Comfort Zone Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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Comfort Zone is a brand you can find in a variety of stores across the United States, and the company has grown in popularity over the past decade thanks to their affordable lineup of fans. Well, they also have a heater line, and in our Comfort Zone heater review, we’re going to break things down and tell you about the best models the company has available.

Comfort Zone Forced-Air and Ceramic Heaters

Comfort Zone CZ35

While Comfort Zone has close to a dozen fan-forced systems, there are only a handful of models widely available and well-received. The first one we want to touch on is the Comfort Zone CZ35, which is a 1500-watt desktop heater. Manual controls ensure it’s easy to use while a handle on top allows you to take it on the go.

The Comfort Zone CZ40 has a similar design, as does the Comfort Zone CZ50. All three heaters are listed at 1500/750 watts with two settings and dial-based controls, but the CZ50 can oscillate, which gives it an advantage over other models. Alternatively, the Comfort Zone CZ448 is a small black heater that has a completely different style with top-mounted controls. It can oscillate as well and comes with two standard heat settings.

Comfort Zone CZFP4-EC

If you’re looking for a heater that doesn’t resemble one, the Comfort Zone CZFP1 has a unique vibe. It looks like a fireplace and has two settings, and a flame effect an ember bed. The flames and embers can be viewed without the heat function being turned on, although it’s a little underpowered compared to the other heaters in this range at 1,200 watts. The Comfort Zone CZFP4-EC has a slightly rating of 1,500 but resembles an old-fashioned wood-burning stove.

The last heater from this collection is the Comfort Zone CZ360BK. This ceramic space heater is fan-forced and has the most modern design of any heater in their arsenal. The features remain the same with an adjustable thermostat and two heat modes, but this heater is designed for 360-degree heat and is portable thanks to its size.

Comfort Zone Radiant Heaters

The selection of radiant heaters from Comfort Zone is also relatively small, but there are some interesting options at this tier. The Comfort Zone CZ8008 is a classic oil-filled radiator heater with a set of manual dials on the front. The design is standard, but this system only has five fins compared to others that have six or seven.

Comfort Zone CZ550

Caster wheels make this heater easy to move around, whereas you can simply pick up the Comfort Zone CZ550 as its lightweight and has a handle on the top. This heater has a somewhat retro design, and while it’s still rated at 1500 watts, it has enough power to handle a 1,000 square foot room. The most interesting heater from this tier is the CZ998, however, and it’s another heater that leaves traditional designs behind.

The Comfort Zone CZ998 looks like a pedestal fan, minus the pedestal, and with a heating function built-in. There are two manual dials on the front that let you control the intensity on this 14” dish heater, and it has the ability to oscillate up to 70 degrees as well. This heater is backed by a 1-year guarantee like the rest of the company’s radiant heaters and fan-forced lineup.

Comfort Zone Utility Heaters/Industrial

To this point, we’ve shown you several heaters with a retro or classic design. None measure up to the Comfort Zone CZ798 in that regard, however, and it’s one of the company’s most highly-rated units as well. Dubbed a Milk House heater, this system has a metal housing that stays cool to the touch.

Comfort Zone CZ290

This electric heater has two heat settings to go along with a fan-only mode and an adjustable thermostat. It will outlive its warranty by a decade if properly maintained and is available in black or silver. The Comfort Zone CZ290 is of a similar size but with a more industrial design and a heavy-duty steel frame. It only has one speed and is rated at 4800 watts.

Another interesting shop heater is the Comfort Zone CZ285. This heater has a cradle base that allows the unit to pivot, along with a stay-cool housing and a set of indicator lights. The Comfort ZoneCZ250 is comparable from a power standpoint but has a tubular frame with a padded handle that makes it simple to transport.

Comfort Zone CZ260ER

The largest utility heater from Comfort Zone is the Comfort Zone CZ260ER. It’s a heater in the industrial class with a rating of 10,000 watts. While this unit needs to be mounted overhead, it comes with a remote control that allows you to set the temperature or the timer. It’s the ideal system for larger shops and garages, while the Comfort Zone CZ220BK is smaller at 5,000 watts and without a remote or timer.

Comfort Zone Tower Heaters

While you may expect to see plenty of tower heaters in Comfort Zone’s collection, the company only has two models that qualify for that class at this time. Both are smaller than traditional tower heaters but still capable of heating up a small to medium size room.

Comfort Zone CZ488

The Comfort Zone CZ488 is only 15.5” tall and one of the simpler systems on in our Comfort Zone heater review. It has two settings and two dials – one for the heat modes and the other for oscillation. This heater can oscillate up to 80 degrees but does not have a thermostat like most of the company’s systems.

If you prefer something with more features, the Comfort Zone CZ430WT is an excellent choice. It’s a little taller than the CZ488 at 16.5” but has an adjustable thermostat and a far more modern design. This heater can oscillate as well, but only up to 70 degrees. Both systems are rated at 1500 watts on high and 750 watts on low.

Comfort Zone Heater Reviews

Whether you need a heater that’s built for the garage or your living room, Comfort Zone has a solution for your home. With that in mind, here are four affordable heaters that stand out among the rest of their collection.

