GE Window Air Conditioner Review in 2023

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GE has a long history of making high-quality appliances. In recent years, the brand has reduced the number of window air conditioners it makes, focusing on just a few models with all the features you’d expect from a premium window unit. Currently, just four GE window air conditioners are produced.

This GE window air conditioner buying guide includes a description of the four window air conditioners, their features and MSRP costs. We have summarized the data in a table below.

The table allows you to quickly compare GE window air conditioners to other brands we’ve reviewed and created tables for. These include Friedrich, Frigidaire, Haier and others.

Just starting your research? We’ve also completed a comprehensive Window Air Conditioner Guide that covers all brands. The guide will assist you in selecting efficiency, features and the right size window air conditioner for your purpose. You may also like:

GE Window Air Conditioner Series and Features

GE window units are available in one series, the GE AEE window AC Series. It includes four units in the most popular sizes: 8K, 12K, 18K and 24K BTUs (K=1,000 BTUs).

This table summarizes the GE window air conditioner model analysis discussed in detail below.

ModelsBTUsRoom Sq. ft.CEERKey FeaturesPrice
AEE08AT8000Up to 350 10.9Space heating, remote, 24H timerCheck Price
AEE12DT12000350 to 55010.9Space heating, remote, 24H timerCheck Price
AEE18DT18000550 to 1,00010.7Space heating, remote, 24H timerCheck Price
AEE24DT240001,000 to 1,6509.4Space heating, remote, 24H timerCheck Price

If you have more than 1,200 square feet to cool with a single unit, see our Friedrich Window AC guide. Friedrich is the only leading brand that makes window units larger than 26,000 BTUs.

The 8K BTU unit is a 115-volt window air conditioner. The larger units are 230-volt window air conditioners.

Here is a summary of their important features.

Space Heating

All 4 units are equipped with an electric space heater for supplemental heat or for providing heat when needed in generally warm climates.

Slide-out Chassis

GE is keeping up with the trend by producing window air conditioners that are easier to service than those with fixed chassis. This design also makes through-the-wall installation easier.

24-hour Timers

Delay the start of the AC or program when you want it to run during a full day cycle. This allows you to reduce energy use and cost while keeping the space air conditioned when you want to use it

Remote Control

With then included remote, you can monitor and change the thermostat setting from anywhere nearby. This enhances energy efficiency and convenience.

Features GE Does Not Offer

GE window air conditioners are good-quality models with basic features. What they do not give you are these features available from other brands we’ve reviewed:

Wi-fi connection: Frigidaire, Friedrich, Haier and LG are among the brands that produce wi-fi window air conditioners. GE does not.

R32: This is the next-generation refrigerant that does not deplete ozone and has a much lower global warming potential (GWP of about 670) than the more commonly used R410 (GWP of about 1,850).

Wireless Thermostat: The advantage of a wireless thermostat is that it can be installed anywhere. Friedrich is among the brands producing wireless thermostats.

Heat pump technology: GE window units include a coil for space heating. That’s a more expensive way to heat than true heat pump technology. See the Friedrich Kühl Series window air conditioners for units with heat pump heating.

Casement window ACs: There are few brands that make casement/sliding/gliding window ACs. Frigidaire FFRS Series ACs are designed for these window types.

How to Choose a GE Window AC

See more details in our complete Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

  1. Measure to determine the square footage of the room or zone the AC will serive.
  2. Use the our guide to determine the size of the AC you will need.
  3. Consider the features you want, and use our guides to find which ACs offer them.
  4. If the AC will get heavy use, consider buying a very efficient window air conditioner.
  5. If the AC will get occasional use, then a more affordable unit is cost-effective.

Quick Picks

This popular section in our reviews allows you to see the top GE window units in categories important to consumers.

Because GE makes a limited number of models, you have fewer options.

Most Efficient: GE AEE08AT and AEE12DT have CEER ratings of 10.9.

Check AEE08AT Price on Homedepot

Premium – Best Features: All GE window units have good, basic features.

Check AEE12DT Price on Homedepot

Smartest: GE doesn’t make wi-fi window air conditioners or those that work with smart home equipment like Alexa or Google Home.

Check AEE18DT Price on Homedepot

Best with Space Heating: All the GE window air conditioners have space heating elements.

Check AEE24DT Price on Homedepot

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