Della Portable Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

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This Della portable air conditioner review and Buying Guide includes prices, pros & cons, features and much more. A comparison table brings all the details together to consider at a glance.

We’ve also compared Della to one another and to those from leading brands we’ve also reviewed – LG, Honeywell, Haier, Hisense, DeLonghi and more.

Looking for a General Portable AC Guide?

If this guide doesn’t have the information you want about portable ACs, our Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide probably will. It’s the most comprehensive of its type to assist you in research and making a good buying decision.

In it, we compare portable air conditioners to window air conditioners, look at efficient, pros & cons, costs and more.

Della Portable Air Conditioner Features

This is an overview of what these models offer. Later, we specifically compare them to other leading brands.

Here is the overview table of Della portable air conditioners. Details follow.

Model Sizes / BTUs Room Size Pints/Hr (1) MSRP Key Features
048-GM-48382/3/4 (2) 10K,12K & 14K 300, 500, 700 s.f. 3.3 / 3.6 / 4.6 $340 – $440 Heat w/ 14K model
048-GM-48335 14,000 700 s.f. 4.6 $400 Heat & Dehumidify modes
048-GM-48266 8,000 225 s.f. Est. 2.7 $290 Full-feature remote, Timer

*(1) This is dehumidification – The amount of moisture removed per hour in cooling or dehumidification mode

*(2) 048-GM-48382 is 10K, 048-GM-48383 is 12K and 048-GM-48384 is 14K BTUs

If you want to research all the specifications for any model, we do not recommend the Della website. For some reason, it lacks detail.

You’ll find more information by clicking the Amazon links below in our Top Picks section. There is significantly more detail there.

1. Dehumidify Mode

Most portable air conditioners have this mode. It dries the air without cooling it. That is, moisture is condensed out of the air and evaporated out the exhaust hose on most models. The 8K model has a tank that will periodically need emptying.

The heat removed by the refrigerant is cycled back into the air, not exhausted. If you’ve ever run a dehumidifier, you know that the back of them gets warm from the heated air.

Benefit: Depending on your climate, there might be seasons of the year when drier air would be nice, but you don’t want it cooled.

2. Evaporative Technology

When cooling or dehumidifying the air, moisture is removed. The moisture condenses on the cooling coil. Instead of draining into a tank or through a hose to a drain, the moisture is evaporated and exhausted out the hose attached to the window kit.

All Della portable ACs except the smallest model, the 8K BTU 048-GM-48266, use evaporative technology.

Benefit: There are no drain reservoirs on these models, so you don’t have the hassle of having to empty it or have the unit shut down because the tank is full.

3. Heat Pump Heat

The 14,000 BTU Della 048-GM-48384and Della 048-GM-48335 are true heat pumps. A reversing valve causes the refrigerant to flow in the opposite direction to pull heat from outside air, with the exhaust hose as a conduit.

Here’s a brief overview video of the 48335.

Benefit: If you have a room that need a little heat, getting it from a heat pump is more cost-effective than space heater heat. I.e., it costs to run a compressor that cycles heat-absorbing refrigerant than it is to create heat with an electric resistance element or coil.

4. Convenience Features

All models come with remotes you can use to control all the AC’s functions.

They also have 24-hour timers, which offer more than just convenience. These timers also help you save money and enjoy comfortable space.

For example, in hot weather, you can leave the unit all while you’re away, so it is cool when you return. But that’s a waste of energy and money.

Instead, set the timer to turn the unit on 30-60 minutes before you expect to be home, and it will be cool and comfortable when you arrive.

Benefits: Convenience and energy reduction.

Features Not Available on Della Portable ACs

There are a couple things Della doesn’t offer.

1. Dual-hose Models

These are single-hose portable air conditioners. When they run, air is pulled into the unit from inside the room, and heat and humidity are removed and exhausted.

This creates negative air pressure in the room, so air from outside the room, even outside the house, is pulled inside. That air is warmer and more humid, so it harms the net efficiency of the AC.

A two-hose portable air conditioner is 7% to 12% more efficient, depending on the model. That’s not great, but it helps. Air is pulled into the unit. Heat and moisture are removed, and the air is returned to the room, not exhausted.

The first hose draws in outside air to cool off the very hot compressor and refrigerant. The second hose exhausts the heated air. There is no interaction of inside and outside air.

2. WiFi or Smart Units

DeLonghi, Hisense, Frigidaire and LG have WiFi-equipped models. Most also work with one of the smart voice-controlled speakers, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Della hasn’t released one yet, but we suspect they will. The company is young and forward-thinking, so it is probably just a matter of time.

How Della Portable ACs Compare to Other Brands

There are similarities and differences, pros and cons.

Overall, while the brand currently has few models, they are good performers, and the quality is better than average.

One thing to note about models is that many are listed as Out of Stock on the Della site. That frequently means they are discontinued. We didn’t include those models in the review.

Pros: Most models are evaporative, have dehumidifier mode and are equipped with a timer and full-function remote.

That puts them on par with the portable AC lineup from LG, Haier, DeLonghi, Honeywell and other “big” names.

Cost is lower. These are competitively priced portable air conditioners.

Cons: There are no dual hose models and no WiFi models.

If you’d like to shop dual-hose portable air conditioners, see our reviews of best dual hose air conditioners on the market.

If you’d enjoy having a WiFi or smart portable air conditioner, you can research them in our reviews of LG, DeLonghi and Frigidaire.

 Choosing the Right Della Portable AC

There is a wealth of buying information in our complete Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide, but here are the key points.

1. Measure the space to be served, length times width, to know how many square feet are included.

2. Add 10% to room space if the ceilings are 9 feet high; add 20% if the ceilings are 10 feet high.

3. Consider a heat pump model if you need space heating and times during the year.

And if you want a feature not available on Della models, see our reviews of other major brands. You’ll find the full range of options among those brands. Each has quick links to models with the features you want.

Pro Picks

These are the best Della portable air conditioners in popular categories.

Best Overall Portable AC: Della 12,000 BTU 048-GM-48383

Best Features on a Portable AC: Della 14,000 BTU 048-GM-48335

Best Portable AC with Heat: Della 14,000 BTU 048-GM-48384

Best Budget Portable AC: Della 8,000 BTU 048-GM-48266

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