Pelonis Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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If you’ve browsed heaters on Amazon or Walmart, you’ve no doubt come across a product from Pelonis. The company makes several types of HVAC products geared towards the indoors, including portable AC units, fans, dehumidifiers, and heaters. In our Pelonis heater review, we’re going to focus on the company’s heater collection, which includes a nice mix of budget-friendly to midrange systems.

Pelonis Company History

Pelonis has been in business for around 25 years, and they have grown into a global presence in that time. Currently, they are owned by the Midea Group, a company responsible for a number of popular brands, including Eureka, Toshiba, Comfee, and Little Swan. Heaters are sold under the Pelonis branding, although there are several models from Mainstays with a strikingly similar design as well.

The Pelonis Heater Collection

With close over 20 heaters available at any time, Pelonis has a large lineup of systems compared to some of their competitors. They don’t have quite as much variance when it comes to specifications or style, but they are a brand to consider if you prefer ceramic or radiator heaters compared to fan-forced systems.

ModelStyleWattage/BTUThermostatHeat SettingsTimerRemote Control
Pelonis NF15-18UFan-Forced900/1500No2NoNo
Pelonis PFH15A2BGBFan-Forced900/1500Digital2NoNo
Pelonis PSH750Fan-Forced900/1500Digital2NoYes
Pelonis PH-17PFan-Forced900/1500Adjustable2NoNo
Pelonis HC-0179Ceramic1000/1500Adjustable2NoNo
Pelonis HT-1003Ceramic1000/900Adjustable2NoNo
Pelonis HF-0063Ceramic1500/900Digital212-hourNo
Pelonis BDISC6Ceramic1500Adjustable1NoNo
Pelonis PH19-JCeramic1500/900Adjustable2NoNo
Pelonis NTH15-18MRCeramic1500/900/ecoDigital38 hoursYes
Pelonis NTH15-17BRACeramic1500/900/ecoDigital324 hoursYes
Pelonis PH-14AOil RadiatorEco/900/1500Digital310 hoursYes
Pelonis NY1507-14AOil RadiatorEco/900/1500Digital310 hoursYes
Pelonis NY1506-18SRAOil RadiatorEco/900/1500Digital324 hoursYes
Pelonis NY1507-17LAOil Radiator1500Adjustable3NoNo
Pelonis HO-0280Oil Radiator1500Digital324 hoursYes
Pelonis HO-0201Oil Radiator600/900/1500Adjustable3NoNo
Pelonis HQ-1000Infrared Quartz750/1500Adjustable2NoNo

Pelonis Fan Heaters

Many heater manufacturers have a large lineup of forced-air heaters, but that isn’t the case with Pelonis. The company has two units in this class, and they are polar opposites when it comes to both design and function.

The Pelonis NF15-18U Vortex is billed as a 2-in-1 heater with air. That means it has a separate fan mode for use in the summer or spring to go along with two heat settings. Vortex technology helps distribute air throughout a room regardless of the mode, while aerodynamic blades provide twice the airflow of a traditional system.

 Pelonis Vortex PFH15A2BGB

Pelonis Vortex PFH15A2BGB

We also found two variants of that model that aren’t listed on the company’s official site. The first is the Pelonis Vortex PFH15A2BGB. This fan heater looks and performs just like the NF15-18U but has a wide stand, which allows you to tilt the unit up to 90 degrees. It also has a digital control panel on the top with an adjustable thermostat. The Pelonis Vortex PSH750 looks to be the same system but with a remote control, and it comes in three different colors.

Pelonis PH17P

Pelonis PH17P

Whereas the Vortex heaters look like a small forced-air fan, the Pelonis PH17P has a far more interesting design. This cylindrical system is designed to provide warmth from all sides and is capable of heating up to 70°F in only 3 seconds. It’s relatively quiet with a decibel rate of 57dB and has a fan-only mode, just like the N15-18U.

Pelonis Ceramic Heaters

The first ceramic fan we want to touch on is the Pelonis HC-1079. This simple but effective heater is portable with a wide base and standard safety features. It has two heat modes and a mechanical thermostat you can fine-tune through a dial. It can handle rooms up to around 100 square feet, like most of the company’s small fan-based heaters.

