Best Mini Space Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2018-2019

There will be many of you who already have heating systems in your home or office thanks to either central heating powered by gas, or one or more space heaters that provide a good level of heat.

Despite this, there may be occasions where you require some additional heat for short periods of time, especially during the winter months.

This is where a mini space heater is ideal for providing short-term, localized heat, and as they are lightweight and portable, there is literally no limit to where they can be used.

In this article, you will read reviews on some of the best mini heaters currently available, and our buying guide will provide you with additional information to help you make your choice.

Product Summary

      Image                    Product

VersionTech Mini Heater

  • 950 W + Overheat & Tip-Over 
  • 4.9 X 4.9 X 8.1 Inches
  • 2 heat settings/fan only/oscillates

Editor's Pick

PuraFlame Electric Heater

  • 1250 W + Overheat & Tip-Over 
  • 9.0 X 5.7 X 12 Inches

Andily Mini Space Heater

  • 1500 W + Overheat & Tip-Over 
  • 6.2 X 4.8 X 8.3 Inches
  • 2 heat settings/fan only

Lasko MyHeat Heater

  • 200W + Overheat
  • 3.8 X 4.3 X 6.1 Inches

The Smallest

FitFirst Mini Space Heater

  • 600 W + Overheat & Tip-Over
  • 4.6 X 4.6 X 8.4 Inches

​Reviews of The Best Mini Space Heaters

#1 VersionTech Personal Mini Space Heater

We start with a very modern looking mini space heater that you might think looks more like a music speaker than something that could keep you warm.

It's small size, low weight and handles make it very portable and it can be placed on bedside tables, office desks and kitchen worktops to warm you up or simply placed on the floor next to you when you want to give your feet and legs some heat.

Although it is a lot smaller than normal space heaters it has as many, if not more, functions than a lot of them. In terms of heat settings, you can have it on a low or high heat setting simply by pressing the wonderfully named 'Soft / Strong' button.

If you do not need heat, but instead would like the fan to blow some air into the room you are in, then a 'fan-only' option is available. A useful indicator light changes color to show the current heat setting.

For both heat settings and fan-only you can switch on oscillation.

Things We Like

  • Choice of Heat Settings
  • Fan-Only Option
  • Oscillation Feature
  • check
    Modern Styling

Things We Don't Like

  • Tip Over Cut Off Is Not Immediate
  • Noisier Than We Would Have Hoped

If you love those full-size heaters that you see in domestic living room's that have imitation flames adding to the atmosphere, then this mini space heater will appeal to you. It has an imitation flame effect which can be left on to give you the feeling of warmth, even if you have switched off the heater.

The heater has three options. 'Flame Only', as we've just described, then 'Heat and Flame' where you get to replicate sitting in front of a real fire and keep warm. The third option allows you to keep the heater on, and to switch off the flame effect, which may be useful if you are using it in an office.

Safety features include an overheat cut-off, and there is a tip-over cut-off in case this mini space heater gets accidentally knocked over, which given how lightweight and diminutive it is, could easily happen.

Things We Like

  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Overheat and Tip-Over Safety Features
  • 1500 Watt Maximum Heat Output
  • check
    Imitation Flames Effect

Things We Don't Like

  • Fan Only Is Quite Noisy
  • Thermostat Switch Is Fragile

This mini space heater looks very much like a normal convection space heater and is effectively just a very much smaller version of them.

It has the usual control options, so first you switch it on and select your heat option. This mini space heater has two to choose from, which are 750 watts and 1500 watts, and you will soon notice that it heats up in just a few seconds.

Once you have chosen your heat option, you can then use the thermostat control to adjust temperatures up or down until you get to a heat level that is the most comfortable for you.

There is a third option which is to have the fan only running without any heat which means this mini space heater can also help cool you down in warmer months.

This heater is easily portable and can be used in offices, workshops, and just about any room in your home when you need some personal, close-up heating.

