Lasko Ceramic Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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If you are looking for a humidifier, fan, or heater, Lasko is a brand consumers know well, and they’ve built up an impressive following over the years. That’s due in part to their budget-friendly price tag, but also thanks to reliable performance and availability. In this review, we are going to dissect their ceramic systems, which include over 30 different heaters.

Lasko Ceramic Collection

Lasko has one of the more impressive collections of ceramic heaters, with over 40 systems listed on their official website. After a considerable amount of research, we found a number of those units are discontinued or in very low supply. With that in mind, we’ve excluded those heaters from our Lasko ceramic heater review.

Lasko Compact Ceramic Heaters

ModelControlsThermostatHeat SettingsTimerOscillation
Lasko CT14107ManualNo2NoYes
Lasko 6221ElectronicDigital2NoNo
Lasko CD09250ManualAdjustable2NoNo
Lasko 754201ManualAdjustable2NoNo
Lasko 5409ManualAdjustable2NoYes
Lasko CD08210Touch-basedNo21-hourNo
Lasko CD08200ElectronicNo21-hourNo
Lasko CD08500Touch-basedNo21-hourNo
Lasko 100ManualNo1NoNo

There are close to a dozen models under the compact or tabletop category from Lasko, and it’s one of their more popular lines next to their collection of tower heaters. In this category, you’ll find a mix of heaters with manual and electronic controls along with a few specialty models.


Lasko CD08200

The Lasko CD08200 and Lasko CD08210 are bathroom heaters and designed to deliver heat safely in a damp room in your home. Both are certainly compact but not as small as the Lasko MyHeat Personal Heater. This diminutive heater measures 6.1”H x 3.8”L x 2.8”W, provides 200 watts of heat, and is available in close to a half-dozen colors.

Touch-based heaters are available in smaller sizes as well with the Lasko Simple Touch Ceramic Heater CD08500, which has a similar design to the company’s bathroom heaters. The Lasko 754200 is a simple system with dial-based controls, while the Lasko 754201 is a variant of the same model. While the Lasko 5409 may look like the same heater with a handle on top, this unit has widespread oscillation.  


Lasko CD09250

Another heater that oscillates is the Lasko Ultra Slim Ceramic Tower Heater CT14107. It has two standard heat settings to go along with a fan mode but is in the budget-friendly class due to its lack of a thermostat. The last two heaters of note from the compact class are the Lasko CD09250 and the Lasko 6221.

These heaters have a similar design with a sleek black chassis and large grill, but the 6221 is a digital system, whereas the CD09250 has manual dials. Both have been well-received by consumers, although their manual heater appears to be more popular because of the price.

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heaters

ModelControlsThermostatHeat SettingsTimerRemote
Lasko AW310ElectronicAdjustable28 hoursYes
Lasko CT22840ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko CT30754ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko FH500ElectronicDigital38 hoursYes
Lasko 755320ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5307ManualAdjustable2NoNo
Lasko 5309ElectronicDigital2NoNo
Lasko 5521ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5586ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5160ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5165ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5538ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5572ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 751320ElectronicDigital27 hoursYes
Lasko 6350ElectronicDigital27 hoursYes
Lasko 5397ElectronicDigital27 hoursYes
Lasko CS27600ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes

This is where Lasko has had its most success and where we found the majority of their models, both old and new. We are also including the company’s pedestal heaters in this category because there are more similarities than differences between these systems. You will find more features in this class than in the other company’s collections, including units with remote controls and timers.


Lasko 5307

The Lasko 5307 is the only heater in this range with dials instead of a digital control panel. This 1500-watt unit won’t break the bank and can oscillate, just like the Lasko 5309. You won’t find a display on this heater either, but the electronic controls make it a breeze to use. If you want the convenience of a remote control, the Lasko CT22840 Digital Space Heater is an excellent option.

It has an 8-hour timer and a completely different vibe than their other small tower heaters from a design standpoint. The Lasko CT30754 and Lasko 5586 are slightly taller and come with remotes as well. The 5586 has an electronic remote control with a built-in display, however, like the Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower Heater.


Lasko FH500

Another heater with a smart remote would be the Lasko All Season Comfort Control Tower Fan FH500. With a height of 41.8” and widespread oscillation, it can handle larger areas and has an easy to clean filter in the back. It also has the distinction of being the only heater from the company with three heat speeds instead of two and an automatic mode.

