Dyson Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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Since Dyson expanded their lineup to include a range of heating and air products, they’ve continually refreshed their product range. Some models receive minor changes, while others are phased out, which can make finding differences between new and old systems difficult. With this Dyson heater review, we are going to clear up any confusion with their existing heaters while comparing their units against other brands.

Dyson Heater Collection







Dyson HP01

360 Glass HEPA


53 Gal/s



Dyson HP02

360 Glass HEPA


53 Gal/s



Dyson HP04

Glass HEPA Media


82 Gal/s



Dyson HP06

Glass HEPA Media


79 Gal/s



Dyson AM09






Unlike other heater manufacturers or even companies that specialize in HVAC products, Dyson does not have a dedicated heater line. Instead, they have a collection of multipurpose systems that can cool, heat, or purify the air depending on the model.

Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Link HP02

The Best Dyson Heater


At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the Dyson HP02 for its older sibling. The two machines have a similar design and are around the exact same height, width, and weight. The changes are on the inside and quite significant, given the minor difference in price.

This Dyson heater has all the features found on the HP01, but with advanced filtration and the new modes. It can also tilt and oscillates 180 degrees compared to 70 degrees on the older model. Auto mode is a new addition along with backward airflow mode, which allows you to use the system without dealing with airflow from this heater’s fan.

Better filtration is always a perk, and their second-gen system can capture ultra-fine particles, pollen, and bacteria with the glass HEPA filter. Want to keep your bedroom warm while you sleep? That’s not a problem with sleep mode activated, especially when you factor in the connected nature of this system and the Dyson Link app.

This connected heater syncs up with their mobile app to provide data on your system you can’t get elsewhere. The app doubles as a remote as well, in case you’re not partial to Dyson’s curved magnetic remote control. Alternatively, if you want to go hands-free and control your Dyson heater using only your voice, that’s an option.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 Purifying Heater

The Best Dyson Heater for Indoor Air Quality


With each generation of heaters from Dyson, the company adds something new while keeping the best features intact. That doesn’t change with the company’s latest flagship heater, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04.

If you read our Dyson Fan reviews for the HP01 and HP02, you already have a good idea of what to expect from this heater. The Dyson HP04 is their best heater to date, so it comes with Night-time mode, a Diffused mode, and can purify the air in a room or heat it up. It works as a fan as well by making use of the company’s Air Multiplier technology like the other systems on our list.

While the filtration and power have seen a slight upgrade as well, there are three major differences with this system, including 350-degree oscillation. The tiny display on the previous unit has been replaced by a larger, full-color display, which provides a wealth of data. That means you no longer have to pull out your phone to check the status of your system or even the air quality in your home.

The HP04 has intelligent monitoring, which keeps tabs on everything from VOCs and pollen to nitrogen dioxide. As it’s connected, you can still control this system with your voice or use the Dyson Link app from your smartphone or tablet. It comes with a remote like the rest of their heaters and is accredited by Quiet Mark along with the AAFA as well.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01


If there was such thing as an “entry-level” product from Dyson’s air treatment line, the HP01 would be it. Not because it was designed to be budget-friendly, however, but due to the fact it’s the oldest 3-in-1 heater in their catalog.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 may be an older heater, but it’s quite capable and can handle areas up to 800 square feet in size. Like all of the systems from the company’s Pure lineup, this heater can clean the air through a mix of HEPA and carbon filtration. It’s also a variable speed system with 10 fan speeds and can oscillate 70 degrees as well.

Ease of use was one reason the HP01 was so popular initially, considering the bladeless design makes it a breeze to clean. A magnetic curved remote control allows you to adjust the system from anywhere in a room, while a small digital display provides a few details on the heater, including an indicator light for filter changes.

While the Pure Hot + Cool HP01 is the best way to break into Dyson’s heater lineup, it’s not quite as high tech as the next step up in their catalog. Depending on where you shop, you can pick this heater fan up in three colors with white and silver, iron and silver, or iron and blue.

Dyson Hot + Cool AM09 Jet Focus Heater


Before Dyson began to produce heaters and tower fans that purified the air, their systems were simpler and somewhat cheaper. The Dyson AM09 is proof of that, and a device that grabbed millions of consumer’s attention when it was initially released in 2015.

This heater fan combo has a 9-hour timer and can heat or cool the air depending on your needs. It has a built-in thermostat with a range of 33° to 99°F. It can oscillate and tilts as well, although not to the degree of the company’s newer models.

