is cycled through the system. The faster it is pumped, the faster the room is cooled.

However, speed isn’t always a good thing. A room that is cooled too quickly might get cooler than the setpoint on the thermostat. Another problem is that fast cooling doesn’t remove as much humidity as slow, steady cooling, so the room can feel chilly and damp.

The LG dual inverter compressor speeds up and slows down as needed to keep the room in the “sweet spot” of balanced temperatures and a comfortable humidity level.

Quiet Operation

Another advantage of the inverter compressor is that it runs much quieter than a standard rotary compressor. The LG 17IVSM Series air conditioners run at noise levels as low as 44db while most window air conditioners have decibel levels in the mid-50s to mid-60s. Read our Quietest Window Air Conditioner for more alternatives.

Wi-fi Connectivity

LG calls its wi-fi systems and smart apps SmartThinQ. It is available on the LW 17IVSM and LW 17ERSM Series LG window air conditioners.

Use the iOS/Android app on a smart device to monitor and adjust the settings on your LG window air conditioner. This is the best way to ensure your home is comfortable when you get there without wasting energy cooling an empty room or apartment while you’re away. If you forget to turn off the AC when you leave, no problem – do it through the app.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 is a newer refrigerant that does not deplete atmospheric ozone and has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than the R410A still used in most window air conditioners. LG uses R32 in most units.

Electric Heat

The LW 16HR Series ACs are equipped with an electric heater. These are electric resistance heaters, not heat pumps. The heaters are space heaters housed inside the unit.

The heaters provide enough heat to warm a room on a chilly day or to support a furnace that doesn’t adequately warm the room. These units should not be expected to fully heat the room or area in cold winter weather.

Be aware that electric heating is a more costly way to heat than using a gas or propane furnace. These are supplemental heaters. Another option is to buy a window air conditioner without a heater and use an affordable space heater for supplemental heat.

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Features Not Available on LG Window ACs

If we didn’t mention a feature you’re looking for, then it might not be available on an LG model. Two popular features not offered are:

  • Air ionizers
  • Heat pump technology

LG Window AC Prices by Size

The table above shows the suggested price ranges for each series. You can see the specific MSRP for each model on LG’s Window AC main page.

The table below shows you size ranges, how much square footage it will cool and the cost ranges.

In each size range, the more efficient the unit is and the more features it has, the higher its cost will be.

The LW 16HR Series is listed separately because the window units contain a space heater, raising cost considerably.

BTUsRoom Sq. Ft.Price Range
5K to 8K100-350$150-$300
10K to 12K350-550$320-$390
15K to 18K550-1,000$430-$570
20K to 25K1,000-1,650$630-$650
Heat models$450-$750

How to Choose a Window Air Conditioner

This is a topic covered in detail in our Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

Here’s a short overview:

1. Determine the size of the room or area that the AC will be used in.

2. Find the right size AC for that size room or area on this page.

3. Decide which features you want.

4. If the AC will be used daily during the warm season, consider buying a very efficient window air conditioner.

5. If the AC will get occasional use, then a more affordable unit that is not Energy Star rated is cost-effective.

6. Review features, and decide if you’re willing to pay extra for them or if you’d prefer a window air conditioner with basic functionality.

Quick Picks

We conclude this LG Window Air Conditioner Review with a fast way to find the right model for your purposes.

Most Efficient Window AC: LW 17IVSM Series

Check Price on Amazon

Quietest Window AC: LW 17IVSM Series

Check Price on Amazon

Best Features on a Window AC: LW 16ER Series

Check Price on Amazon

Smartest Window AC: LW 17IVSM Series

Check Price on Amazon

Most Compact/Smallest Window AC: LW 18ER Series

Check Price on Amazon

Best Large Model Window AC: LW1816ER

Check Price on Amazon

Best Value/Budget Window AC: LW1217ERSM

Check Price on Amazon

Best Window AC with Space Heating: LW 16HR Series

Check Price on Amazon

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