There are five more compact ceramic tower heaters from Lasko in this category, with the 751320, 5538, 5521, 5165, and 5160. There are some design differences from one system to the next, but all have remote controls, widespread oscillation, and digital thermostats. The Lasko 751320 is the exception without a digital display.

While not as high-tech as a fan heater from Dyson, Lasko has a few bladeless heaters, including the Lasko AW310. This sleek tower heater has heat channels that project heat across a room and EZTouch digital controls. The remote has a built-in display as well, and it can oscillate like the rest of the company’s models.


Lasko 5397

Pedestal fans don’t offer as much coverage as a true tower fan but bring other benefits to the table. Lasko currently has two heaters from this class in product with the CS27600 and the Lasko 5397. Both have remotes, can oscillate, and have digital thermostats, but the Lasko CS27600 is newer and features Save-Smart technology for increased efficiency.

Lasko Ceramic Room Heaters

ModelControlsThermostatHeat SettingsTimerRemote
Lasko CC24910ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko CC24920ElectronicDigital28 hoursNo
Lasko 6462ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko CT22360ElectronicDigital28 hoursYes
Lasko 5624ElectronicDigital28 hoursNo
Lasko WC14812ManualAdjustable2NoNo

Systems from Lasko’s room heater line are designed to warm larger spaces. It’s also where you will find a variety of different designs and new technologies from the company like their Cyclonic and Full-Circle heaters.


Lasko Automatic Airflow Heater WC14812

The first system we want to discuss is the Lasko Automatic Airflow Heater WC14812. It has an adjustable thermostat with manual controls and provides floor-level heat through its unique design. The Lasko Silent Room Heater 5624 also stands out from the rest of their lineup when it comes to the design. This oblong ceramic heater utilizes convection technology to keep things quiet and has an 8-hour timer as well.

The Lasko Cyclonic Digital Ceramic Heater CC24910 comes with a remote control while the Lasko CC24920 does not. Both systems are labeled as “Made in the USA” with domestic and imported parts and have adjustable louvers but slightly different designs. They can’t oscillate, however, like their Full-Circle ceramic room heaters.


Lasko CT22360

The Lasko Full-Circle Warmth ceramic heater CT22360 features three heat sweep settings up to 360-degrees. It has a small digital display on the front with Comfort Select digital controls and comes with a remote control. Alternatively, the Full-Circle Warmth 6462 has the same features but is slightly taller with a different design.

Lasko Designer Series and Utility Heaters

ModelControlsThermostatHeat SettingsTimerRemote
Lasko 5919ManualAdjustable2NoNo
Lasko CU12110ManualAdjustable2NoNo
Lasko CA20100ElectronicNo2NoNo
Lasko 6435ElectronicDigital27 hoursYes
Lasko 6405ElectronicDigital27 hoursYes
Lasko CX16405ElectronicDigital27 hoursNo

Lasko 5919 Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater

Lasko truly has a heater for everyone, including homeowners that need a garage heater or something that can blend in with the décor in their home. One of the top utility heaters from the company is the Lasko CU12110, with an adjustable thermostat and rugged design. It has two settings, along with a fan-only mode like the Lasko 5919 Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater. The biggest difference between the two apart from the design is the fact the 5919 can pivot to provide directional heat.

From the designer series, there is a heater that resembles a fireplace and a series of systems that look like a vase. The Lasko Ultra Ceramic Fireplace Heater CA20100 has two standard heat settings and a “flame” mode in case you just want to sit back and enjoy the ambiance. It can warm up a room quickly but is light on features and has manual controls.

There are three models to choose from in the company’s mini vase heaters with the CX16405, 6405, and 6435. All of these heaters have the same overall design, but the Lasko CX16405 would be considered the base model as it doesn’t have a remote control. Features for these systems include digital thermostats, a 7-hour timer, and oscillation.

Lasko Heater Warranties

It’s not uncommon to find HVAC companies or heater manufacturers that have a tiered warranty system for their products. It usually involves budget systems with short warranties and premium heaters with long guarantees, but that isn’t the case with Lasko. Instead, they chose to keep things much more uniform with their heater collection.