Our next two options both oscillate but have a different design. The Pelonis HT-1003 is a classic box heater with two manual knobs and two heat settings. One allows you to dial in the temperature, while the second knob sets the heat to high or low and turns on oscillation. It’s fairly compact at 10.3” tall and rated at 1500 watts on high or 900 watts on low.

Pelonis HF-0063

Pelonis HF-0063

The Pelonis HF-0063 is another 1500-watt heater with two settings and a fan-only mode. It also has a discreet LED display on the front with minimal controls along the top. There are buttons that adjust the temperature, set the 12-hour timer, or provide access to the oscillation feature. It has a more modern design than the HT-1003 and looks like it was designed in the future when compared to the BDISC6 heater.

If there were ever a truly “classic” design in the heater world, this would be it. The portable Pelonis BDISC6 disc heater is only 6” high by 5.5” wide but can heat a room up to 600 square feet. To call it simple would be an understatement, although it does have an adjustable electronic thermostat on the back and tip-over protection.

If you’re interested in something a little taller and more modern looking than the last four options, the company has three small tower heaters that are well worth a look. The most interesting of the trio is the Pelonis Tower Space Heater NTH15-17BRA, which can be used vertically or horizontally depending on your needs.

Pelonis Tower Space Heater NTH15-17BRA

Pelonis Tower Space Heater NTH15-17BRA

This unique heater has a digital thermostat and can be controlled from around 20 feet away, thanks to a remote. It’s set at 1500 and 900 watts like most of the company’s heaters but has an eco-mode as well. The NTH15-17BRA also has internal oscillation and a 24-hour timer. The closest heater to this system is the Pelonis NTH15-18MR, which also has an eco-model and remote control.

Pelonis PH-19J

Pelonis PH-19J

Aside from some minor design changes, the biggest difference between these two heaters is how they operate. This heater has 70 degrees of oscillation and can only be used in a vertical position. The Pelonis PH-19J has manual dials on top and was inspired by the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The noise level on this system is in-line with the other two models at around 52dB, and it has a slightly better oscillation range of 80 degrees.

Pelonis Radiant Heaters

Heaters that produce radiant heat can come in many different forms. While we’ve seen manufacturers come a long way from the radiator-based heaters filled with oil, they are still a popular option, and Pelonis has a half-dozen models spread across numerous shopping sites.

The Pelonis HO-0280 is another system that’s not listed on the company’s official site but is one of their more modern-looking radiator heaters. This 7-fin system has a large LED display with an electronic thermostat and a 24-hour timer. It has three heat settings along with an eco-mode and comes with a remote control as well.

Alternatively, the Pelonis PH-14A only has a 10-hour timer but similar specifications, although its thermostat has five presets. It also has two heating levels and an eco-mode, just like its twin, the Pelonis NY1507-14A. These systems are identical except for the trim around the front, which is silver on the PH14A and gold on the NY1507-14A.

The last digital radiator heater from the company is the Pelonis NY1506-18SRA. It’s a radiator heater that looks like it was designed this decade, instead of having a design that’s 50 years old. This slim system has a steel cover with three heat settings at 600, 900, or 1500 watts. Other features include a 24-hour timer, digital thermostat, LED display, and a child lock.

Pelonis HO-0201

Pelonis HO-0201

While the NY1506-18SRA is one of their flagship systems, the company also has two radiator heaters with traditional controls. The Pelonis NY1507-17LA, otherwise known as the HO-17LA1B, has two dials on the front that allow you to adjust the thermostat or set the heat level. It doesn’t have a remote, but it is incredibly easy to use. The Pelonis HO-0201 is a similar heater, but newer and available in white.

Pelonis HQ-1000

Pelonis HQ-1000

Most of Pelonis’s radiant heaters are oil-based systems, but the Pelonis HQ-1000 is an exception. This heater is an infrared quartz heater and can knock the chill out of a room quickly as it’s rated at 1500 watts. It’s simple to use and light on features aside from 2 heat settings and a dial for the thermostat. It has a standard set of safety features, just like the rest of the company’s heaters.

Pelonis Heater Features

Overall, we feel Pelonis has a nice mix of features spread across their collections. That said, you’ll find more of them when dealing with their ceramic and radiant heaters than you will with their small, personal heaters.

