Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner Review in 2022

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Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner Reviews

Frigidaire window ACs are available in the full range of sizes with performance levels from basic to quite advanced. Besides window air conditioners for single/double-hung windows, Frigidaire casement window or sliding window units are available too.

This is your Frigidaire window air conditioner buying guide. It includes a review of all models, their features and Frigidaire window ac prices.

See our complete Window AC Guide: In addition to window air conditioner brand reviews of FriedrichKapsulLGGE and Haier, we’ve created a very comprehensive Window Air Conditioner review and buyer’s guide.

It includes a discussion of window unit features, efficiency levels, prices and tips for choosing the right size AC and best unit for the way you want to cool your space.

Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner Features

The brand makes more than 60 window units, so you have a good range of buying options. In fact, so many it can seem overwhelming. Our goal in this section is to sort out the Frigidaire window unit features, so you can begin to narrow your choices.

The table below lists the Frigidaire window units and their key data at a glance. We’ve completed these tables for all the six major brands, and they made comparisons very easy.

CEER (1)Decibels (2) Key FeaturesPrice
FFRA Manual5-10K10.9-11.051-59Restart after power outageCheck Price
FFRA Digital5-28K9.0-11.051-63Digital controls, 24H timer, rapid cooling (select models)Check Price
FFRE5-25K10.3- 12.151-61Digital controls, 24H timer, remote (select models)Check Price
FGRQ6,8K12.0-12.141-51Quietest models, 24H timer, remoteCheck Price
FGRC6-12K12.0-12.151-59Ionizing air purifier, Wi-fi, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Check Price
FFRH8-25K9.4-9.852-63Supplemental space heating, 24H timer, remoteCheck Price
FFRS8,10K10.4-10.848-61Slider/Casement window ACs, 24H timerCheck Price
Note: (1) CEER is combined energy efficiency rating - the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit is. (2) Indoor noise range on low/high settings.

Mechanical vs Digital: Some of you might be surprised that “old school” knob-controlled window air conditioners are still made. They are.  

The mechanically controlled window units offer very basic performance at a lower price. Your options for most are low, medium or high cooling – or just low/high – with fan speed adjustment too.

The Frigidaire digital ACs all have basic options such as thermostat settings, several fan speeds and louvers that allow you to direct air in three or four ways.

Digital window units have one or more of the enhanced features discussed in the rest of this list.

Supplemental Heat

Frigidaire once made heat pump window units, but doesn’t any longer. However, five models (8K to 25K BTU) in the Frigidaire FFRH Series have supplemental electric heaters.

Heating watts range from 1,290 in the 8,000 BTU AC to 4,900 in the 25,000 BTU model. That’s enough to provide heat in cool weather and supplemental heat in cold weather. Don’t expect the AC to provide sufficient heat when outside temperatures are below freezing.

Wi-fi Connectivity and Alexa / Google

The four Frigidaire FGRC window units are wi-fi enabled, so with the Frigidaire app, you can monitor and control your AC from anywhere.

This is more than just convenience. Wi-fi is the best way to save energy and make sure the AC is cooling the space when you arrive. It’s also useful if you leave home without adjusting the AC to your “away” setting. Just use the app on a smart device.

The FGRC Series Frigidaire air conditioners also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for maximum convenience.

Air Ionizers

Ionization creates a static charge in a filter so that airborne pollutants are captures before they can be blown into the room or zone served by the Frigidaire window air conditioner.

The FGRC Series, the most feature-rich produced by Frigidaire, include ionizers that can be activated to remove allergens and other pollutants from indoor air.

Frigidaire Casement and Slider Window ACs

It’s surprising that brands like LG don’t make casement window air conditioners.

Frigidaire FFRS window air conditioners in 8,000 and 10,000 BTU models are designed to fit in slider and casement windows. The adjustable fan/wing is pulled up to close the airspace rather than pulled to the sides.

Quiet Cooling

The FGRQ Series 6,000 and 8,000 BTU window units run as quietly as 41 and 44 decibels. This is mainly due to the smaller size of the window air conditioners, but added insulation makes them quieter too.

Features Frigidaire Doesn’t Offer

We can’t mention all the features Frigidaire window air conditioners include, so it might be helpful to share a few features they don’t have.

Here are three of most interest to consumers:

Inverter-style compressors: See our LG Window AC Review for information on how this type compressor works and its advantages. They’re quiet and the most energy efficient. Frigidaire has not begun producing windows with this technology.

Heat pumps: If you’d like a true window heat pump rather than an AC with supplemental electric heat, see the Friedrich Kuhl Series heat pumps reviewed in our Friedrich Window AC Review.

R32 refrigerant: A decade ago, R410A refrigerant was hailed as the product with no negative effect on the ozone layer. However, it has a high global warming impact about 3 times R32. The newer R32 doesn’t deplete ozone, so it’s a better choice than R410A. Frigidaire doesn’t offer R32 units.

Frigidaire Window AC Prices by Size

If you know what size AC your room or zone requires, then you might be wondering about cost.

The cost ranges in the table below reflect all prices in the size range. Basic window units have lower cost. Price goes up with higher efficiency and more features.

Casement/sliding window units and ACs that are equipped with a heater are at the top of the price range. Features like 24H timers, auto restart after a power outage wi-fi have less impact on cost.

BTUs Room Sq. Ft.Price Range
5K to 8K100-350$130-$430
10K to 12K 350-550$250-$520
15K to 18K 550-1,000$490-$600
20K to 25K1,000-1,650$550-$700
Heat models350-1,650$470-$930
Casement models350-500$530-$540

See our Window AC Buying Guide has information about choosing the right size window AC and choosing one with the efficiency that is right for your climate and purposes.

How to Choose a Frigidaire Window AC

This is a summary. There are more details in our complete Window Air Conditioner Buying Guide.

  1. Measure the room or area the AC will serve.
  2. Use the Energy Star guide to determine the size of the AC you will need.
  3. Decide which features the AC should have.
  4. If the AC will get heavy use, consider buying a very efficient window air conditioner.
  5. If the AC will get occasional use, then a more affordable unit is cost-effective.

Quick Picks

This popular section in our reviews allows you to see the top Frigidaire window units in categories important to consumers.

Most Efficient: Frigidaire FGRQ and FGRC Series

Check FGRC Price on Amazon

Quietest: Frigidaire FGRQ Series

Check FGRQ Price on Amazon

Premium – Best Features: Frigidaire FGRC and FFRH Series

Check FFRH Price on Amazon

Smartest: Frigidaire FGRQ Series

Check FGRQ Price on Amazon

Most Compact/Smallest: Smallest units in the Frigidaire FFRE and FFRA Series.

Check FFRA Price on Amazon

Best for Casement Windows: Frigidaire FFRS Series ACs are designed specifically for casement, sliding, gliding windows.

Check FFRS Price on Amazon

Best Value/Budget: Frigidaire FFRA knob-controlled and FFRE digital Series

Check FFRE Price on Amazon

Best with Space Heating: Frigidaire FFRH Series

Check FFRH Price on Amazon

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