Every heater we covered from the company was listed with a 3-year guarantee, which is better than average compared to the competition. Considering the price of their heater collection as a whole and the wide availability, we feel it’s one of the better warranty programs on the market today.

Lasko Ceramic Heater Reviews

Given the size of Lasko’s considerably lineup of heaters, narrowing the field to only a few of their best models was a tough task to undertake. Our team narrowed the field down to three models that represent several important areas with consumers, including performance, price, and design.

Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Best Digital Lasko Heater


Companies have produced hundreds of digital heaters over the past decade, although their price tags kept them out of many homes initially. These systems can still carry a premium, but the Lasko 5586 is an exception to the rule and one of the company’s best-selling models.

At almost 30” high, this ceramic heating system is in the tower class. It has a sleek, modern design that features a digital display on the top and a handle in the back. There are a handful of manual buttons above the display that allows you to access all the features, although we found most consumers mainly used the remote, which has a small LED display.

The electronic remote control is only available on a handful of heaters from Lasko, and the 5586 has the longest timer they offer as well at 8 hours. Other features to note include oscillation, an adjustable thermostat, and two heat settings with auto mode. It also has standard safety features like a cool-touch housing but is sans tip-over protection.


  • Stylish design with digital thermostat and oscillation
  • Good value for the price
  • Has an electronic remote


  • no tip-over protection

Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control 

The Best Budget Heater from Lasko


For every high-tech heater that can connect to your smartphone or purify the air, there are a half-dozen budget-friendly systems. Lasko is no stranger to this niche, and while they have several affordable heaters, the Lasko 5160 stands out from the rest.

This simple looking heater is small enough to be portable at 23” tall but still produces plenty of heat with a rating of 1,500 watts. It has an elongated ceramic element despite its size and has a vibe that’s similar to the company’s classic line of tower heaters. The 5160 has had a face lift, which includes a small, but easy to read digital display.

All the standard features found on the company’s other tower heaters are present on this model, so you will get widespread oscillation, two standard settings, an 8-hour timer, and a remote control. It has a wide base just like the 5586 and is shorter, but still doesn’t feature tip-over protection.


  • Full-featured heater with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • With a remote and 8-hour timer


  • Lack of tip-over protection

Lasko Designer Series Oscillating Heater

The Most Stylish Heater from Lasko


You can find plenty of heaters in different shapes and sizes, and there are even a few companies that produce models in bright colors. Most all look like a heater, however, except for the Lasko 6405 from the company’s Designer collection.

It only takes a glance to let you understand what makes this heater different. It looks more like a flower vase in an ornate stand than a room heater, but the design is simple enough to blend in with a variety of styles in a room. While the grill is in the front, this heater can actually rotate to provide widespread oscillation throughout a room.

Like most heaters from Lasko, this system is rated at 1,500 watts and has two speeds with high or low heat. The electronic controls are set on the top, so they are easy to access, although there is a remote control included with this model as well. The system has a 7-hour timer and an adjustable thermostat with a range of 60°-80°F.


  •  Widespread oscillation
  • A 7-hour timer, and a remote control
  • Excellent price point, and a solid 3-year warranty


  • The “unique” style won’t be for everyone

Lasko Ceramic Heater FAQ

Q: How do I perform a reset of my heater?

A: Turn off the heater, unplug it from the wall, and wait at least 10 minutes for the system to reset. If you are still experiencing issues after attempting this a few times, contact customer support.

Q: Does Lasko sell any high-powered heaters rated at over 1500 watts?

A: At this time, all of the company’s heaters are listed at 1500 watts with a low and high heat setting.

Q: Is it safe to use Lasko heaters around children or pets?

A: Heaters should never be left running or unattended while you sleep or if you have children and animals around. While Lasko heaters have a variety of safety features built-in, a number of their systems lack tip-over protection.

Q: Are Lasko heaters able to heat large rooms or an entire home?

A: That’s highly unlikely. Their room heaters are typically sized for areas around 300 to 500 square feet in our experience. That said, how well the room is insulated has an impact on your heater’s performance.

Q: Is it normal for the cord on my Lasko heater to become hot?

A: While it isn’t uncommon for a heater cord to become a little warm due to the voltage it draws, it should never be too hot to touch. If that’s the case, stop using the heater and contact the company.

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