Things We Like

  • Two Heat Settings
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Fan Only Option
  • check
    Safety Cut-Offs

Things We Don't Like

  • Accumulates Lots of Dust Inside
  • Not the Most Energy Efficient

While this little heater from Lasko is the mini space heater category, it is so small it could justifiably have its very own category of 'minuscule' space heaters.

This is one of the smallest space heaters you are ever going to find, which makes it ideal for office cubicles, bedside tables, kitchen worktops or a side table in your lounge. One point to note is that this has no tip-over safety cut off, so it is important that this heater is always placed on a level surface.

We've mentioned that the Lasko 'My Heat' is one the smallest heaters around, and it is also one of the simplest to operate. There is an on/off button and...and that's it! This can be a mixed blessing because those who hate complicated appliances will love it, those that like a bit more control may not.

What it may lack in inches, it more than makes up for in terms of popularity and satisfied customers, as there have been literally thousands of them.

Things We Like

  • Ideal for Desks and Worktops
  • Low Energy Usage (200 W)
  • Very Simple to Use
  • check
    Extremely Quiet When Running

Things We Don't Like

  • No Tip Over Protection
  • No Heat or Fan Only Options

This is another mini space heater that looks very modern with electronic touch buttons and LED function indicator lights confirming that it is certainly a present-day design.

There are plenty of places it can be used to give you some personal heat, with an office or study being the most obvious. Other suggestions are kitchen, lounge or bedroom.

It is operated using the modern switch we mentioned above, and its main control button is a one-touch operation. This means you press it once for heat, twice for fan only, and the third press switches it off again. This simple operation is complemented by an LED light which turns red when the heat is on, and blue when it’s running as a fan only.

The second button on top of the mini heater turns on the oscillation function so that the heat and air can be distributed across a larger area. For portability, there is a handle, and safety is addressed by tip over and overheat cut off functions.

Things We Like

  • Modern Design
  • One-Touch Button Controls
  • Oscillation Option
  • check
    Colored LED Function Indicator

Things We Don't Like

  • Power Cord Is Too Short
  • Tip Over Switch Is Too Sensitive

Buyer’s Guide

How Are Mini Heaters Different to Other Space Heaters?

The most obvious clue to help answer that question is the 'mini' in the name. That should tell you that mini space heaters are a lot smaller in terms of their dimensions, and their weight is a lot less than normal space heaters too. You are looking at some being no longer than 6 inches on their longest side and having less weight than a pineapple.

Their small weight and size mean mini space heaters are very portable and therefore more easily taken from room to room or into your workplace than a standard space heater.

This leads us to another major difference which is where you place them. They can go on desks, worktops, side tables and even just be held by the user for a few minutes until the heater gets them warm enough. These would not be possible, and in some cases be very dangerous, if you tried this with a full-size space heater.

Apart from their size, many mini space heaters have fewer options, such as fan only or heat settings. Having said that many do, so this is something you should look out for when considering which mini heater to purchase. If you want a simple as can be heater, you can. Conversely, if you'd prefer heat level options and other features like oscillation, mini space heaters with these are available too.

If you want to know more space heater features, read our comprehensive buyers guide to space heaters for all the details.

Locations Mini Space Heaters Are Ideal For

There is probably an argument that could be made that would suggest that mini space heaters could be placed anywhere. That essentially means that mini space heaters could be used in any room in the house, except one, due to the risks of using any electrically powered products in a bathroom.

However, they’re not designed for heating up large rooms, which is the job of your central heating system, or any large space heaters that you may have in your home such as electric space heaters. Mini space heaters are best used for providing very localized heat, where the beneficiary is going to be just one person.

Here are some locations which are the most suitable for mini space heaters and where they

would be a better and more cost-effective option, than a full-size space heater.