One of the more common features the company mentions on “most” of their product listings is the fact they are built with a flame-resistant material. According to Pelonis, many of their heater chassis are constructed from ABS plastic that carries the UL94 classification. While they don’t discuss it at length, they do have plenty of pictures that show a lighter against the heater.

Heaters with a cool-touch housing are also popular with the Pelonis, and we were surprised to find several models that oscillate or have timers. There are a handful of heaters with remote controls as well, although their safety features are more common. Overheat protection, tip-over switches, and thermal cutoffs that can be reset are just a few safety features to keep an eye out for.

Pelonis Heater Reviews

In our research, we found that most of Pelonis’s heaters have received positive scores from consumers. While you have to filter out quite a few false and fabricated reviews, homeowners seemed to appreciate the performance they get for the price.

That being said, reviews are hard to come by on some of their models, especially newer ones that were recently introduced. In other cases, it’s due to availability, which is something we’ll discuss below. We also found more positive reviews for their ceramic systems compared to their personal heaters, although that’s common with other manufacturers as well.

Pelonis Heater Warranties

Things are straightforward if you purchase a heater from Pelonis and are concerned about the warranty. Every model we came across has a 1-year guarantee, regardless of the price or style. While that makes their warranty process easy to wrap your head around, it’s not ideal if you’re interested in one of their premium models. It’s difficult to find replacement parts with most heaters in this class, and Pelonis was no exception, so you may want to consider an extended warranty with their heaters.  

Pelonis Heater Pricing and Availability

This is where things begin to get a little murky for Pelonis; especially compared to larger or more well-known brands. From the company’s official website, you can select a model and find a location that sells that specific heater. You don’t need to do that, however, as we found the company’s heaters are only sold through a handful of retailers online.

Amazon and Walmart are your best bet if you are interested in a Pelonis heater. Lowes has a number of models listed, but none are in stock are available for delivery at this time. That could change in the future, but for now, you won’t find any models through Home Depot or Lowes online. Local alternatives could provide more options, but we feel the best place to purchase a Pelonis heater is online.

With Pelonis heater pricing, it depends on where you shop and which model you’re interested in. Compared to the top brands, we found their collection to be more affordable as a whole, but there are similar systems from brands big and small with better warranties.

Pelonis Heater Pros and Cons

If you’re still not sure if a heater from Pelonis is the best choice for your home, breaking down the pros and cons can be a quick way to ease your mind. With Pelonis, it’s a process that’s rather simple compared to other brands as well, given the nature of their lineup.

Pelonis Heater Pros

We haven’t seen many other manufacturers tout “flame-resistant” housing on their heaters, so that is an advantage if you are concerned about safety or extreme heat. The company also does a great job of keeping certain safety features standard across their collections.

While they don’t have the largest lineup, they do have a number of models that oscillate or come with a remote control. The latter may seem like a minor perk, but it’s a feature you’ll be thankful for. Timers are another bonus and found on several of their ceramic and radiant systems.

Pelonis Heater Cons

The biggest drawback to a Pelonis heater is their warranty policy, in our opinion. Plenty of other companies have 1-year guarantees as well, but the best brands have tiered policies based on the price of their products.

We would have like to have seen a few more heaters with more than two settings, and availability could be an issue. All of the models we covered in this Pelonis heater review can be found online, but we only saw a handful locally.

Pelonis Heater FAQ

Q: Why does my quartz heater from Pelonis make a noise when I turn it on?

A: That’s normal with this type of heater as the element inside heats up. Any noise or vibration should fade once the element inside warms up.

Q: How can I reset a Pelonis heater?

A: Shut down the heater by turning it off and unplugging it from the electrical outlet. While off, check for any visible issues included obstructions that can block airflow. Wait 10 minutes, make sure the unit has cooled, and then plug it back up to reset the heater.

Q: Is it safe to plug my heater into a power strip or use an extension cord?

A: While it is possible, it’s not advised as most manufacturers do not recommend using a power strip or extension cord with any type of heater.

Q: How much clearance do I need for my Pelonis heater?

A: The company recommends placing their heaters on a flat, level surface at least 3 feet away from walls or any obstructions.

Q: Can I purchase a heater from Pelonis directly?

A: No, at this time, the company’s products are typically found through retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

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