Comfort Zone Ceramic Electric Portable Heater

The Best Budget-Friendly Comfort Zone Heater


There are dozens of heaters on the market with Wi-Fi, or that can purify and heat the air. There is also a place for simpler machines, however, especially when you need something affordable. Comfort Zone has a variety of budget-friendly systems, but our top pick is the CZ448.

This little heater stands a little over 11” tall with a base around 6.5”, so it won’t take up much space on a desktop or table. Rated for rooms up to 800 square feet, this heater is simple to use with manual dials that allow you to set the heat and adjust the thermostat. This energy-efficient system’s housing stays cool to the touch, and the lightweight design makes it easy to move from room to room.

While you won’t find a timer on this heater or many of Comfort Zone’s systems, it can oscillate on its base up to 70 degrees. There is also a fan-only mode on this heater, which allows it to be used as a fan when winter breaks and summer rolls around. Safety features for this heater include a tip-over switch and an overheating sensor.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • A 70-degree oscillation
  • An adjustable thermostat
  • An excellent price point


  • Nothing significant

Comfort Zone Oil-Filled Radiator Heater

The Best Comfort Zone Radiator Heater


Long before heaters were able to oscillate or connect to your home Wi-Fi, they were simply designed to heat a room efficiently. Radiator heaters were the most popular form factor for decades and are still going strong today, thanks to models like the CZ7007J.

The Comfort Zone CZ7007J is a classic radiator filled with oil. This sealed system never needs to be refilled, is nearly silent, and is ready to go out of the box. The company kept the design compact enough so that it will fit into a number of spaces, and it has more heat setting than other heaters as you can choose from 500, 700, or 1,200 watts.

While radiator heaters are typically stout enough to stay upright, there is a tip-over switch on the CZ7007 for additional safety. That said, it is not a “cool-touch” system, although the molded handle stays cool, and large back wheels allow you to move the unit easily. This is another heater with a great price point, and it’s built for rooms around 1,200 square feet.


  • Simple to use
  • Attractive price tag
  • Compact design
  • 3 heat settings and a coverage range of 1,200 square feet


  • Not ideal for homes with children

Comfort Zone Digital Quartz Infrared Cabinet Heater

The Best Infrared Comfort Zone Heater


Some heater manufacturers have a half-dozen infrared heaters in their arsenal, but Comfort Zone only has one. While that may seem like a disadvantage, the Comfort Zone CZ2018-EC is one of their more popular units and the only digital heater currently sold by the company.This heater is built with ease of use in mind. A row of electronic controls sit below a small LED display, and a remote control is included as well. As for the functions, this heater has a 12-hour timer with an auto-shutoff feature to go along with two heat settings and an Eco Mode. This allows the machine to find the best temperature in a room automatically, which cuts back on energy costs over time. Another reason we like the system is the build quality. This boxy heater is well-built with a metal intake grill and a modern design. Due to the nature of infrared heaters, it doesn’t have the range of their radiator heater but can cover rooms around 800 square feet in size. The CZ2018 measures 15”H x 13.5”L x 11.4”D and has overheating protection and a tip-over switch.


  • Electronic push-button contrals
  • A remote control and a 12-hour timer
  • Cool-touch body and eco mode


  • Limited range.

Comfort Zone Milk House Style Portable Heater

The Best Utility Heater from Comfort Zone


This heater may look familiar if you’ve ever worked in a dairy barn, as Milk House heaters have been around for decades. While it may not have the eye-catching design of other systems, the CZ798BK is a heater that will be right at home in any workshop or garage.The Comfort Zone CZ798BK is an electric forced-air system that has an all-metal design. Durable is the word best used to describe this utility heater, and it’s easy to tote around the shop as well. That’s due in part to the thick handle on top, but also because it’s only 15.5” tall and 7” wide. This heater won’t break your back, and its lowest setting is more powerful than other systems on medium or high.You’ll only get two settings on this system along with fan-only mode, but high is 1,500 watts, and low is listed at 1,300. The dial-based controls are easy to use and include an adjustable thermostat. This portable heater will keep an area around 1,000 square feet warm in the winter and is available in black or silver.


  • Heavy-duty heater with an industrail retro design
  • Simple to use
  • 2 high heat settings and an all-metal housing


  • None.

Comfort Zone Heaters Comparison Chart

ModelHeater TypeThermostatHeat SettingsTimer
Comfort Zone CZ35Fan-ForcedAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ40Fan-ForcedAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ50Fan-ForcedAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ448Fan-ForcedAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZFP1CeramicNo2No
Comfort Zone CZ360BKFan-ForcedAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ998RadiantNo2No
Comfort Zone CZ550RadiantAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ7007JRadiantAdjustable3No
Comfort Zone CZFP4RadiantAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ8008RadiantAdjustable3No
Comfort Zone CZ2018InfraredCabinet212 hours
Comfort Zone CZ798BKUtilityAdjustable3No
Comfort Zone CZ250UtilityAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ290UtilityAdjustable1No
Comfort Zone CZ285UtilityAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ260ERUtilityAdjustable212 hours
Comfort Zone CZ220UtilityAdjustable2No
Comfort Zone CZ488TowerNo2No
Comfort Zone CZ430WTTowerAdjustable2No

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