While the AM09 is the oldest heater on our list and is no longer sold by Dyson, although it’s still available at a number of retailers both online and locally. Given its age and the price difference between the next models in their catalog, the Dyson AM09 may only be worth it if you can catch it on sale.

The Dyson Cryptomic Fan Heater


We aren’t going to spend much time here as we consider the Dyson HP06 to be a specialty device and not something many homeowners will purchase. While it’s just as capable as the HP04, its main feature has a significant impact on its price point.

This heater uses Dyson’s unique Cryptomic technology, which can detect and destroy formaldehyde in your home. Their system works in the background continuously and never needs to be replaced like the dual-stage HEPA filter. It’s listed with an airflow rate of 79 gallons per second compared to the HP04 at 82 gallons per second and is a few ounces heavier, but everything else largely remains the same.

Dyson Heater Features

Unlike brands like Vornado or Pelonis, Dyson heaters bring more to the table when it comes to features, and it’s not particularly close. They have standard safety features that will keep you safe if your heater tips over or gets too hot, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this high-tech brand.

All of Dyson’s heaters have a magnetized remote, can oscillate, and will tilt, although we had difficulty finding out how much you can tilt them. That’s a major bonus considering it’s a standard feature on their Heat + Cool lineup. Filtration is also standard on all models except for the Dyson AM09. The level goes up slightly with each generation, but there is a significant difference between the first-gen and newest models.

Some of the modes found on Dyson’s heaters are unique because of the design of their systems like Backward Airflow mode and Jet Focus. The design of their heaters could be considered a feature as well, but the real advantage to their systems are the high-tech features like advanced monitoring and the Dyson Link app.

Other companies have connected heaters, but none are as smart as the ones from Dyson. The HP02, HP04, and HP06 are all compatible with their mobile app and can be controlled with your voice. The Dyson HP04 and HP06 are the top options, however, and a major step up from the HP02 if you’re concerned about air quality in your home.

Dyson Heater Reviews

Given the popularity of Dyson heaters, it’s not hard to find thousands of verified reviews from consumers around the globe. That’s especially true with their older models that have been on the market for several years and allowed consumers to revise and revisit their initial thoughts.

The main reason to pick up a heater from Dyson and the thing most consumers raved about is the design and performance. They can push a surprising amount of air for their size while their blade-less nature makes them quiet and easy to clean.

The biggest complaint from consumers that own a Dyson heater is the price tag, although that’s expected when a heater costs between anywhere $400 to $800. We also noticed some homeowners that were unhappy with their unit’s performance after a few years, which is unfortunate given the warranty.

Those are important complaints but relatively minor compared to brands plagued by quality control issues. It’s also important to remember all of these heaters work as fans as well, and all but one can purify the air.

Dyson Heater Warranties

We’ve given the company high marks in a number of areas in this Dyson heater review, but warranty isn’t one of them. The company does have a reputation for great customer service, and there are plenty of resources online that can help you diagnose issues as well.

With that in mind, you’ll only get a 2-year guarantee with any Dyson Hot + Cool heater, which is disappointing given the price. On a positive note, the company has a wealth of options when it comes to replacement parts, which can keep your system running long after others have bitten the dust.

Dyson Heater FAQ

Q: Why does my heater have an unusual odor once I turn it on?

A: That all depends on the type of smell you encounter. If it’s just an unpleasant odor, your heater could be dirty and may need to be wiped down. If it’s a burning or electrical smell, unplug the heater and contact Dyson as there could be an internal issue with the unit.

Q: There’s an error code on my display, how do I clear it?

A: On older systems like the AM09, if the error code is F, H, or C on the display, you will need to perform a hard reset on your fan to clear the error.

Q: My Dyson heater doesn’t have any power, what should I do?

A: The first thing you should try is checking the power socket to ensure there are no issues there or that a breaker hasn’t been tripped. If the power light is on, but nothing is happening, you may need to reset the system. With older heaters, you simply need to unplug it from the wall and wait, but the process differs on the company’s newer heaters.

Q: Why is diffused mode no longer working on my heater?

A: This is another problem that comes down to cleaning more often than not. For any performance issues related to airflow, makes sure the loop amplifier and body are clean and free of dust.

Q: Is my heater supposed to make a humming noise?

A: The heater will make a slight humming noise when it’s idling so that it can keep the temperature regulated in a room. If it’s a loud hum or vibrations occur, make sure it’s on a level surface or try moving the machine to a different location.

Q: Are Dyson heaters easy to maintain and clean?

A: Yes, and that’s one of the draws to purchasing a fan or heater from the company. In most cases, you simply need to wipe the unit down regularly and make sure the loop amplifier is clean.

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