Rheem/Ruud Thermostat Prices and Reviews 2021

Rheem Thermostat

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Thermostat Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Rheem and Ruud are sister brands, made in the same factory by parent company Paloma. As such, the product lines are identical except in name. This Ruud and Rheem thermostat buying guide covers thermostat models, capabilities, extra features and prices. We’ve completed buying guides for thermostats from the major HVAC brand competitors for comparison purposes in your research:

Introduction to Rheem and Ruud Thermostats

These brands make a limited but adequate range of thermostat models to support most standard split and package systems. They range from the basic and affordable 200 Series to the advanced technology of the EcoNet communicating WiFi thermostat. All are programmable, a feature that can save homeowners an average of 12% on their HVAC energy consumption when properly used to decrease system output when the house is empty.

This table shows the models and their main features. We’ve made these tables for all the brands listed above for quick comparison.

Rheem/Ruud ModelHeating StagesCooling StagesWIFICommunicatingProgrammable
EcoNet Control Center22YESYESYES
500 Series Communicating42AvailableAvailableYES
400 Series42NONOYES
300 Series Deluxe42NONOYES
200 Series22NONOYES


1). Heating and cooling columns: Knowing the capabilities of the system the thermostat will support is essential to selecting the right one. The stages of heating can come from any source in the system. For example, two stages of heating might include a single two-stage furnace or it might be a single-stage heat pump with backup electric heat. If you have an existing thermostat, taking off its cover will expose the wiring and should show a key too. This can help you determine how many stages of heating and cooling your system is capable of. The Ruud site discusses compatible HVAC systems for each thermostat.

2). WiFi column: The EcoNet Control Center is the only WiFi-enabled thermostat these brands offer. It can be controlled remotely using the EcoNet app available in iOS from the App Store and in Android from Google Play. You’ll also find links to the app on the Ruud and Rheem sites.

3). Communicating column: We discussed communicating compatibility in the Thermostat Buying Guide, and if you’re not familiar with the concept, it would be worth the time to review it there. The EcoNet Control Center thermostat is strictly communicating, so can only serve a Rheem/Ruud brand communicating HVAC system. Here is the list of Rheem/Ruud communicating HVAC models:

  • Rheem AC: RA20/RA17
  • Ruud AC: UA20/UA17
  • Rheem Heat Pump: RP20
  • Ruud Heat pump: RP20
  • Rheem Furnace: R98V/R97V/R96V/R802V
  • Ruud Furnace: U98V/U97V/U96V/U802V

The 200/300/400 series thermostats are universal, non-communicating models, so work with Rheem/Ruud and other brands of non-communicating HVAC systems.

Rheem and Ruud Thermostats Features Analysis

There are several features that distinguish this brand from the competitors.

  • EcoNet: The EcoNet Control Center is a single thermostat/control that allows you to control your HVAC system, gas or electric water heater and pool/spa water heaters from a single control.
  • Communicating technology: The EcoNet control and the 500 Series thermostats support Ruud/Rheem Comfort Control 2 communicating HVAC systems with premium Ruud and Rheem gas furnaces, central air conditioners, heat pumps and dual fuel (furnace and heat pump) systems. Communicating systems offer maximum efficiency and indoor comfort control. There’s more information on communicating HVAC systems and much more in our Thermostat Buying Guide.
  • 400 Series thermostats: Most major HVAC brands make a modulating (aka variable-capacity) gas furnace, but only Rheem and Ruud make a thermostat designed specifically to support these furnaces. The advantage is optimized efficiency and superior dehumidifying in humid summer weather and humidifying in winter when a humidifier is part of the system.

Rheem and Ruud Thermostat Prices

This table of current and accurate Ruud/Rheem thermostat prices is like price tables in our other brand thermostat buying guides. These price ranges show that you should shop around because prices vary widely.

Rheem/Ruud Thermostat Models
EcoNet Control Center
500 Series Communicating
400 Series Special Application
300 Series Deluxe
200 Series

How to Get the Best Rheem/Ruud Thermostat Prices From HVAC Technician?

According to the latest report of Homeadvisor, finding at least 3 local contractors to compare will save 23% on average. You can click here to get 3 free estimates from your local contractors, and this estimate already filtered unqualified contractors automatically.

Once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Rheem/Ruud Thermostat Wiring

Recently, we just completed an In-depth Thermostat Wiring DIY Guide which covers many wiring situations. Once you select a Rheem/Ruud thermostat and want to wire it by yourself, remember to add this guide to your favorite list. If you come across any questions when wiring your thermostat, feel free to ask a question in the comment sections.

Thanks for taking a few minutes on PickHVAC to research thermostats, and feel free to share this information on social media if you believe it would assist other homeowners in their purchase decision.

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