>> Bedside Tables <<

Although bedside tables are normally quite small, even with a bedside lamp, and an alarm clock already sitting on one, there should still be room for a mini space heater. With one next to you, it could help warm you as you get into bed on a cold night or take the chill off when you get up in those frosty mornings.

If you share your bed with a partner or spouse, we suggest that you purchase two mini space heaters instead of just one, so that each of you can have one on your own side of the bed. The alternative is to fight over who gets custody of the mini space heater on any given cold night or morning, which we assume you wouldn't want.

>> Kitchen Worktops <<

Although the kitchen is a room that can be warmed up due to the heat coming from the cooker rings, grill or oven, they are not on all the time. This is especially true when you are preparing meals rather than cooking them.

A mini space heater sitting on your kitchen worktop next to you is a great way to stay warm whether you are chopping vegetables, dicing steak, mixing a cake recipe or simply cleaning down your worktops.

For those mini space heaters that have fan only options, you also have an ideal way to help stay cooler when the food you have been preparing is being cooked and the temperature in the kitchen is rising.

>> Office / Study <<

One of the most popular uses of mini space heaters is either on top of or underneath, a desk. This could be a desk in your home office or study, or it could be the desk you have at work.

Mini space heaters are so lightweight and small you could probably take it with to work each day in your work bag and even more easily if you commute into work by car. They'll help you stay warm on cold days, and if they have a fan only option, cool you on hot days.

One point about taking into work is to make sure you choose a mini space heater that is proven to be quiet when the fan is running. You don't want your fellow employees or your boss on your back because your mini heater is too loud and distracting everyone.

>> Lounge Tables <<

In your living room or lounge, you will most likely already have a decent source of heat, whether that be central heating or other heat sources. Nevertheless, if you need or want that little bit extra, just for you, then a mini space heater on a side table or coffee table near you, or on the floor to heat your feet, would be the answer.

Additional Safety Considerations for Mini Space Heaters

While their lack of size and weight is one of their main advantages, on the other side of the coin, it could be argued that this brings problems. Specifically, there are increased risks and dangers with regards to mini space heaters that are maybe not as prevalent in larger heaters. To make sure you and those around you stay safe when using a mini space heater, we have highlighted the top two safety risks below, and how to avoid them.

>> Being Knocked Over <<

Most, though not all, mini space heaters have cut-off switches which activate if the heater is knocked over in any way. While this may switch the heater off, it does not cool it down instantly, and if the heater lands in or on anything which is easily combustible, such as a wastepaper basket in your office, the latent heat may possibly present a risk of fire.

Although this risk is slim, it is still present so whenever you are using a mini space heater, whether at home or in your workplace, please be extra careful not to knock it over.

>> Contact with Other Items <<

No matter how tidy you are, there could be a moment where you cast aside something without thinking about it. The list of what this might be is endless, but examples are a document at work, a newspaper, or a kitchen towel.

The danger with these, or anything else, is that they could easily land on or against your mini space heater. The risk is that you do not notice this and that whatever it is catches alight due to either the heat or because it somehow made contact with the heating elements.

Other scenarios are those where you have a pile of paperwork on your desk or newspapers and magazine on your coffee table at home. If your mini heater is in the middle of it all, the risk exists that any piece of paper, which is highly combustible, could cause a fire.

The simple message from this is to keep the area around your mini space heaters clear of anything that could be or is combustible. This obviously includes any type of paper as we've mentioned, but also other items such as fabrics.


While we've previously reviewed at all manner of space heaters, because of their tiny weights and sizes we found these mini heaters the most fun to review, which probably tells you more about us than the heaters, to be honest.

Having assessed all five of them, our conclusions is that the best mini space heater is the VersionTech Personal Mini Space Heater.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that we love how it looks. It's modern, and its rectangular block shape and black color allow it to be used in both a domestic and workplace environment.

The second reason is that it has every feature you would want in any space heater, let alone a mini one. Heat options, fan only, safety cutoffs and oscillation are all there, making it not only very desirable but great value for money too.

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