Friedrich Window Air Conditioner Review in 2022

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Friedrich produces appliances known for quality design and materials, often at a higher cost than competitors. The brand makes two lines of residential window air conditioners including a commercial-grade series.

This Friedrich window air conditioner review and buying guide includes an overview of both lines, their features, efficiency ratings, noise level and prices. The results are summarized in a single table, like tables prepared in our other brand reviews, so comparing brands can be done at a glance.

Our brand guides include LG, Frigidaire, GEHaier and Kapsul.

We’ve also completed a comprehensive Window Air Conditioner Guide that will assist you in selecting efficiency, features and the right size window air conditioner for your purpose.

Friedrich Window Air Conditioner Series and Features

As noted, Friedrich makes two window air conditioner series.

Friedrich Chill is marketed as a residential line. The Kühl Series is called a “commercial grade” series that is used in both residential and commercial settings.

The table below is a summary of the Friedrich window air conditioners model analysis. Details follow.

Series Sizes/
CEERRefrigerantKey FeaturesPrice
Chill CP5.2-24K10.3-12.1R410A & R32Slide-out chassis, through-the-wall option, auto restartCheck Price
Chill EP7.5-23K9.8-11.3R410A All the above plus electric space heatingCheck Price
Kühl S5.8-36K9.0-12.1R410AWi-fi, wireless control, dimming LCD, commercial-gradeCheck Price
Kühl Y10-24K 10.2- 10.8R410AAll Kühl features plus heat pump. All Energy StarCheck Price
Kühl E8-36K9.0-12.0R410AAll Kühl features plus electric heat, not heat pumpsCheck Price

Friedrich Chill Window Air Conditioner Features:

The Chill Series is divided into Chill and Chill+, also called CP (cool-only) and EP (cool + heat).

Slide-out Chassis

All Chill Series ACs are built with a chassis that slides out from the main frame. This makes the units easier to service when necessary.

Through-the-wall Option

CP models are built for flexible installation either in the window or through the wall with included hardware. This is with the exception of the 5K BTU model which is a window-only unit.

Electric Heat Models

There are four models with an electric space heaters. These are not heat pumps (see the Kühl Series for heat pumps). The Friedrich Chill EP Series is available in 7.5K, 12K, 18K and 23K BTU sizes. Heaters range from 3.8K to 12K BTUs.

Full Range of Standard Features

Friedrich covers all the bases you’d expect: 24H timer, auto restart to previous settings, 3 fan speeds, 4-way airflow and digital remote.

R32 Refrigerant in Some Models

The CP Series 8K to 24K BTU models use new R32 refrigerant that doesn’t deplete ozone and has one-third the global warming potential (GWP) of R410A, which is currently the most commonly used refrigerant in window air conditioners and split system ACs.

Friedrich Kühl Window Air Conditioner Features:

This is a high-end, expensive window air conditioner series. Units include a slide-out chassis and can be installed in a window or through the wall. Among the other top features are:

Heat Pump and Electric Heat Models

E-Series Kühl window units are equipped with electric space heaters – 6 units from 8K to 36K BTUs. The Y-Series units are true heat pumps in 4 sizes: 10K, 12K, 18K and 24K BTU models.

Large Units

Kühl makes a 36,000 BTU in both cool-only and cool + electric heat lines. These are among the largest window air conditioners available from any brand.


All Kühl Series window units are wi-fi capable with the KWIFI wi-fi adapter. The FriedrichLink app is available for all smart devices. This technology makes possible 7-day programmable schedules, separate schedules for 4 periods of the day and keypad lockout to ensure the system isn’t adjusted by unauthorized users.

Wireless Thermostat

The Friedrich KWW thermostat is the first wireless thermostat for a window air conditioner. It uses the Friedrich KCM module, which is included with the thermostat.

Premium Carbon Filters

The filters remove more volatile organic compounds, odors and other pollutants than most window air conditioner filters.

Heavy-duty Construction

20-gauge steel and a non-corrosive aluminum back cover offer outstanding durability and protection from damage and vandalism.

Features Friedrich Doesn’t Offer

This is where we point out the features other brands of window air conditioners have that the featured brand doesn’t.

Friedrich is the most feature-rich window air conditioner brand on the market. None of the other top brands like Frigidaire, GE and Haier have features not found among the Friedrich models.

Friedrich Window AC Prices by Size

While the table above focuses on the features and price of each series, this table shows you your options once you know the size AC you need.

BTUs Room Sq. Ft.ACsHeat Pumps
Chill Series
5K to 8K100-350$250-$500N/A
10K to 12K 350-550$470-$650N/A
15K to 18K 550-1,000$720-$815N/A
20K to 25K1,000-1,650$875-$990N/A
Kühl Series
5K to 8K100-350$685-$850N/A
10K to 12K 350-550$770-$885$1,250-1,475
15K to 18K 550-1,000$1,050-$1,300$1,650-$2,000
20K to 25K1,000-1,650$1,335-$1,980$1.990-$2,075
25K to 36K1,650-2,700$1,885-$2,350N/A

If you’re wondering how to size a window AC or why is it important to have the right size air conditioner, then take a few minutes to review our window AC buying guide that has the answers to those questions and many more.

The guide lists clear steps for choosing a window air conditioner that best meets your need for cooling, features and price.

Quick Picks

This section lists the best Friedrich window air conditioners in specific feature and performance categories.

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Best Features on a Window AC: Friedrich Chill EP Series

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Smartest Window AC: Kühl Series window air conditioners

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Most Compact/Smallest Window AC: Friedrich Chill CP Series 5,200 BTU window air conditioner

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Best Large Model Window AC: Friedrich Kühl E Series

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Best Value/Budget Window AC: Friedrich Chill CP Series

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Best Window AC with Space Heating: Friedrich Kühl E Series

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Best Window AC with Heat Pump Heating: Kühl Y Series

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