Trane Thermostats Reviews, Prices and Buying Guide 2022

Trane Thermostat

Note: Before you dive into the specific brand review, we highly recommend you to read our elaborate Thermostat Buying Guide in advance, there are several crucial steps you need to take before you even start to think about the brand.

Trane is one of the largest residential HVAC manufacturers in North America. The brand is owned by Fortune 500 company Ingersoll-Rand, and American Standard is a sister brand with a lineup of thermostats that is nearly identical, but with fewer models. This Trane thermostat buying guide provides the research needed to decide if one of these models is right for your HVAC system. It covers models, their features and capabilities and their costs. For comparison, we have prepared thermostat buying guides for the leading competitors including:

The model table and the price table below have counterparts in the other guides that make it fast and easy to compare thermostat essentials across the top brands.

Introduction to Trane Thermostats

It’s no surprise that Trane makes one of the broadest ranges of thermostats among HVAC manufacturers. Top models are called connected thermostats and offer communicating compatibility and/or WiFi monitoring and control. They all have 7-day programming with up to 6 temperature changes. What Trane calls traditional thermostats cover the basics quite well, and many are programmable, a feature that can reduce energy use in your home when used.

This table shows all Trane thermostats and their essential features.

Trane ModelHeating StagesCooling StagesWIFIProgrammableCommunicating
ComfortLink II XL105052YESYESYES
ComfortLink II XL95052YESYESYES
ComfortLink II XL85052YESYESYES


1). Heating and cooling columns: The stages of heating can be spread out over multiple components. For example, the ComfortLink II XL 1050 and XL 950 support 5 stages of heating. Three of those stages could be a modulating gas furnace with three stages and a heat pump with two stages, as an example in a dual fuel system. Or, it could represent a two-stage furnace and two-stage heat pump with electric backup. Cooling stages are fewer since either a central AC or heat pump provides cooling, but no system includes both.

2). Communicating column: Communicating systems share data between each component and the thermostat/control to optimize efficiency and indoor comfort. Note that communicating thermostats including the ComfortLink II models are wired differently than non-communicating models. Trane communicating thermostats only work with Trane communicating HVAC equipment, not with any other brand. This is an industry-wide issue, and there is currently discussion of creating universal communicating equipment standards. Our Thermostat Buying Guide has much more information about these upscale systems including wiring issues and their pros and cons.

Here is the list of Trane communicating HVAC system, you can check if your current system is one of them:

  • AC: XV20/XV18
  • Heat Pump: XV20/XV18
  • Gas Furnace: XC95m/XC80

Trane Thermostats Features Reviews

There are several Trane thermostat features worth noting because they set these models apart from the crowd – though not all are exclusive to Trane.

  • Nexia and Alexa connectivity: Four of Trane’s WiFi thermostats are supported by the popular Nexia smart home automation system that also controls lighting, locks, the garage door, your home’s security system and more. The models are the XL1050, XL850, XL824 and LX624. The first three feature built-in Nexia Bridge; the LX624 requires Z-Wave technology for remote monitoring and control of the thermostat. The XL1050 works with Amazon Alexa to allow you to change your home’s temperature with just a few words.
  • Live Weather: The LX950 features an on-demand weather report including current weather data, a forecast, radar images and weather alerts on its touchscreen display. The XL850 and XL824 display current outdoor temperature and weather conditions without the other weather features.
  • Touchscreen control: All Trane thermostats above the XL602 feature touchscreen displays for easily adjusting mode and temperature or checking thermostat diagnostics.
  • Traditional thermostats programming: All the traditional/non-WiFi thermostats except the basic-level XR402, XR401 and XB200 are programmable.
  • Armchair Programming: The screen of the XL803 and XL802 is removable and battery powered, so you can remove it from the mount and keep it nearby wherever you are. This allows what Trane calls “armchair programming,” the ability to monitor and adjust the thermostat using the screen like a remote.

Trane Thermostat Prices

Trane thermostat prices range from premium for the XL models to competitively priced for others, necessary in an industry populated by third-party thermostats like Ecobee, Nest, Lyric and Lux.

Trane Thermostat Models
Trane ComfortLink II XL1050
Trane ComfortLink II XL950
Trane ComfortLink II XL850
Trane XL824
Trane XL624
Trane XL803
Trane XL802 $185-$240
Trane XL800 $170-$195
Trane XL602 $160-$190
Trane XL600 $115-$145
Trane XR402 $75-$110
Trane XR401 $65-$100
Trane XB200 less than $100

Remember that the Trane XL communicating thermostats work only with Trane-brand communicating equipment. All other Trane thermostats are universal, meaning they will work with any brand HVAC equipment. If you have questions about the compatibility of the system, see our Thermostat Buying Guide or ask an HVAC technician.

How to Get the Best Trane Thermostat Prices?

As Trane is a proprietary brand and it is hard to find matched Trane thermostat (especially for communicating models) directly on local or online store. The best way is finding at least 3 Trane licensed contractors to compare. You can click here to get 3 free estimates for your local contractor, and this estimate already filtered unqualified contractors automatically.

Once you chose the right contractor, remember to use the tactics from this guide: Homeowners Tactics When Negotiating with HVAC Dealer to get the final best price.

Trane Thermostat Wiring

Recently, we just completed an In-depth Thermostat Wiring DIY Guide which covers many wiring situations. Once you purchase a Trane thermostat (if you are lucky) and want to wire it by yourself, remember to add this guide to your favorite list. If you come across any questions when wiring your thermostat, feel free to ask a question in the comment sections.

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